Thursday, 15 December 2011

White Christmas Wishlist!

Its the time of the year again! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
9 days more to CHRISTMAS!!!!

and of course, Christmas is all about Family. love. GIVING. presents!

Have you figured out what do you want for Christmas?
Below is my WISHLIST, things i NEED WANT :D



1. Nude colour Louboutins

2. Iphone 4 S ( i seriously need a PA )

3. As many YSL lipstick

4. This amazing dress

5. Highwaisted swimming suit <3

6. Awesome dressing room/walk in closet!

7. shoes and more shoes

8. Chuck Bass

9. Another Chanel bag

10. To spend Christmas with Marcus

Got your wishlist yet? :D

This week has been a very busy week for me as im planning/working on the new collection and also busy preparing for the big fest bazaar tomorrow in Ecoba, so please come and support us if you are free!




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