Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wedding headpiece by Chanel

I cant stop staring at the Camelia flower, the Iconic Chanel flower and might have decided that I wanted it as my headpiece for my wedding, NO not a BIG headpiece, but just one small Chanel camelia flower pinned to my hair.

Ive asked the price before when I was in London ( last years trip ) and it was roughly about RM600+ for just one flower with a pin attached. 

I want a small delicate Chanel camelia pinned at the side of my hair, and was thinking of doing my hair something like this:

something soft and classy hair style would really compliment my wedding gown along with a delicate Chanel camelia flower at my right side :)

Here are some over the top Chanel headpieces! :D

I really like the cat’s ears made of the Chanel camelia :)

Michiekins favourite picture :)

Happy Wednesday people, looks like its gonna rain soon!
Hmm... it already started raining in my place now!




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