Monday, 30 January 2012

bts-vera wang

The story behind my Vera Wang Wedding Dress- Gemma from her Fall 2011 Collection

"There are so many beautiful aspects to the Gemma gown. Perhaps the most otherworldly element is the ethereal combination of French tulle and organza, something you wouldn’t expect in a gown with such a defined mermaid silhouette.
Still, this is a very soft mermaid: I didn’t want anything to be too rigid. We used bands of tulle, wrapping around the body like a swirling cyclone, and ending in bias-cut flanges, which are deconstructed, abstract blossoms in tissue organza: it’s the perfect storm. Inside these rosettes I’ve added what I call “blizzard beading”: hundreds of tiny little sequins scattered all around. Once the dress is in motion, you get the thrill of that subtle play between lights and darks, but in the form of rosy, feminine blooms.
Between the blossoms and the beading, there’s certainly a pageantry in the base of this gown. It’s an absolute celebration of volume that is meant to be very dramatic, with the fantasy of a ball gown and the sensuousness of a mermaid gown combined. If you desire even more drama, a bride might choose to add a sequined belt for just a little flicker of beading, to really highlight the waist. Combined with the shimmer of sequins in the cut blossoms of the skirt, it’s a very dynamic look from every angle.
Gemma is one of my more glamorous dresses, giving the bride something slender and sleek up top, and at the bottom the flash and splash of sequins and dynamic volume, for the ultimate wedding day spectacle.
-Vera Wang
Here are some behind the scene shoots :)


catching my MERMAN :)

 Mom loves her IPAD :)

 Isnt the background just serene? :)

Thats Sam from Hakuraa Huraa! he can memorize a lot of names :)

Would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for being ever so helpful during this photo shoot :)
Thank you and ME love YOU!

Btw, GG episode 13 is out, its their 100th episode! So make sure you all watch it :) Im not revealing anything but my jaw is still wide open from the last scene!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, 29 January 2012









STYLE KANDI ( 2011 )

STYLE KANDI 2 ( 2011 )


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bridal Makeup

Makeup and hair are very very very important especially on my big day! 
I cant makeup and do my hair for shits!

I was browsing thru the web and saw this amazing HAIR AND MAKEUP and was totally inspired by it!

I want my hair and makeup to be like this:

big puffy hair
simple/natural yet dramatic makeup!

I would love this style for my wedding reception :)

and if I do cry during my wedding, I want to look like this! LOL
Cant wait for the big day! <3


hardly working

Im jobless at the moment!
Anybody wants to hire me?

Planning to work FULL TIME in March!
Cause right now i’m concentrating on my side business and I do hope it goes well

Will update more soonish! and heres a picture of what im currently doing in my room

and of course every girl needs to eat! BREAK TIME while watching Family Guy with Jasiminne and Malibu 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Michiekins Wedding Dress

Good morning :D
I know many of you guys have been waiting for this moment for me to spill about my wedding gown!
Btw, have to you watch Gossip Girl latest episode yet?

Episode 5 x 11 The End of the Affairs?
Ive just finish watching it! Cant wait for next week’s episode!

If yes, or not, I might have spoiled it to some of you if you keep reading my blog post below, i wont say anything, but just revealing about the dress, dont worry!

Ive save this date to blog about my wedding dress and many have guess designers like Elie Saab, Jenny Packham or Vera Wang OR MYSELF. lol.


Well, some guessed it right. I bought a VERA WANG BRIDAL FALL 2011 wedding dress when I was in London :)

Its the most gorgeous wedding dress I ever saw! and of course my bridesmaid Su Anne and Jasiminne was with me when I was trying on the gowns.

The only Vera Wang bridal available was at Browns Bride, a whole shop dedicated for only Vera Wang bridal couture dresses.

I even saw Blair’s wedding gown as I was browsing thru this shop :)

Its called the GISELE :) from her Fall 2011 collection

During my visit to the shop, they only have Vera Wang Fall 2011 bridal dresses and you have to make an appointment to try those dresses and you’ll have to pay £15 to try on these amazing bridal gowns.

The service was of course very professional, they serve me and Jasiminne champagne as I were trying the bridal gowns.
* there goes our £15! lol

Here are some pictures from Vera Wang Fall 2011 Bridal Collection




and this is my wedding dress, the GEMMA :)




inspired by hillary Duff wedding dress specially made by Vera back in 2010, she created the GEMMA for Fall 2011 collection :)

 this dress that Leighton Meester wore for the LOVESTRUCK PERFUME ad was inspired from the GEMMA dress :)

Now, are you ready to see me in it? :D

* excited face *

our pre-wedding picture taken in Maldives
Yes i actually brought the dress to Maldives! :)
Perfect fiancee, perfect dress, perfect destination!

photos credit to my brother Cavin Ooi, using SONY NEX c3

more pictures will be shown on actual wedding reception!
We’ve already booked and payed the deposit for both venue back in Taiping and in KL

For the wedding shoes, I decided not to splurge on white shoes but instead a gorgeous NUDE colour and Louboutin was no exception :)

Ive been planning my wedding ever since i was a kid, and Vera Wang bridal gowns has always been a dream wedding dress as she’s the mother of all bridal dresses and Louboutin has the most amazing shoes ever! 

I wanted a perfect wedding, so we did splurge a wee bit on the dress and shoes, but hey.. they are the best, arent they? :)

You can check out Vera Wang’s collection at

Im currently looking for professional photographers and make up artist for my wedding, anyone who’s interested, please email me your website or link to your page to

Hope you watch Gossip Girl already! if not, here’s a link!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



Sunday, 15 January 2012

Michiekins hearts Penang

Hello everyone! I just got back from Penang  * short but sweet holiday with Jasiminne because she’s  been raving for Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow and of course water sports!

We stayed in Lone Pine, one of my favourite hotel in Penang :) The room is lovely, the swimming pool is awesome and most of all, I love the bathtub/special made tub at the balcony overlooking the ocean :)

view from our hotel room

 special tub <3 spends hours in here talking to sheena!

the pool

  my kins <3

My stuff :

Tote Bag from Victoria Secret
Heart sunnies from Japan
Book of the moment: Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe

My latest buys : My Victoria Secret Tote Bag :) I love it so much! Got it from Singapore! <3

I also got the Victoria Secret LOVES Singapore Tshirt *

Michiekins wearing

Top by Victoria Secret
High waisted short by Topshop
Pumps by ROCKPORT!
clutch by YSL 

and yes, purple is my fav colour :)

Ill be revealing my wedding dress and shoes tomorrow! So stay tuned! :D


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