Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mission 2.0

Agent 7.7 is reviewing the photos he took of the day’s earlier pursuit. From the naked eye, it seems as if it was just a meeting between two men yet the Super AMOLED Plus screen reveals everything in minute details and it seems like a small vile was exchanged. He enlarges the photo and saw the initials D.O on it. 

OMG, it was him! Along with 2 chinese people in the crowd. I wonder what they are talking about? I wonder where he kept Agent M ?”Agent 7.7 sigh.

Now at least I know he's bald. Or balding, Agent 7.7 grinned.

For now, I shall find out who those 2 chinese people are, they were talking to Agent A for a while just now!

Agent 7.7 then when straight to HQ and asked for Agent A.

But unfortunely, she has been reporting missing since last night's event.

He then took ut his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and showed Professor Knight the picture of last night's event.

I dont see anything!”Professor Knight complaint.
Wait, let me zoom in!”Agent 7.7 smiled

OMG! That's D.O!! He's wearing his signature D.O cufflings!

Now we have a clearer picture of him! Thank God for the amazing feature in your Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7!!

Well done, Agent 7.7! You know what to do now!

Determine what happens next! Click here [LINK] and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission! 

Click on my name in the Facebook application and submit your plot twisters NOW! You may submit as many as you want for a higher chance of winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!



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