Friday, 6 April 2012

What to wear on a Saturday

I love Saturday and Sunday

For me, Saturday is ME time while Sunday is FAMILY time

So what do I normally wear when Im going out with my friends?

Since Malaysia is such a hot country, I always prefer to wear something comfortable.

One of my best pick for today is my FOREVER 21 comfy loose top, if you know me well, you can see that I always wear this top a lot :) as it’s simply comfortable and chic.

and yes, my brother SPOTTED it for me at first :)

You should invest in this. Trust me, its chic and comfortable and super easy to match with

Leggings, maxi skirt, shorts, jeans, you name it!

I am all about being comfortable, I stopped wearing JEAN 2 or 3 years back and focused more on legging, but now Im slowly wearing them back :)

This top is also called my lazy top, I wear it when Ive got nothing to wear anymore :P

You know how you’ve got a big closet, you opened it and you still say : IVE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR? I get that a lot!

and also this :

 Ive always wanted a walk in closet, mine is almost there and Im still working on it, perhaps semi walk in closet to bathroom? will show you guys pictures soon, here are some inspirations :)

Ive also discovered a picture of Madame Chanel’s place at 31 rue cambon, Paris 

 Her place is so gorgeous :)

Anyways Im off! Gonna get a dive suit today for my Tioman trip then off to *somewhere* to meet Charis Ow :) It’s a girls day out!

Have fun girls! and errrm.. guys who read my blog? :D



  1. hey :D thanks for reading! whats your bloodspot url? :D

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