Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wedding Lingerie

I am so in love with Agent Provocateur, a very famous/provocative British lingerie brand. I got to know about this brand from the book Extra half and inch by Victoria Beckham as she listed it as one of the best lingerie brand. So, I’ve decided to pay this shop a visit in Selfridges, London and totally fell in love with it.
The decoration was so amazing, I literally didn’t want to get out from there. Agent Provocateur is also one of the most expensive lingerie brand I know, its like the Victoria Secret from the US. 

As I was browsing thru some lingerie for my wedding, I found 2 items that I must have!
Which are :

1. The Cynthia Garter ( Wedding Garter )

 2. The Penelope Basque

isn’t it just gorgeous? :D I look/touch/feel it and fell in love! but I didn’t try it, it was quite expensive and Ive already splurge so much on other things :(

Some of you might also recognise it from Beyonce’s latest music video - Best Thing I Ever Had

 She look so gorgeous in this video, must be the baby bump glow :D

Below are some pictures from Agent Provocateur:

Guess what I bought in the end?
 Do you think Marcus would dare to take it off in front of the guest? ;)

I bought the Cynthia Garter for my wedding :)

which cost me RM 100 just for it while the Penelope Basque cost about £325, RM 1592
I might just get it next year if there is still stock? :( But I highly doubt it! Anyone can sponsor? wedding gift perhaps? :(

Today’s actually my last night in London and Ive just finish packing everything. For this one month staying in London, you might be surprise that I only have two luggage. A big one to check in and another small one to hand carry.

 My luggage :) Didn’t shop much altho Ive been here for a month

My wedding planner which I love, helps me organise/plan my wedding accordingly

And also my new piece of art which I love by Eelus, cant wait to hang it up in my room

Most of you should be wondering if Ive already bought my wedding dress?
The answer is YES :) and I shall update soonish! Anybody who guess it right shall receive a lil present from me :)

Till then, stay fabulous 



Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Plastic Wedding :)

Ken&Barbie's Wedding 

Photographer : Beatrice de Guigne :)
Ive always been a fan of Barbie since I was a child, and im so loving this creative photos!
Hope you guys like it as much as I do :)


Thursday, 25 August 2011

I heart Laduree Paris

One of my favourite place in Paris would be Laduree, a luxury cake and pastries brand based in Paris,France. It sells the best pastries that Ive ever tasted, it was so good that we actually went back twice to enjoy our tea time in the heart of Paris.  



must touch up makeup first before our camwhoring session 

Welcome to Laduree! Are you ready for the pastries pitures? <3

Introducing Laduree's Macarooooooooooooonsss :

My cute strawberry cake :D 

 Corona in the afternoon

* Strawberry loves *

the best makeup palate i ever had, thank you Sheena Low for introducing me the NAKED palate

Second day in Laduree after  shopping in Chanel, Rue Cambon :)

then off to Laduree again, this time trying their sandwiches :)

I highly recommended this place for good pastries and also people watching! I love how the parisian dress :D and wait till you see the decoration, you will fall in love with everything :)

* a few pictures that I found from the net of Laduree 

This place makes people happy, if you want to be happy, book your ticket to Paris now and remember to visit Laduree at Champ Elysee street

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