Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wedding headpiece by Chanel

I cant stop staring at the Camelia flower, the Iconic Chanel flower and might have decided that I wanted it as my headpiece for my wedding, NO not a BIG headpiece, but just one small Chanel camelia flower pinned to my hair.

Ive asked the price before when I was in London ( last years trip ) and it was roughly about RM600+ for just one flower with a pin attached. 

I want a small delicate Chanel camelia pinned at the side of my hair, and was thinking of doing my hair something like this:

something soft and classy hair style would really compliment my wedding gown along with a delicate Chanel camelia flower at my right side :)

Here are some over the top Chanel headpieces! :D

I really like the cat’s ears made of the Chanel camelia :)

Michiekins favourite picture :)

Happy Wednesday people, looks like its gonna rain soon!
Hmm... it already started raining in my place now!



Wedding venue

Hello everyone!
Sorry have not been blogging lately, been a wee bit busy lately with some wedding preparations! We went for our first food testing for our wedding reception and also to check out the place. Ive always wanted a garden wedding, and our dear friend Zebeedee introduced us to this Italian restaurant in KL overlooking the Royal Selangor Golf Club. It was beautiful. The greens are breathtaking and theres like a mini lake and bridge like 12 steps away from the beautiful white canopy. We actually ask them to come out with a new menu and hopefully to get their reply by this week before we put in our deposit.

 the stage, overlooking the greens

 a rustic swing :D im sure we can decorate it nicely

 a mini lake and bridge

 tables for an event later tonight and my wedding planner :D

 the beautiful white canopy

the entrace

Suanne aka bridesmaid aka wedding planner and I will turn this place into something like this:

Michiekins dream wedding :

We are still thinking about the theme, it might be something like:

1. Starry starry night, hence the LED lights
2. Dancing in the moonlight
3. By Starlight

I want as much LED lights in my wedding and everything must be in white and white only!
And of course, there will be a dance floor in the middle 

As for my wedding gown, its been made in New York now, reaching London by December then they will be shipping it to Malaysia :) *im still not announcing which designer I got it from yet* but i can only show u the measurements that Janet ( sales advisor ) took for me while I was in London.

yup, gotta maintain all of that till next year! 

As for our pre wedding photo shoot, we might go to Maldives end of the year or early January with the family! :D I seriously cant wait to take our pre wedding shots!

As for the bridesmaid and groom attendant, me and marcus came out with a list today, theres nine of each side, so it will be all together 20 of us! big group huh! We are yet to announce their name and ask their permission soon.

oh yeah, i cut my hair btw! i have fringe now!

 Im signing off to watch Gossip Girl Season 5, episode 2 now! 
Happy tuesday loves!


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