Friday, 10 February 2012

Fashion Valentine

Hey fashionista! Valentine’s around the corner and most of you must be thinking/scratching your head on what outfit should you wear?

Ive created a few pieces that would guide you girls for a romantic valentine dinner/lunch/beach outfit and also a special post for my muslim followers :)

Hope you like what Ive come out with :)


Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Tiffany necklace
Chanel handbag
Louboutin pumps

This look is for lunch/dinner/teatime, something sweet and classy. It gives a very warm feeling when you are out on your date, if you cannot afford any of these brands, think INSPIRED products, im sure you can get this items from Topshop, Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue has good shops as well, I love shopping there for affordable stuff :) 


Dress from Forever 21
Shoes from Forever 21
Clutch from Forever 21
Ring and earrings from Forever 21
Charmbracelet from Betsy Johnson
Lipstick by MAC

I created this sexy gorgeous outfit for dinner night :) I wanted to create a sophisticated look with a pop of colour. You must think that with this outfit, the lipstick should be boudoir but for me, i think lets stay at a minimal make up as it’s not for clubbing, you don’t want your face to be harsh looking. Go for a more softer colour palate, like soft pink, thin black eyeliner and nude blushes. You will look like a doll, but yet sophisticated and guys will have a hard time figuring out your personality, soft yet intriguing. Now thats SEXY!


Top from TOPSHOP
Highwaisted shorts from TOPSHOP
Accessories from FOREVER 21
Flipflops from H&M
Bag from Bloomingdales
Sunnies from Barneys
Makeup by NARS

I love the beach, i love VALENTINE BEACH! :P For those lucky ladies who’s going to the seaside to celebrate Vday, I ENVY YOU! For me thats the most romantic, sitting by the beach with food and of course CHAMPAGNE! Remember to bring a shawl if its a night at the beach as its gonna be cold! and also remember to wear your sun screen if its in the afternoon, you don’t want ugly tan lines! bring an umbrella too, it will create a nice ambience for the picnic :)


I created this look for my Muslim/Malay followers, as I notice they are a few of them :) 
Im not sure if you are are allowed to celebrate V day but if you do, here are some guideline :)
Since you girls normally have to tutup aurat, doesn’t mean that the more u dress, the more not appealing you will look, trust me, it can be cute and gorgeous as well, you just need to pick the right clothes which you feel comfortable. Rule number one, make sure you always wear something comfortable. I think maxi dresses suits the best with a cardigan and tudung :) for non tudung, you can try cute dresses with awesome prints and add leggings if the dress shows too much of your legs. Remember to also add a POP colour to your outfit, whiter its your bag, shoes or accessories :)

Hope you girls like what vie created for you via :)

What michiekins wants in her wardrobe NOW!

Miu Miu Bow-embellished halterneck swimsuit

Topshop Pink Black Halter Stripe swimsuit
H&M Neon Dress
Mulberry Alexa Bag
Pinkish Nude Louboutin
YSL Keychain * its my secret weapon to cucuk the pencuri’s eyes or scratch him with it

Isn’t those just gorgeous? I love the swimming suit the most! Always wanted a high waisted one but couldn’t find it in Malaysia, finally I saw it in and I was thrilled! I don’t know whether to get the Topshop Pink Black or a plain RED like this:

available in Black colour as well :)

* might need you to help me buy the ASOS Dress and swimming suit from Topshop, it’s available in Oxford Circus, I check the outlet availability already! Will keep you posted!

I actually gave Jas money to buy me some stuff from London as she’s now back in London for her art exhibition ( im so proud of you ) and for London Fashion Week as well, I designed her a dress for her and hope she will wear it :) Its called the Jasikins Dress :)

I hope you will find the tips useful! I hope you will get inspired and start shopping for your outfit today! Tell me how it goes okay? :)



  1. Been reading you blog and i love the Vday dressess you came out with especially for muslim girls! thanks darl..

  2. hey babe! thank you so much! <3
    you comment means a lot to me :)

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