Friday, 10 June 2011

Miu Miu inspired!

Hey everyone, today's post is about the Miu miu inspired shoes which i got from AGAPE BOUTIQUE
Bought this gorgeous shoes a few months back, wore it many times and JUST this one time when I wore it to a club, the belt went missing as I was drunk : P But FEAR NOT! as I still wear it without the belt and even IMPROVISED on it! Check it out below! :

 this is my shoe, which you noticed the belt is MISSING! but still gorgeous! :D

Then all you need is RIBBONS! depending what is your favourite colour! and also scissors! 
 Just cut the ribbons till the lenght which you wanted and wrap it up! and viola! A SIMPLE MAKEOVER!
 and of course you can play with the colours and lengths as well! 

Did you guys ever heard of GUISEPPE ZANOTTI? He's a famous designer who also has this similar designs! but these ones are RM 3k above!

 Dont we all wish we have her shoe closet? :)

happy FRIDAY peeps! 2 more day to go before the Grand Opening! Hope to see you all there!




  1. OMG, I love her shoe closet , it is really huge!

  2. yeah! i love it too!! wish it was mine :P

  3. hi michelle,
    I would like to know if the shoes from agape boutique are of good quality?
    How about the sizing?
    Thanks so much for your time :)

    p/s you look gorgeous!

  4. hey there,
    the quality is just ok for the price, the shoes that i bought are still ok :)

    theres a size chart in her blog, which u can check it out before purchasing

    If you are worried, and u live in KL, you can find her shoes in Time Square and also Sunway Pyramid :)

    Hope it helps! :) Thanks babe! :D

  5. Hi there...
    could u please guide me which floor at time square we can find agape boutique?


  6. Hello, I would like to know whether the shoe is comfy? Thanks


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