Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Michiekins in a wedding gown

I went to Pronovias London two days ago and managed to tried 3 dresses and I love this best, its from Elie Saab bridal for Pronovias, the dress is called Euterpe which cost about RM24K 


I really feel like a princess when I tried it on, Im still not sure if I would get it as it way to expensive and plus I just made an appointment with Vera Wang London this Saturday to try some of their pieces, I went to Vera last week but didn't managed to find anything I like, so I actually went back, did some research and email them 2 dresses that I really like and asked if they have it in stores and I was so thrilled when the replied that they have it in store but it will cost me £30 to try on dresses ( Pronovias didnt charge me anything ) but I'll gladly pay just to try on some dresses.

The problem is I dont know if I would want to spend so much on a dress, sometimes I feel like its OK but sometimes I feel like WTF? RM25K for a dress that Im gonna wear once? or am I paying for the experience? the whole journey? I am so confused. I would really love to have one designer piece :(

So far, I only need one wedding gown and one evening dress for dinner.  I dont know if I should rent my wedding gown and splurge on a nice evening gown or vice versa. HELP! :(

I will also be designing some dresses for me and my bridesmaid, the theme colour would be 

* drum rolls please *

White and Turquoise 

You might ask why Turquoise? Well, it does make sense since Marcus did proposed with a Tiffany box :)

I havent really design the dresses for the bridesmaids, it is yet to be revealed, soon right after i sort my dress first! BRIDEZILLA ATTACK! :P

alright im off to bed, good morning malaysian! have a nice day at work! :D


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