Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween x Zouk x Party Divers Inc

Happy Monday everyone! How was your Halloweeeeeeeeen? Was is scary? or SEXY? :)
This year I celebrated with my PARTY DIVERS INC group 
( basically everyone who goes diving with us in Sipadan )

Our diving instructors from Italy and Canada flew all the way down from Pom Pom Island to party with us in Zouk, KL and we partied till 7 am. Crazy, I know.

What I wore or more like WHO I wanna be for Halloween?


Audrey Hepburn of course :)

Dress by Topshop London
Pearls from Primark
Bag by Chanel
Shoes by Agape
Hair by De’Salon Sunway

Introducing my fellow halloween friends 

me and the devil, leonard :)

 my kesayangan minie mouse and little red riding hood :)



 Jillian and Musa, best couple costume :)

 The gorgeous party girls!

 The girls group picture :D PARTY DIVERS INC

My outfit was pretty simple, the only missing thing was the black gloves and the long cigarette holder :/
But it was an awesome night with the group!
Hope you guys had fun too!



Saturday, 29 October 2011

Girl Crush

I have a GIRL CRUSH on one of the Kardashians/Jenner clan, no NOT KIM! 

I cant believe that she’s grown so much!

 Kendall Jenner wearing Sherri Hill :)

OH guess what I found last night in TWITTER?
I cant wait for this episode!!

Yes, im recent active in TWITTER again. Follow me at :

Btw, I want to thank all my followers for following me, im reaching 100 followers already! :)
Happy Halloween peeps!
Whoever is going to Velvet/Zouk, remember to come and say hie to me, if you can find me
Clue: Ill be wearing sunnies, as the fashion magazines say, hide a multitude of sins 



Thursday, 27 October 2011

I am ....

To become a Super Hero, all you need is 2 best friends and:

1. Glitter
2. Rainbows
3. Alcohol
4. Fashion
5. Fabulosity

Mix all together and voila! it’s Sukins and Michiekins with the SUPER POWERS of -_____-
( sorry, watched too much Sailormoon and Power Puff Girls )

Not a bad introduction huh! 

Anyways, tomorrow is HALLOWWEEEEEEENNNNNNNN omg im so excited 
Some of you can roughly guess who am I gonna be, I guess im just quite the predictable :p
Last year I was HIT GIRL from the movie KICK ASS!

This year I should be in Velvet, I know it would be crowded and it would be my last October party because

I’m starting my Internship with CLEO Magazine the whole of November
yes, i guess i will be the oldest intern! :P 
Got the internship because of the STYLISTA contest which all my friends and followers voted! Thank you so much guys! 

My internship will only last for a month then ill be free again during December and I cant wait for the month of DECEMBER, why? because :

1. My WEDDING dress will be arriving, after 4 months of waiting! And it will be revealed, or not, I’ll just then show you the BOX cover 

2. Holiday trip to Maldives with Family and MARCUS! Perhaps our second diving trip!

3. Jasiminne will be back! 


5. Get my ONLINE PORTFOLIO ready to find a new JOB which Im quite excited about!

6. Getaway with my girls :) Its all happening! another road trip with my babes!

Happy FRIDAY IM IN LOVE everyone!
Hope to see you all in Velvet, if you can find me!



Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Passion for Fashion

 The Passion for Fashion event  hosted by Josiah Mizukami this year was a major success compared to last years event because it happened in ROOTZ CLUB KL. Finally a club with awesome Dj’s and good music. 

I almost didnt want to go because of my horrible tan lines and my coral cuts/coral poisoning on my knee but Zen persuade me and I was SOLD.

Thank you ZEN! I had so much fun!

Then it got me thinking, what to WEAR? How to hide my tan lines and coral cuts?
So I decided to wear my high waisted long skirt to cover my legs, but how about my arms? I didnt want to wear long sleeves and long skirt, it would be just too hot

So I came out with this, wearing Bra Tops which is the daring alternative for cropped tops

 I knew that Bra Tops and Maxi skirts are a MUST HAVE for SPRING SUMMER 2012 so why not be fashion forward?

Top by Forever 21
High waisted Maxi skirt by Topshop
Shoes from Agape ( Jeffrey Campbell inspired )
Bag by Chanel

 zen, li wen, sukins, michiekins, bella and lastly Dr.Thomas

Now, are you ready for some psychedelic pictures?


At first, I hesitated to wear the whole outfit, thinking it might be too much? but come to think again, it wasnt, somehow it wasnt ( i seriously dont know how to explain? ) and Ive got so many compliments about my outfit that night itself and on Facebook which actually made my day :D thank you peeps! it really means alot to me! 

Anyways, Im so looking forward to party this Friday and Saturday with my diving group and the diving instructors who’s come all the way down just to party with us!

Can you all guess who am I gonna be this Halloween?


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pom Pom Island

Hey everyone!
Ive just got back from Pom Pom island near Sipadan and Ive just got my DIVING LICENSE! Yes, I know, hard to believe right? To be honest, I almost wanted to give up due to my sinus problem and also my eye sight/contact lens problems. But it all turned up well at the end and im happy that now im a certified open water diver! I went 17 m deep and saw many fishes, sting ray, turtle and many more!

The best part of it was I saw turtle trying to lay eggs at night and also baby turtles from the previous batch hatch,  finding their way to the ocean. To me, it was like witnessing a miracle. 

I did manage to take some pre wedding photos also while I was there :)

teaser for Pre Wedding photos 
more to come

Yes, sunburns at my arms and legs :/

The Island

 don’t you just love the crystal clear water?

The Diving Experience

Im currently 45 kg, my tank was 20kg and I have 6 kg of weights in my BCD and waist in order for me to sink. I could barely walk!

The Company

 Picture with my fellow Instructor Guido and my diving mates!
ps: my non make up face :D

one of the baby turtle :)

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope the picture of the baby turtle made you smile!

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