Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ecoba: Big fest Outcome

I had the time of my life on saturday


the music was good, the food was good, the place looked amazing, its like dining in the forrest with music

and when theres awesome friends and awesome people,
thats when the real party starts.

We were actually promoting  FabulousiTEE, the tank tops which me and Suanne each designed, orange colour belongs to her while mine was obviously the Tiffany blue colour.

It all started quite slow initially due to the rain and the crowd only turn up about 9 ish.

what i wore:

Tank top by FabulousiTEE
Bra Top from Forever 21 ( its not a bra )
Shorts from Forever 21 London
Sandals from Zara
Sunnies from London

 all the stock :D

 me weaving our tees for the customers for free 

Sabrina who came to support! Thanks love!

 my soon to be cousin in law trying to wear EAT SLEEP BITCH
 the customer and the designer

my work :D its called weaving.laddering.slashing tank tops!

 of course, many people noticed our board and straight away said, OH JOHNNY MCGEORGE’s WORK
some of them even want to buy that poster on the spot!

 and of course, Ivy came to support as well :D

one of the share holder of Ecoba bought our tees to support us!
thank you!
in return our friends opened 3 bottles and he gave us another one for FREE :D

 my best sales girls working :D seriously, thank you so much babes! 

with Ben Liew from Ben bitches and also editor of JUICE magazine supported us!

 yes, we are trying to sell to this dude! and we succeed  :P and yes, im holding a shot glass :P

the whole experience was awesome, we sold about 40 ++ tees that night!
we left very little and for those who still want to purchase, theres only these left:


The rest are SOLD OUT and wont be reproduced as we are coming our with new designs!

theres about only 3-4 left, and if you want me to weave/slash your top, its free! just tell me which design you want ok!:D

email me at for more info.

ps: special thanks to whom came to support us, you guys are the best!
and thank you Sabrina and Jolyna for helping us! We will not achieve what we wanted if it wasnt for you both! <3
Thank you Musa and Jillian as well for helping me during set up!

Have a lovely Monday!




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