Sunday, 13 May 2012

Girls. and Money

I would like to cordially invite you to 

on Thursday 17th May 2012
at Bedroom, Pavilion!

Come party with Michiekins and Briekins!

Ill be selling FabulousiTEE that night itself, so remember to support ok? :)

I myself and my kins will all be wearing FabulousiTEE and hope you will too! 
I will be weaving and slashing these FabulousiTEE for you!

Here are some of the behind the scenes photo shoot :)

Can you roughly tell a story?
Winner with the best short story/summary gets FabulousiTEE on that night itself! :D and of cause, being featured in my blog as well! So prepare to camwhore with me!


How would you STYLE FabulousiTEE? :D

How would you tell your story from these pictures below?

So comment away, or you even FACEBOOK ME or EMAIL ME!

I will pick few winners for how awesome you can STYLE FabulousiTEE and one more for short story :)

Awesome photos by Johnny McGeorge of Girls. And Money



  1. Fashion is all about thinking out of the box. With my scissors at hand, I'd let my creative juices flow by customizing the FabulousiTEE tank top in a way that it reflects my personality. I would elongate the sleeves opening section and cut out horizontal lines at the back of the tank top as well to reveal more skin. However, to keep it modest, I'd layer the outfit by wearing a black tube top on the inside. I will then pair it with a pair of denim wash-out shorts, with a belt and a pair of lace up booties. Next up, accessories! This outfit would be perfect with a headwrap, a layer of necklaces and loads of bracelets/bangles. And voila! I love Coachella fashion and with FabulousiTEE as the main attraction of my outfit, it shouts, "Coachella" perfectly!

  2. Svetlana Sparkle14 May 2012 at 04:55

    I would simply wear the top over a pair of well fitted skinny jeans. With a top like FabulousiTEE, you are already making a statement without having to do much!

  3. Sorry, can't make it on that night, since I am in Penang...sigh, but I'd still like to say that I would wear the FabulouisTEE with capri pants and a lacy tube top, maybe? It's good for a casual day out or even a day at the gym! Absolutely versatile!

  4. since I'm a girly girl I would try to attach some lace at the bottom hem of the FabulouisTEE but I would crop half of the bottom first. Some cute denim shorts and either sandals or a cute pair of wedges since its summer plus simple silver jewelery because the Tee is the centerpiece. :D


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