Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Biodata Saya

Remember when you're in High school or Primary school, we used to have this AUTOGRAPH book? ( I hope not only TAIPING PEOPLE have this books) and we used to pen down on our friends autograph book and paste our picture in it? I love having autograph books, where we used to always give it to our best friends to write it first and follow by our second fav person LOL... I decided to write a down one for you guys!!! :D I remembered what was the general outline of the biodata, do u? :) Have a good read :)

Name: Michelle 
Nick name: michiekins, mich, chuku, mi-chan, michie_elle
Age: 26   (T_T)
Address : ( saya tinggal dekat rumah sayalah )
Tel: ( awak tak ada credit mau panggil saya )
Hobbies: Drawing, taking a nap, online, shopping, looking at hot girls
Dont like: snakes, cicadas, reptiles
Hate: DOTA
Fav Food: Italian, Thai, Chinese, Western
Fav Drink: Chrysanthemum, Pat poh, Ribena
Best friends: The Kins
Enemy: ( ahahhha i remember what i wrote in this section loooong time ago )
Goof friends : ( we seriously have best friend and good friends section )
Fav Colour: Purple, Turquoise
Fav movie: The Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffanys, any romantic comedies
Fav TV shows: GOSSIP GIRL!!!!! 2 broke girls, modern family
Worst movie ever: The Mist ( mind f**ked, dont watch it )

Wish: To be forever happy go lucky
Fav book : ( saya hanya baca magazinelah, eh, bukan! Hanya tengok gambar )
Fav Actor: Chris Evans, Ty Burell
Fav Actress: semua actress di Gossip Girl hahahahha
Fav word: YOUR WISH LAHHHHH * my best friends would laugh at this, if you laughed, then your my BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!
Fav Song: EVERY SPICE GIRL SONG! <---i used to write that

after finish writing my personal details, ill attach a picture of myself, and of course some fancy stickers!

Do you now recall your autograph books? :) And if some of you still have it with you, treasure it!




  1. Yeah..u did a good job as well, it helps to remind me^^

  2. ahhahahah i miss it so much, i need to find mine, i know its somewhere around the house ;D

  3. almost forgotten about those books! i remember every year i seem to get the same ppl to occupy the book.. and every year, these ppl comes up with the funkiest stuff to write.. =)

    gotta perhaps find those books, scan, n blog about it! =)

  4. hahahhaha YES DO IT!! :D fun right! memories :) i want to for look for mine! hopefully its still around!!

  5. OMG! seriously, I have that when i was inprimary school..! LOL

    I got all my friends wrote their biodata in a book for me~ :D #I still have it~ i think is in my drower!

    Can i have yours? hahahha ZOMG! another GG fans!<3

  6. yay! in ur drawer? nice? mines somewhere hiding! mine? hahah shy! no need la! GG RULES


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