Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pom Pom Island

Hey everyone!
Ive just got back from Pom Pom island near Sipadan and Ive just got my DIVING LICENSE! Yes, I know, hard to believe right? To be honest, I almost wanted to give up due to my sinus problem and also my eye sight/contact lens problems. But it all turned up well at the end and im happy that now im a certified open water diver! I went 17 m deep and saw many fishes, sting ray, turtle and many more!

The best part of it was I saw turtle trying to lay eggs at night and also baby turtles from the previous batch hatch,  finding their way to the ocean. To me, it was like witnessing a miracle. 

I did manage to take some pre wedding photos also while I was there :)

teaser for Pre Wedding photos 
more to come

Yes, sunburns at my arms and legs :/

The Island

 don’t you just love the crystal clear water?

The Diving Experience

Im currently 45 kg, my tank was 20kg and I have 6 kg of weights in my BCD and waist in order for me to sink. I could barely walk!

The Company

 Picture with my fellow Instructor Guido and my diving mates!
ps: my non make up face :D

one of the baby turtle :)

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope the picture of the baby turtle made you smile!

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