Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anggun Spa , Hotel Maya

Hey everyone, here’s the Anggun Spa review from the Hotel Maya post which I promised! If you missed the Hotel Maya post, you can read it here : Hotel Maya

So, the next day after Zouk, our bodies were aching and our feet was smashed. I could hardly walk, so the next best thing is for us to hit the SPA. Yes, sounds blissful right? 

We were introduced to Anggun Spa at Level 3.

We both took the Detoxification Therapy which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
This is to rejuvenate your body, with scent of citrus and ginger that will refresh and invigorate while your body is detoxed and pampered. 

This treatment includes:
Foot spa
Full body ginger scrub
Herbal bath therapy
Aromatherapy or Swedish full body massage

There’s also a special feature which I love during my stay, the hydrotherapy pool, which is located beside the Anggun Spa.

I would just love to jump in and chill in the pool the whole day, looks so refreshing!


Then off we went for out Detoxification therapy after a toxic night in Zouk.

The room was amazing, it was dark yet calm. It was lighted with a lot of scented candles.
The feeling was really warm and cozy.

The treatment started with homemade herbal tea followed by the foot scrub.
In this foot scrub, they used tea tree oil and refreshing eucalyptus, not forgetting the sea salt as well!

Then the scrubbing begins! It was a full body ginger scrub! I really need these as my skin were peeling from my diving trip in Tioman :) 

They event wrap me up so that I would sweat it out

After scrubbing, they would let me in the steam room followed by a herbal bath therapy. Imagine a tub full of lemons and herbal leaves.

Yes, I even played with the lemons and using it to cleanse my face :) Do you know that lemon can lighten dark spots? :)

After the herbal bath therapy, you can choose either aromatherapy or swedish massage.
It was the perfect touch to a perfect ending.

It was definitely a blissful sunday. Totally made my day.

Here’s a short video I took of the Hydrotherapy Pool :)

The Anggun Spa is located at Level 3, Hotel Maya, Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
For reservation, please call +6 03 2333 1390
or you can visit their website here

or view their awesome treatment packages here :



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