Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Box

The Box - Britain's Royal and Celebrity Club in Soho

It was my first time clubbing in London and it was awesome, the club was so exclusive and they play really really good songs! Even Prince Harry is a regular along with many other celebrities, didn't take many pictures as camera wasn't allowed in the club, managed to take a few only!

It was also my first time seeing paparazzi outside the club, waiting to take photos of celebrities! It wasn't too crowded and everyone is so friendly! Heres some pictures the Jas took:

with Jasikin's friend who's been expecting me 
 with the fashion designers from BKK

with the infamous Jasiminne, she's so famous there, everybody knows who she is and she gets free drinks everytime! :D

will blog more about my London stay! will be here for 5 weeks and definitely can wait for Marcus and Suanne to come over!! It will be one amazing Eurotrip ;)

Michiekins wearing - Michelle Ooi Cruise Collection 2011
* just a sneak peeek! more pictures of the dress soonish!
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