Monday, 26 March 2012

Mission 3.0

HQ is relaying the target’s position via satellite. Thankfully, with the 1.4 GHz core processor, Agent 7.7 receives the information in no time. Cameras on the scene are quick to pull up an image in real time. “Finally”, Agent 7.7 thought, “the identity of the villain will be revealed”. He rubs his hand in anticipation only to find out something totally unexpected.

OMG! It's Agent M! She was the villian the whole time?
The girl in the cat mask was the villian? No wonder she drugged me.

Could this be true? Who is that girl in the photograph? Is that her real face?

Agent 7.7 knows he needs to break this code down!

What was Agent M's plan? Is she planning to destroy something?
Is Agent A a villian too? 

He then tried googling Agent M and A on his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 to find out more of their history.

Who is this mysterious double agent girl? What does she wants?

She did stole my heart that night and I can't stop thinking about her.

What if I have to kill her? Will I do it?

Agent 7.7 sighed.

Determine what happens next! Click here [LINK] and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission! 



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