Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cartier or Tiffany?

Im talking about my wedding band.
* no, not the music people, the ring!*

Cartier or Tiffany?

I went to look for wedding bands last year and couldn't decided on what I want our wedding bands to be.
Both Cartier and Tiffany gave me their catalogue to browse through.

 I really love the ring that Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is wearing.

As for the band, I always love a simple one. Marcus wants Gold instead of Platinum.
Im currently still choosing, I mean Tiffany kinda had the same design but Ive never own a Cartier.

But it all comes down to Tiffany?
Because im LOYAL?

well, mostly because my theme wedding for the morning ceremony is



if you haven’t watch this movie yet, I highly recommend :) another black and white movie i just watch is Casablanca. A bit slow, but hey those women and their outfits are gorgeous <3 

I wish one of my flower girl could wear like this :)

Im in the midst of planning how to decorate my wedding ceremony first and I must must must first come out with a mood board inspired by that movie and Tiffany&Co.

Ta dah!!! Took me one hour to do this, specifically choose the pictures and decos!

It’s been set, since the Engagement ring is from Tiffany’s so will the wedding bands be! :D


We’ve also been attending Pre Marital Counselling under SIB KL 
and this is our textbook :) yes we have to complete 13 lessons! 

 My favourite:
We marry for our similarities. We stay together for our differences.Similarities satiate, differences attract.Differences are rarely the cause of conflict in marriage; the problems arise from our similarities. Differences are the occasion, similarities are the cause.

So far, we are only up to Lesson 2 and it’s been fun attending this class. We are our own private couple counsellor whom are very very nice people and they are the one who will counsel us all the way, even after marriage.

Some couple did broke off their engagement after going thru this classes, I highly advise those who wants to get married, better attend this class to know each other better, They will ask you many questions that will get you thinking. 

Anyways, back to decoration, here are some pictures for inspiration :)

 Ive already halfway designing the bridesmaids dresses
Picked the closest colour to the Robin Egg Blue aka the Tiffany colour.

I have to many things to prepare from decorations to food and I shall be getting started soon enough.
Btw, I want all my bridesmaid to think about the wedding reception theme ( night ) and please do not suggest

hahahaha it was suggested by Jolyna and Sheena! 
Can you imagine we decorate the venue like streets of BKK? and the dresscode would be hookers?
I know it will be highlarious, but NO LOL :D

Anyways, if anyone of you would like to suggest the theme for the night dinner, please do :)
The dinner will be outdoor, facing the golf course and we will be serving Italian food

the decoration would be something like this:

theme? starry starry night? stars? hmm?? dancing in the moonlight? i cant think of anything! can you help me think? :)

I seriously cant wait to plan my wedding ;)





  1. Michelle, choose cartier as it is more classy (this is what my perspective on you)!!! second point, gold has more value than platinum! You gonna have more tiffany's at the coming years! You're going to look great in any ring, as long you and your husband likes it! Congrats!! :)

  2. p/s: i didn't know about breakfast at tiffany this movie until you blog about it! and now I'M LOVING THIS MOVIE! it's funny!

  3. So happy for you!! :) SIB KL is a nice place.. My fren when to attend their course also.. But her one is more for couple :)

  4. sophia! thank you for commenting! <3

    glad you love the movie, funny right?
    btw, we plan to get the tiffany instead as we want to follow the theme,
    or else the theme wouldn’t match our cartier rings right? ehehe, hopefully i can get a cartier ring perhaps on our anniversary.

    since all the decoration is tiffany colour, we don’t want to spoil it by presenting a cartier ring hehe :D

    but thank you so much for commenting, means a lot to me! i check your blog out, left a comment! :D

  5. sandy!!!!

    hey yeah SIB is awesome :)they have a couple course too? didn’t know that! i just join coz its marcus church :) lovely church. very nice, kind and passionate people :)

  6. Nice~ LOL din know Marcus is attending SIB..
    I have few friends attending SIB :) I'm attending Calvary Church @ Damansara Heights..

    It was held in conjunction of V-day last year :)

  7. thank you! i always read your blog, you know you have really good fashion sense! now, it sounds legit choosing a tiffany ring when it comes to match the whole wedding theme! michelle, pls promise to update your blog about your wedding when you're free. I feel so excited for you!! :D

  8. sandy,
    i heard calvary is good as well :) marcus best friend is in calvary :)

  9. sophia,
    YES i will! i shall update all the progress on my blog, hope to help people who are getting married later :) im excited as well! soon it will be 9 more months to go! and i have got lotsa planning to do! <3 wish me luck! :)

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