Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cruisin' together

Hello everyone! Finally we finish the photoshoot in Malaysia for my cruise collection presents: FABULOSITEE by Suanne&Michelle, up next the photoshoot will commerce in London, Amsterdam and Paris. Here's a sneak peek of our fun awesomo tank tops designed by us :) Product is only available after September, so stay tuned for that! :D

For all the tank top lovers out there, here's to you:

what do you guy think of the pictures? its taken by the awesome Johnny McGeorge:
Anyways, im leaving for my Eurotrip tomorrow for 5 weeks, do expect lotsa pictures from there as well, promoting our fabulositee! For those of you who wants to order first, email me at :) 

below is the word guide of our awesome fabulositee!

*special thanks to suchitra kumar :) you are awesome babe!

FABULOSITEE is RM 45, including postage!


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