Tuesday, 6 December 2011



Named after the clouds and his beloved dog, Mulan, Mr Teng is the proud owner of AwanMulan, a great place for relaxing and jungle trekking!

AwanMulan is located in Seremban, only about 1 hour 15 minutes drive from KL, you’ll find yourself in this beautiful virgin forest :)

What I love most about this place is the whole concept. 


open air bedroom
open air toilet
open air everything!

 view from my bedroom

 main hall/kitchen with a stunning view

night view

 the teachers! :D

 michiekins relaxing

 me and teeba :D soon to be bollywood director :D

 wine in the pool with rach, ADVANCED DIVER!!

Michiekins wearing bikini from Thailand 
shorts by Ripcurl
Sunnies from London

the beautiful sunset :)

It was a great escape from our concrete city
highly recommended to those who love nature only
and beware of cicadas! :D


Ps: For those of you who love STAR WATCHING, heres the great place, I fell asleep watching stars while listening to awesome music along with amazing group of friends.


MIFW-Bernard Chandran

The 1950’s fashion sure are kicking back this summer and theres no better way to prove it at the runway with Bernard Chandran’s Spring Summer 2012 for MIFW.

Inspired by his mom, Bernard Chandran Collection dazzled the runway with his own interpretation and creations on the 50’s era.

With colours like grey, silver, gold, apple green, champagne, green and turquoise blue were his palatte for this season.

BC redefines proportion and geometry in his showcase and soft structure by the lightness of the curves that added a touch of edgy sophistication to his amazing collection.

Fabrics like silk satin, jersey and netting with cotton are used in his collection.

The overall look was very 1950’s mix with contemporary.

my favourite attire of the whole show

 guest model- Tanuja

a touch of 50’s

“This season I pay tribute to my mother. I discovered myself through her. I am truly inspired by her younger days of the fifties, where they actually took every effort to be fashionable. Given the limited resources at that time, she would take the pain to create and sew her own clothes and put them together to look stylish. I truly admire her creativity, the passion to create and the effort to look good,” said Bernard Chandran.

“It also goes to show, all one needs is to be a little savvier with their sense of style, pull in some creativity, take risks and make a little effort and voila you will look good,” said Bernard Chandran further.


of course I brought my girls with me Su Anne and Brigette Liberty

michiekins wearing:

Top and long maxi skirt by Topshop
clutch by YSL
shoes by ALDO

no, im not wearing those big eye contact lens, while we are on this subject, I don't wear coloured contact lenses either! Iv e got my mom’s  natural brown eyes ( thanks to my scottish great grandfather )

* Thank you Natasha Loo, Bernard Chandran’s PR for the lovely invites *

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