Wednesday, 15 February 2012

marie antoinette

Marie Antoinette.
I love every song that they played on that movie
I love the dress, shoes, hats, feathers etc
I love how the movie and song works
I love how different this movie is
I love Marie Antoinette

 I don’t want to tell you the story line, watch it for yourself and be amazed on how graceful Kristen Dunst is and how amazing the songs are :)

* highly recommended for the indie people*

My favourite song from Marie Antoinette would be Pulling our weight by the Radio Dept.


Another amazing movie, also directed by Sofia Coppola is
Virgin Suicides

many wont like these kind of movies, but hey, give it a try, their soundtrack are superb.

My favourite song from Virgin Suicides would be Air - Playground Love

Hope you love the song choices :)

let me know what you think :)

"Let them eat cake"

Happy Thursday :)


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