Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FabulousiTEE 2

Hello everyone! 
March has arrived!
It’s already M A R C H :)

and it’s time for FabulousiTEE batch 2!

yes. you heard me right.

F a b u l o u s i T E E is BACK!
and its now available in Sunway Pyramid
Offline Boutique, Asian Avenue :)

and soon in as well as Ive just signed the contract with them today :)

Yes, the whole month of February Ive been busy with this project. On another side, I’ve decided to design a range of dresses which is roughly( i don’t know what to name it yet ) called SUPER WOMAN, dedicated to all the hard working, successful, strong woman out there, so stay tuned for more of that 

I haven’t done the photoshoot for FabulousiTEE yet, but it will begin soon, as im looking for 
 models and awesome photographers.
Kinda shortlisted a few and we’ll see who it goes!

Im still looking for a Caucasian model tho, so if anyone who is interested to build her portfolio, please email me, it’s volunteering work, but of course there’s free food and free FabulousiTEE for you <3

Here’s a picture of whats in store now :)
You can get it in Offline Boutique, Sunway Pyramid or you can simply email me :)

Its RM39 only. Free COD in certain area. RM6 for pos laju
email me at

Ive got new designs coming in next week as well, more colourful like the first batch
you will definitely see it at my next fashion campaign :)

btw, pictures below are from my 1st batch :) and Ive decided to reprint it again! YES, the turquoise is BACK in action! 

For more pictures, click here : FabTee 

If anyone wants to order, please email me at or you can visit :

Offline Blogshop  
1st Floor, Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya

this is my slot :D

FabulousiTEE is priced at RM 39 at Offline Boutique, Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

hope you guys will like it! an stay tuned for new arrivals coming in 2 weeks time
and of course a fabulous, glamorous, sassy, sexy photoshoot coming your way!

My girls are Kinky, Irresistible, Naughty and Sassy ( K.I.N.S )
do you want to be one as well? :)



Monday, 27 February 2012

posh spice

Im in love with Victoria Beckham’s dress for the  2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

 the back is the killer! amazing piece, one of a kind, not anyone can pull off this colour

 and her accessory, perfection.

 I really want her arms! been hitting the gym lately, hope to achieve beautiful arms during my wedding!

Victoria Beckham wearing... Victora Beckham of course :)
Loving the stone-coloured dress and leather black belt
and her ring <3
David wears Dior :)

oh the perfect couple! Posh & Becks :)

Btw, Ive got news for you guys
I shall announce it by 1st of March
mark your calendars!! 

Happy Tuesday! Its GG time!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

video killed the radio star!

Hey everyone! I like to share some videos with you today
Take note that my video are all blurry and might caused headache, im still new! LOL!
Just learn IMOVIE, self-taught and still exploring!
What I don’t like is when i upload it, the video’s quality really sucks altho i recorded it with a HD camera :/

Hope you can give me some feedbacks 

The video is about how Marcus and I met, and a wee bit about our personality
thank you zebeedee for recording this

Our room in Maldives!You get to see my Vera Wang gown in this video :)

Im so sorry that the quality is rubbish, im still new at editing, Ive got a HD camera, but when I upload the quality became worst! Anybody who can give me advise, please do yeah! :3

Heres a video of my 4th birthday party ( yes, i celebrated 4 times LOL )
This is us girls singing STOP by Spice Girls!
One of my all time fav girl band! I was so crazy about the Spice Girls when I was younger!
Please excuse the shouting/screaming LOL

Then we have the shufflers! ( i totally forgot to record the guys singing backstreet boys! )
* please lower down your volume, theres a lot of screaming here *

It was such a fun night out! Thank you everyone and also Natalie Lynn for organising :)
The dress code was BLUE colour, set by Nat :)

my Spice Girls! I’ll be Simon Fuller :P


Friday, 24 February 2012

VB for MF

Lady Beckham! 

Victoria Beckham photographed by Greg Williams for Madame Figaro

those heels! omg! i want!

 Here’s a picture of Kate, Eva and VB at the Vanity Fair and Chrysler celebration of the Eva Longoria Foundation on Feb 23 :)

Isn’t VB funny? she actually is you know, a very funny person, despite her posh name and her non smiling look :) look out for her videos and you’ll get the idea, and if you watch SPICE WORLD THE MOVIE, listen to her lines, its damn hilarious! 

