Monday, 30 January 2012

bts-vera wang

The story behind my Vera Wang Wedding Dress- Gemma from her Fall 2011 Collection

"There are so many beautiful aspects to the Gemma gown. Perhaps the most otherworldly element is the ethereal combination of French tulle and organza, something you wouldn’t expect in a gown with such a defined mermaid silhouette.
Still, this is a very soft mermaid: I didn’t want anything to be too rigid. We used bands of tulle, wrapping around the body like a swirling cyclone, and ending in bias-cut flanges, which are deconstructed, abstract blossoms in tissue organza: it’s the perfect storm. Inside these rosettes I’ve added what I call “blizzard beading”: hundreds of tiny little sequins scattered all around. Once the dress is in motion, you get the thrill of that subtle play between lights and darks, but in the form of rosy, feminine blooms.
Between the blossoms and the beading, there’s certainly a pageantry in the base of this gown. It’s an absolute celebration of volume that is meant to be very dramatic, with the fantasy of a ball gown and the sensuousness of a mermaid gown combined. If you desire even more drama, a bride might choose to add a sequined belt for just a little flicker of beading, to really highlight the waist. Combined with the shimmer of sequins in the cut blossoms of the skirt, it’s a very dynamic look from every angle.
Gemma is one of my more glamorous dresses, giving the bride something slender and sleek up top, and at the bottom the flash and splash of sequins and dynamic volume, for the ultimate wedding day spectacle.
-Vera Wang
Here are some behind the scene shoots :)


catching my MERMAN :)

 Mom loves her IPAD :)

 Isnt the background just serene? :)

Thats Sam from Hakuraa Huraa! he can memorize a lot of names :)

Would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for being ever so helpful during this photo shoot :)
Thank you and ME love YOU!

Btw, GG episode 13 is out, its their 100th episode! So make sure you all watch it :) Im not revealing anything but my jaw is still wide open from the last scene!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    First of all, I've been a reader for a very very long time, but I've never left a comment.
    I don't stalk, but your blog is just a really interesting read, it's almost as if I live my life vicariously through yours, because let's face it - your life looks pretty awesome :)

    I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you fully on you being a bride pretty soon. They say that the journey leading up to the wedding is the best part. You definitely make it seem so! Your dress is gorgeous, your shoes are even MORE gorgeous, and you're absolutely glowing. I'm very happy for you! :D

    And I can't believe you're only 45 KGS, with a 22 1/2inch waist. summore look so tall. I hope I'm not prying if I ask what have you been doing to achieve this kinda body? Cos you're not only skinny, you're very toned. Any helpful tips to share? Would very much appreciate it.

    Looking forward to more updates from ya



  2. hey lynn!!

    thank you for the eye watering comments :D made my day!
    but hey, yes im 45 kg but im NOT TALL!! ahahha trust me, NOT AT ALL!
    im only 5’3! its the way i pose infront of the camera that made me look tall :) and im not toned at all! ahhaha perhaps only in pictures? i dont know why! but hey, one trick i know from how to look toned without exercising would be tanning, yes TANNING! it will make your skin glow and automatically make u look toner, if not, excersicing, i used to carry abit of weights, not too much just so my arms will look firmer! but all arounder, im a super lazy person! hahaha :P so only sometimes i ex cerise!

    and thank you so much for the compliments! thank you * btw, do u have a blog as well? i tried to click on your name above but your blog address didnt show up! let me know! :D


  3. How much was your dress?

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