Thursday, 27 October 2011

I am ....

To become a Super Hero, all you need is 2 best friends and:

1. Glitter
2. Rainbows
3. Alcohol
4. Fashion
5. Fabulosity

Mix all together and voila! it’s Sukins and Michiekins with the SUPER POWERS of -_____-
( sorry, watched too much Sailormoon and Power Puff Girls )

Not a bad introduction huh! 

Anyways, tomorrow is HALLOWWEEEEEEENNNNNNNN omg im so excited 
Some of you can roughly guess who am I gonna be, I guess im just quite the predictable :p
Last year I was HIT GIRL from the movie KICK ASS!

This year I should be in Velvet, I know it would be crowded and it would be my last October party because

I’m starting my Internship with CLEO Magazine the whole of November
yes, i guess i will be the oldest intern! :P 
Got the internship because of the STYLISTA contest which all my friends and followers voted! Thank you so much guys! 

My internship will only last for a month then ill be free again during December and I cant wait for the month of DECEMBER, why? because :

1. My WEDDING dress will be arriving, after 4 months of waiting! And it will be revealed, or not, I’ll just then show you the BOX cover 

2. Holiday trip to Maldives with Family and MARCUS! Perhaps our second diving trip!

3. Jasiminne will be back! 


5. Get my ONLINE PORTFOLIO ready to find a new JOB which Im quite excited about!

6. Getaway with my girls :) Its all happening! another road trip with my babes!

Happy FRIDAY IM IN LOVE everyone!
Hope to see you all in Velvet, if you can find me!


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