Monday, 9 April 2012

Mission 5.0

Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7

Who pulled me away from the ballroom? Could it be Agent M?

Agent 7.7 then heads back HQ and everyone applaud as he saved lives from that explosion.

Dr. Sam rewarded him a free vacation, any place Agent 7.7 would love to go.

Agent 7.7 took out his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and start searching for a nice holiday place.

Maldvies.” He grinned

Then the next thing you know, Agent 7.7 is on the plane, on the way to Maldives. He took his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 as he couldnt live with it.

He was enjoying his swim, dive, tanning and just chilling after a month of havoc.

Determine what happens next! Click here [LINK] and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission!

The contest will end this week, so submit as many plot twisters as possible!



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