Sunday, 31 July 2011

Style Kandi

Hey everyone! Im featured in STYLE KANDI under the INTERVIEW section this month! Sorry for the screen shot photos, i dont have adobe photoshop in my new laptop, so i cant patch it up properly!

For those of you who haven't heard of style kandi before, its Asian Fashion Network where people post their latest styles! If you haven't sign up for an account, you can sign up now at STYLEKANDI.COM and follow me! Hope to see all of you there! Think this as MALAYSIA's LOOKBOOK and TUMBLR combined! :D

You can also read my full interview here on how I started The Kins and Michelle Ooi Collection :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Girls. And Money.

Girls. And Money. sound familar? look familiar? 

He's the English photographer for FabulosiTEE by Suanne&Michelle who speaks good bahasa melayu and he's having a CAMWHORE CONTEST happening right now in his page! Winner gets the chance to be photographed by him and win his book  along with some prints! So, hurry join the CAMWHORE CONTEST now as I am one of their guest judge! Get up, and pick some stylish outfit, put on ur makeup! snap snap snap and get ur friends to LIKE it! Its time to play DRESS UP! :D 

Below is some of his work which I adore:

Like Girl.And Money. now to join the contest or you could just admire his masterpiece :)


Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Box

The Box - Britain's Royal and Celebrity Club in Soho

It was my first time clubbing in London and it was awesome, the club was so exclusive and they play really really good songs! Even Prince Harry is a regular along with many other celebrities, didn't take many pictures as camera wasn't allowed in the club, managed to take a few only!

It was also my first time seeing paparazzi outside the club, waiting to take photos of celebrities! It wasn't too crowded and everyone is so friendly! Heres some pictures the Jas took:

with Jasikin's friend who's been expecting me 
 with the fashion designers from BKK

with the infamous Jasiminne, she's so famous there, everybody knows who she is and she gets free drinks everytime! :D

will blog more about my London stay! will be here for 5 weeks and definitely can wait for Marcus and Suanne to come over!! It will be one amazing Eurotrip ;)

Michiekins wearing - Michelle Ooi Cruise Collection 2011
* just a sneak peeek! more pictures of the dress soonish!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

First buys

hey everyone! ive already touch down London town, the weather is great, my flight was awesome as it was half empty so i got a whole row of the window seat! feels like business class :) but the worst thing that happened to me was my laptop screen broke :( totally heartbroken, i went and bought a new one the very next day! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D went shopping in Oxford Circus with Jasikins, went only to Forever 21, Apple and Primark only coz we were so tired and below is what i bought :

got the orange shoes from Forever 21, it was their grand opening of their very first outlet in London and i got it only for RM100 :) the rest are some essential items that i need like bras, shorts and bags for my toiletries

alright, gotta rest now coz later Jasiminne is taking me to some exclusive club which not everyone can get in, mostly celebrities only and its apparently high class that most people wear dresses and she told the guest list guy that im some malaysian favourite socialite!! ( which is not true ) will update you on that club real soon! :D till then, stay classy!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cruisin' together

Hello everyone! Finally we finish the photoshoot in Malaysia for my cruise collection presents: FABULOSITEE by Suanne&Michelle, up next the photoshoot will commerce in London, Amsterdam and Paris. Here's a sneak peek of our fun awesomo tank tops designed by us :) Product is only available after September, so stay tuned for that! :D

For all the tank top lovers out there, here's to you:

what do you guy think of the pictures? its taken by the awesome Johnny McGeorge:
Anyways, im leaving for my Eurotrip tomorrow for 5 weeks, do expect lotsa pictures from there as well, promoting our fabulositee! For those of you who wants to order first, email me at :) 

below is the word guide of our awesome fabulositee!

*special thanks to suchitra kumar :) you are awesome babe!

FABULOSITEE is RM 45, including postage!
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