Wednesday, 27 July 2011

First buys

hey everyone! ive already touch down London town, the weather is great, my flight was awesome as it was half empty so i got a whole row of the window seat! feels like business class :) but the worst thing that happened to me was my laptop screen broke :( totally heartbroken, i went and bought a new one the very next day! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D went shopping in Oxford Circus with Jasikins, went only to Forever 21, Apple and Primark only coz we were so tired and below is what i bought :

got the orange shoes from Forever 21, it was their grand opening of their very first outlet in London and i got it only for RM100 :) the rest are some essential items that i need like bras, shorts and bags for my toiletries

alright, gotta rest now coz later Jasiminne is taking me to some exclusive club which not everyone can get in, mostly celebrities only and its apparently high class that most people wear dresses and she told the guest list guy that im some malaysian favourite socialite!! ( which is not true ) will update you on that club real soon! :D till then, stay classy!
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