Monday, 9 January 2012

Michiekins heart Singapore

I had a tremendous time in Singapore with my sister and Jasiminne last weekend! Being dragged to Singapore literally the very next morning after Maldives was worth while.

As usual, I was the lalang while Jasiminne has always been the PLANNER, she organise and pens everything down in her little notebook.

One of them was to have brunch in PS CAFE, which I fell in love with.

The design, ambience and food was awesome and its definitely a must go when you visit Singapore

their dessert was to die for!


One of the highlights for night life was clubbing in PANGAEA, Singapore latest and most happening club :) That night was amazing and much fun as the music was awesome and the crowd was pleasing.

I love how my eyes colour really pop! Ive never really tried wearing black eye shadow all over my eyes and I love how it shows out my real eye colour! not wearing coloured lens, Ive got my mother’s eurasian eyes @_@

Michiekins wore

Dress by ModeLaVie
Got it from Haji Lane :)
Super in love with this baby!
I call it the CHEWBACCA dress :P

I wore my Janae pumps so that I could dance all night long without hurting my feet :)

I definitely supported the Singaporeans economy during my 4 day stay 
but hey, I need a super awesome heels to compliment my wedding dress:) and of course Louboutin was always top on my list :)

I shall post bits of wedding pictures by next tuesday, promise! 

Happy Tuesday! and remember, Gossip Girl premiers next week Tuesday ( Malaysia date/time ) :D



  1. Hye, just curious, who is your favorite in Gossip Girl? Haha

  2. BLAIR <3 from the very start! you? :D

  3. I love them all ;P Serena for her style, Blair for her personality and Vanessa for her beautiful face =)

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