Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mission 5.2

Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying "This is just the beginning”
Before Agent 7.7 could even say anything, Agent M said:

This is just the beginning of our new relationship

Agent 7.7 smiled.

I saved your life at the ball, invite me to sit beside you, Agent M grinned.

Who are you? Asked Agent 7.7

Your lover, Agent M smiled and kiss his cheek.

Why did you go to all that trouble? Why did you tried to kill innocent people?

Agent M look at Agent 7.7 and told him the whole story.

From the start, they were lovers, even at the bar when he found himself on the hotel floor. It was because Professor Snipe erased his memory with hers. It was all his evil plans all long.
Professor Snipe blackmailed Agent M to do all the bad things or else he will kill Agent 7.7 and she was trying to save his life all the time

Where's Professor Snipe now?

I killed him, tied him up at the ballroom and activated the bomb.

Agent M took out her Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and showed Agent 7.7 some pictures of them together.

You've got a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 too? Nice.

I hope by seeing all our pictures, you will remember who I am.

Agent 7.7 grinned and smiled back and said I knew it all along, I just play along so that you could kill Professor Snipe by yourself as I know that you hated him for killing you dad. I know that you wanted to kill him by yourself, thats why I didnt interrupt.

Agent M smiled and hugged Agent 7.7

Then hit him for playing along and leaving her to do all the job and acting dumb.

I love you so much, she cried.

It's finally over and we can be together again.

The End

Don’t forget to check back to find out who the winners are!

Winner announcement on Friday, April 20th.

Big thank you to my readers who participate! I hope you will win a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 :)



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