Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fashion Friday



Colour blocking is still very in, especially when theres NEON in it :)
To make the outfit more simplified, carry a nude or monotone colour bag and shoes.
Remember, do not wear too much colours at one go!

Simple yet cheerful :)

Top and Skirt by Forever 21
Shoes from Nose
Bag from Zara

These are my latest fashion essentials which I just bought :D

See you all next week as I will be blogging about Good Fashion Basics :)

Have a Happy Fashion Friday!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

wedding cake & flowers

Planning a wedding is not easy. But Im totally having FUN planning one :)
Here are some inspirations for my perfect wedding cake and flowers 

For the cake, I would love only 3 tiers, simple, white in colour and filled with flowers either white roses or peonies. Perhaps only 2 layers can be eaten as no one really eats the cake?

For the flowers, I would love huge white roses or peonies :)

I really love this picture :) 

Ive already got my friend to bake and design my wedding cake but im still looking for a florist :)
Btw, I also short listed 2 photographer and a videographer but still haven’t decide which one yet.

I think im at 20 % done for my overall wedding only, 6 more months to go before the big day :)

Wish me luck!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Samsung SIII Event

I was invited to the launch of Samsung SIII last Thursday and I might say it’s the smarter’s phone ever!
 you will know why soon ;)  

I was ushered in to the hall and was surprise to see a huge, long screen with a orchestra band at the side.

It was classy :)

As a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 Evangalist, I wore a blue dress to the event, to show some support :)

Michiekins wore Dress by Double-Woot
Get RM 5 discount when you key in DoublewootMichKins

Picture taken with Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7
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Nelson and me before the preview

Samantha, Valeria, Ariel and me
Malaysia’s Hottest Blogger

Ariel and Michiekins

The launching was pretty simple, but what makes it good was the live cast when where they actually show everyone how awesome the features are. The Samsung SIII is super light! Only 133g and 8.6 thick. I super love the wide screen.

The orchestra, how classy 

Right after the presentation, we were ushered to the next room where we could test the Samsung SIII phone itself, and many people gets their hands on it!

Many couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait either!

Mei Sze and Me

Finally, a Samsung SIII in my hands, managed to test a few features and this are what I love most about this new phone besides the basics of s smart phone.

1. 133g ( super light )
2. BEST PHOTO feature
3. S Beam ( instant sharing of files )
4.Pop Up Play where you can view videos while SMS-ing or checking your emails!

I am seriously not tech savvy, heck im still using a NOKIA n97. 
People often asked me, Why are you not using a smart phone? Do you have Whatsapp?
I gave them a simple answer : No money. haha :D

Btw, I got a chance to review this phone soon, I will blog more about the amazing feature when I have the Samsung SIII in my hands!

Have a pleasant Monday! :D


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anggun Spa , Hotel Maya

Hey everyone, here’s the Anggun Spa review from the Hotel Maya post which I promised! If you missed the Hotel Maya post, you can read it here : Hotel Maya

So, the next day after Zouk, our bodies were aching and our feet was smashed. I could hardly walk, so the next best thing is for us to hit the SPA. Yes, sounds blissful right? 

We were introduced to Anggun Spa at Level 3.

We both took the Detoxification Therapy which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
This is to rejuvenate your body, with scent of citrus and ginger that will refresh and invigorate while your body is detoxed and pampered. 

This treatment includes:
Foot spa
Full body ginger scrub
Herbal bath therapy
Aromatherapy or Swedish full body massage

There’s also a special feature which I love during my stay, the hydrotherapy pool, which is located beside the Anggun Spa.

I would just love to jump in and chill in the pool the whole day, looks so refreshing!


Then off we went for out Detoxification therapy after a toxic night in Zouk.

The room was amazing, it was dark yet calm. It was lighted with a lot of scented candles.
The feeling was really warm and cozy.

The treatment started with homemade herbal tea followed by the foot scrub.
In this foot scrub, they used tea tree oil and refreshing eucalyptus, not forgetting the sea salt as well!

Then the scrubbing begins! It was a full body ginger scrub! I really need these as my skin were peeling from my diving trip in Tioman :) 

They event wrap me up so that I would sweat it out

After scrubbing, they would let me in the steam room followed by a herbal bath therapy. Imagine a tub full of lemons and herbal leaves.

Yes, I even played with the lemons and using it to cleanse my face :) Do you know that lemon can lighten dark spots? :)

After the herbal bath therapy, you can choose either aromatherapy or swedish massage.
It was the perfect touch to a perfect ending.

It was definitely a blissful sunday. Totally made my day.

Here’s a short video I took of the Hydrotherapy Pool :)

The Anggun Spa is located at Level 3, Hotel Maya, Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
For reservation, please call +6 03 2333 1390
or you can visit their website here

or view their awesome treatment packages here :

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