Saturday, 9 July 2011

Japan :D

hello everyone!! Just a quick update as im leaving to Japan tomorrow, packed half only, shall continue more tomorrow :) anyways, just got a few pieces from my cruise collection: FABULOSITEE by Suanne and Michelle! woohppeeeee!! I shall wear and model them in Japan with my sister,( photoshoots for the cruise collection will be at Japan.Malaysia.Europe. ) so expect many many many pictures after my trip! Im not bring my mobile, so i will only be contacted via online only, so please dont call me.. or you can FACETIME with me if you like! Drop me a message and ill email you my acc :) Anyways, im really looking forward for this trip! Here are some pictures of Devon Aoki, my favourite Japanese model :)

enjoy your Sunday :) ill be back only on next Sunday, got my camera charged!:P

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