Tuesday, 19 April 2011

forever 21

Hey everyone! I found this awesome shoe from FOREVER 21 that I really LOVE but unfortunately its sold out! I went to their website and tried to order it online but apparently the shoe is not in their web, so I decided to check out their FB and I even wrote to them, which thankfully they replied but they told me its currently out of stock but they might restock it coz its so popular! 

Taaa dahhh!!! This is the ORANGE MARY JANE that I wanted! Looks like Miu Miu doesn't it? And I love the colour so much!!!! 
 omg to die for!!!!!!!!! i want this ORANGE MARY JANE NOW!!!!

If you think the picture doesn't do justice, watch this video that made me fall in love with the shoe:

 Happy tuesday Fashion Lovers!


Ps: watched Gossip Girl epi 18 yet? :D 

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