Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mission 2.2

Agent 7.7 receive a call from HQ and found out he's fired.

Who fired me? Why am I fired? Agent 7.7 questioned.

Professor Snipe said that your work is very unprofessional and they no longer need your service”said Professsor Snipe's sectretary.

Pack your belonging now, handle over the batch and please leave immediately.

OMG! I think he knows that I know whats going on, he is indeed involved.”gasp Agent 7.7

Agent 7.7 took out his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and called Dr. Sam.

Dr. Sam was playing golf at that moment and was shocked to hear that Professor Snipe has fired Agent 7.7 without asking his permisson.

Agent 7.7 then told Dr. Sam that Professor Snipe might be involved and should be taken pre caution.
I don't believe it. Professor Snipe has been working for me for many years now. He wouldnt betray me. He simply just wont.”Dr. Sam argued.

Let me find out about this. Either someone has been black mailing him or he turned evil for money, let me handle this job properly for you. Please trust me.” Agent 7.7 tries to assure Dr. Sam

Alright young man, it's up to you now. It will be our little secret. Please use the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7, it is really powerful and helpful or else I wont give it to you”said Dr Sam

Sure, it helped me a lot! Im going back to HQ now to get more information.”said Agent 7.7

Find out what happened next tomorrow! Submit your plot twisters and stand a chance of winning a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7! 

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