Monday, 26 December 2011

sneak peek

Im in CLIVE and FEMALE Magazine January issue 2012!
what a way to start my 2012 :)

Jasiminne took this photo of me! Thanks babe :)

Cant wait till I scan the pictures and write a proper post about it :)
Merry christmas/Happy boxing day everyone!

Remember to get a copy of both magazine!


Real Life Barbie

I dont know how old she is or wheres she’s from, all I know that her name is Dakota and people call her Real Life Barbie.

isn't she lovely? I could just stare at her all day! Finding her blog and youtube totally made my day

Apparently she's famous in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam!
Cant wait till she hits Malaysia :D

Im your Malaysian fan! :D

oh, i just found out that she’s only 19 years old 

Remember to check out her youtube videos! Too cute to be missed.

All images are taken from kotakoti’s blog, I do not own any of these images.

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