Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bridesmaids, take note:

Dear bridesmaids,

Lina Ooi, Candice Ng, Sheena Low, Jun Lyn Low, Jolyna Tan, Jasiminnie Yip, Su Anne Clark, Jillian Tan, Brigette Liberty

Here are some useful notes for you in order to help me with :

I plan to have this 3 party by next year and need you guys to know roughly how it goes:

1. Bridal Shower
2. Engagement Party
3. Hen’s Night

1. What is the difference between bridal shower and hen’s night? 

Hens nights are usually when the bride and her girl friends go out and party and have fun before the wedding happens and a bridal shower is more a sophisticated even where the brides family and friends gather and give gifts to the bride that consist of things she may need in her home and have a good time and more calm than the hens night.

I would really love if we could do my bridal shower by December or January when Jasiminne is back from London.
Main purpose is to discuss about the whole process, for example : the bridesmaids dresses, your duties etc etc.
Location: Penang or Kuala Lumpur

Second would be my Engagement party, which will commerce early next year ( March onwards )
Location: TBC, but most probably Avilion Port Dickson

Last would be my HENS NIGHT ( im very sure you girls are very psyched about this one )
Location : Rootz or Velvet or perhaps a more happening club in KL by next year :)
After Party: Ritz Carlton ( TBC )
Date : One month before the wedding in November

Assignments that you girls need to provide me by December if you know anybody from these industry:

1. Makeup artist
2. Photographer
4. Musician

Thats all 



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