Monday, 21 May 2012

The Dress & Bag

The Michiekins Dress

Everyone is raving about the Michiekins Dress from my Cruise Collection 2011 which I did the photoshoot in Central St. Martins while I was doing my short fashion styling course 

Thank you for your very kind comments and LIKES :)

The Michiekins dress cloth material is by Valentino, wrap together with chiffon mermaid tail

This dress is RM 400, so for those of you who wants a new piece, let me know your measurements or I could take the measurements for you and sew a new piece for you. It would be one of a kind dress :) 

Im also selling away my Cambridge Satchel 13” which I bought in London.

Anybody who is interested, please let me know :)
email me at for more inquiries about the dress and bag :)



  1. love ur dress!! :)
    why selling of the bag? ^^
    planning to get a new one? :)
    how much you're selling?

  2. thanks sandy! yeah selling for Rm 500

  3. More pictures for the dress from rear view?

  4. hi, im interested in getting the bag, already emailed u :)

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