Tuesday, 14 June 2011

video killed the radio star!

Good morning everyone!!!! Ive got 2 videos to share there today on Michelle Ooi Spring Summer 2011 and also ON A CLOUDY DAY, we wear HERVE LEGER video! If you want to see it, LIKE my FB PAGE , the link is below :) 

Heres a short video by FUGZ presenting Michelle Ooi Spring Summer 2011

For another latest video, you can view it over here : The KINS Facebook Page! LIKE my PAGE!

And for those of you who still havent make it to the boutique, Ill be there tomorrow and Friday to entertain you guys! Hope to see you there! it's located at BANGSAR, Jalan Telawi 3, same row as STARBUCKS, BACI, TUTTI FRUTTI and AFFIN BANK! :D

20% discount on Herve Legers!

alright, gotta take Malibu for grooming now! have a nice day everyone!

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