Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Passion for Fashion

 The Passion for Fashion event  hosted by Josiah Mizukami this year was a major success compared to last years event because it happened in ROOTZ CLUB KL. Finally a club with awesome Dj’s and good music. 

I almost didnt want to go because of my horrible tan lines and my coral cuts/coral poisoning on my knee but Zen persuade me and I was SOLD.

Thank you ZEN! I had so much fun!

Then it got me thinking, what to WEAR? How to hide my tan lines and coral cuts?
So I decided to wear my high waisted long skirt to cover my legs, but how about my arms? I didnt want to wear long sleeves and long skirt, it would be just too hot

So I came out with this, wearing Bra Tops which is the daring alternative for cropped tops

 I knew that Bra Tops and Maxi skirts are a MUST HAVE for SPRING SUMMER 2012 so why not be fashion forward?

Top by Forever 21
High waisted Maxi skirt by Topshop
Shoes from Agape ( Jeffrey Campbell inspired )
Bag by Chanel

 zen, li wen, sukins, michiekins, bella and lastly Dr.Thomas

Now, are you ready for some psychedelic pictures?


At first, I hesitated to wear the whole outfit, thinking it might be too much? but come to think again, it wasnt, somehow it wasnt ( i seriously dont know how to explain? ) and Ive got so many compliments about my outfit that night itself and on Facebook which actually made my day :D thank you peeps! it really means alot to me! 

Anyways, Im so looking forward to party this Friday and Saturday with my diving group and the diving instructors who’s come all the way down just to party with us!

Can you all guess who am I gonna be this Halloween?



  1. Hi Michiekins! I love your fashion blog.. Can u post some fashion tips for halloween? :P

  2. hie esther! any idea who u want to be for halloween? then perhaps i can give u some tips! cheers! :D

  3. haha Thanks! Actually I don't have any creative idea... I'm just planning to go for fantasy occupation uniform... what do u think? too cliche? :P I'm guessing r u gonna be audrey hepburn? (*becuz of your fringe, i think u'll pull off the look :P)

  4. not cliche at all. very SEXAY!!! my girlfriends will be in uniforms as well! arresting peoples! LOL ! you might have guess it right! :D where will you be partying babe?

  5. OH hahahah! thanks! it's a house party at my friend's ;p happy halloween!!! have a sexy, spooky & enchanting one!

  6. I don't want to sound perverted but I have to get this out: you have such a nice body shape! :D And this outfit is probably the one I like best from you!

  7. I just saw lingie ling comment! thank you so much babe! and i really love my outfit for that night as well! :D thank you! and NAH, you dont sound perverted at all, wait till you meet me! i love complimenting women as well! :D


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