I just love her fashion sense so much!
Btw, she’s wearing Victoria Beckham A/W 12, one of her favourites <3

Calling all bride to be! There will be a wedding fair in Mid Valley today till tomorrow only! Im definitely going there to check out some stuff :)

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

what we wore

Last week I attended a charity dinner in Kota Damansara with of course the lovely Brigette Liberty and Natalie Lynn :)

Thank you Shen for the Ace Youth Charity Dinner invites :) It was really moving as they collected RM 28 000 that night itself :) Brie and I shall visit the House of Joy soon and I cant wait to hear their wishlist!

 brie,me and nat : michie always in the middle

 the girls at our table: zana,brie,me,nikki,nat and chantelle :)

 and of course, me and Sandy :) such a sweet girl! 

Thank you Kelvin Sing for the picture

What we wore:

On Brie from pillowtalkpromises:
Dress from a Bangsar Boutique (which she cant remember )
Snowflake pin from Taiwan
Lipstick by Chanel 22, her best accessory :)

On Michiekins
Jumpsuit by Mizu Closet
Shoes by Carvela

I haven’t really worn my Carvela out that much as its too precious and its about 6 inches tall,
bought it when I was in London :)

Anyways, heres my latest buy!

Pumps by TOPSHOP, got it at a 50% discount! Original price was about RM300 ++

i love my shoes so much that it deserve to in on the shelves. 

Btw, I found my autograph book ( related post here )
Cant wait to show u guys! I was only 13 at that time!

Happy Friday Im in Love! <3



Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cartier or Tiffany?

Im talking about my wedding band.
* no, not the music people, the ring!*

Cartier or Tiffany?

I went to look for wedding bands last year and couldn't decided on what I want our wedding bands to be.
Both Cartier and Tiffany gave me their catalogue to browse through.

 I really love the ring that Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is wearing.

As for the band, I always love a simple one. Marcus wants Gold instead of Platinum.
Im currently still choosing, I mean Tiffany kinda had the same design but Ive never own a Cartier.

But it all comes down to Tiffany?
Because im LOYAL?

well, mostly because my theme wedding for the morning ceremony is



if you haven’t watch this movie yet, I highly recommend :) another black and white movie i just watch is Casablanca. A bit slow, but hey those women and their outfits are gorgeous <3 

I wish one of my flower girl could wear like this :)

Im in the midst of planning how to decorate my wedding ceremony first and I must must must first come out with a mood board inspired by that movie and Tiffany&Co.

Ta dah!!! Took me one hour to do this, specifically choose the pictures and decos!

It’s been set, since the Engagement ring is from Tiffany’s so will the wedding bands be! :D


We’ve also been attending Pre Marital Counselling under SIB KL 
and this is our textbook :) yes we have to complete 13 lessons! 

 My favourite:
We marry for our similarities. We stay together for our differences.Similarities satiate, differences attract.Differences are rarely the cause of conflict in marriage; the problems arise from our similarities. Differences are the occasion, similarities are the cause.

So far, we are only up to Lesson 2 and it’s been fun attending this class. We are our own private couple counsellor whom are very very nice people and they are the one who will counsel us all the way, even after marriage.

Some couple did broke off their engagement after going thru this classes, I highly advise those who wants to get married, better attend this class to know each other better, They will ask you many questions that will get you thinking. 

Anyways, back to decoration, here are some pictures for inspiration :)

 Ive already halfway designing the bridesmaids dresses
Picked the closest colour to the Robin Egg Blue aka the Tiffany colour.

I have to many things to prepare from decorations to food and I shall be getting started soon enough.
Btw, I want all my bridesmaid to think about the wedding reception theme ( night ) and please do not suggest

hahahaha it was suggested by Jolyna and Sheena! 
Can you imagine we decorate the venue like streets of BKK? and the dresscode would be hookers?
I know it will be highlarious, but NO LOL :D

Anyways, if anyone of you would like to suggest the theme for the night dinner, please do :)
The dinner will be outdoor, facing the golf course and we will be serving Italian food

the decoration would be something like this:

theme? starry starry night? stars? hmm?? dancing in the moonlight? i cant think of anything! can you help me think? :)

I seriously cant wait to plan my wedding ;)



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