Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Proposal

 After 3 years, 3 months and one day of dating, during our Euro trip Marcus popped the question to me:

" Will you marry me?"

I was in awe, shocked and could feel myself trembling in surprise when he asked me the question, he really caught me by surprise. Apparently he's been planning this a month before our euro trip and sneakily working with my best friends in planning this perfect proposal in Paris, France by the Eiffel Tower.

The story begun like this, initially there was an exchange of emails between him and my girlfiends which was kept secret from me. The emails were mostly on how and when to do it and preparing everyone "except me!!" for the proposal. So when he arrived in London, all of them were as usual, he then somehow managed to pass Jasiminne the ring to safeguard it coz he knows that I will usually unpack for him and may accidentally see it. The ring was then transported in Jasiminne's bag from London to Amsterdam and then Paris where Su Anne was safeguarding it on the proposal day. (Thank you Jasiminne and Su)

The first night in Paris - 11th August 2011 was our anniversary night and he didn't propose so I really didn't expect any of this to happen. The real reason behind it was because we gotten our Moulin Rouge tickets already and had to watch them so timing wasn't right, but it played to His hand :) as I really did not expect it then. The big surprise was planned the next day 12th August 2011 during our picnic by the park at Eiffel `tower. Everything was still normal, we when shopping for macaroons from laduree, got ourselves a bottle of champagne and headed to Eiffel tower. When we arrived, we were like most tourist taking pictures and all, we then looked for a spot by the park to sit down. All of them still looked calm and normal but as I know now they were about to burst out of excitement!! Haha. 

The park was beautiful, we were sitting down picnic-ing and I kept asking them to open the bottle of champagne but they were all avoiding it, saying they wanted to have some beers first and that they don't feel like champagne yet but actually it was because they were waiting for the sun to set!! Haha (Initially the plan was for him to propose to me at sunset or by night at the stroke of the hour as the tower will sparkle with lights by then, both of the timing didn't happen because it is summer in Paris and the sun sets at 9pm! :))

So seeing that I was eager to open the champagne, they then improvise. Su Anne signalled Jasiminne that it was time and brought me to the toilet so that he can prepare. Jasiminne then took a video of him briefly describing on what he is about to do and they then await my return. We actually return too early but somehow Su Anne manage to spot them first and she improvised once again by acting that a bug bit her leg. I then as usual, panicked and quickly took her to the side and sat her down where we tried to treat her falsely bitten leg, I even massage it and said that it might be swollen ( I feel so stupid now - haha) So after a couple of minutes, Su Anne told me that she felt better and we walked back. That was when I saw him standing up at our place with hands behind his back looking nervous. As I reached, he approached me and took me aside, about 1 metre away from where we picnic and with a nervous but sincere tone of voice said this to me :

Baby, we've been together for 3 years, 3 months and 1 day now. I love you very much. I've thought and prayed about it, and I know it in my heart that you are the one. I've got something to ask you :
"Will you marry me?"

I said YES, but now thinking I should have said Oui, meaning YES in French :D

Jasiminne and Su Anne congratulate us after that and we then popped open the bottle of champagne.

 Baby and me by the Eiffel Tower :)

 The 3 musketeers who planned everything

 After the proposal :) my favourite picture of us

Me and my besties

Right after that we had our first engagement party at Chef Francis nearby the Eiffel Tower and popped another bottle of Bollinger :)

The night ended perfectly with the Eiffel Tower sparkling

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's been congratulating me in Facebook, really appreciate it! Have a nice Monday ahead :)

12.08.2011 :)


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