Sunday, 5 June 2011

Prada Marfa

My room is finally clean again, organized again, re decorated again.. many thanks to Jasikins who helps me to clean and throw away many of my stuff coz it was too cluttered... esp my closet! LOL anyways, as a promise to Jasikins, i would update her once in a while on how my room looks! SPOT CHECK! like in high school! heheeh 

ps: these are my extended room for clothes, got another cupboard full of it! :P 

Inspired by Gossip Girl, I actually went and print the PRADA MARFA signage :) I would do it bigger on canvas, but there was no room for it :( perhaps next time when I rearrange things again :) 

the bass-vanderwoodsen suite 

hope you like it! im trying to make it clean and been throwing alot of stuff that I dont need!

love you jasikins! See u next month in London! cant wait!




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