Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Finally the day has come! and everyone is talking about the wedding dress which Kate M. wore which is important but im here today to blog about VICTORIA BECKHAM and what my style idol wore for the royal wedding! I heart VB

Victoria wore her own design: Victoria Beckham Fall 2011, Shoes by Louboutins, Envolope clutch by VB made from lizard skin and jaunty pillbox by Phillip Treacy.
While David wore full head to toe Ralph Lauren :)

Speaking of Fall collection, tomorrow is the photoshoot for Michelle Ooi Pre Fall 2011 Collection and Im so nervous right now!!!!!! I hope the photoshoot will go well! Stay tuned for the pictures! :D


Thursday, 28 April 2011

seventeen again

Me and Briekins wants to be SEVENTEEN again :D
We are Blair and Serena wannabes! LOL

Check us out in SEVENTEEN magazine coming out this JULY issue!
16 pages of fashion and beauty photoshoot spread in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Get cracking?!

Have u heard about OPI SHATTER? Its is one of the most advanced nail polish I ever seen because it will LITERALLY CRACK after you put a layer on your nail!!! You can watch the youtube video below and see the MAGIC! I dont think so it's in the Malaysia market yet but it will come pretty soon!

Basically, you need to apply a coat of colour first on your nail, then apple the OPI SHATTER for the effect! Below is how :D

happy Thursday!


Monday, 25 April 2011

Pretty in Pink

Good afternoon upper east siders, have you watch Gossip Girl episode 19 yet? If not, youre in luck, below is the link :) Anyways, todays topic will be about the glamorous fabulous to die for dresses which the cast of GG wore to the PINK party :)

Blair in Oscar De La Renta gown paired with a Swarovski Noble necklace

Michiekins favourite dress goes to Serena's: 
 Serena wearing Marchesa paisley applique frock
* check out the back detail when you watch this episode*
Cousin Charlie wearing Max Azria

and Michiekins favourite NON PINK DRESS: 
 Blair wore Christian Dior Spring 2010 during her date with the prince :)
I love the prints and the back detailing is awesome! 

If link doesn't work, try and type Gossip Girl 

Happy Tuesday
You know you love me
Michiekins ;) 


Sunday, 24 April 2011

long week

This week is gonna be a looooooooooong week for me! Ive got 3 major photoshoot coming up this week alone! Are you prepared for Michelle Ooi Pre Fall 2011 Collection? I promise it would be out real soon by early May. The next photoshoot would be for SEVENTEEN magazine, FASHION and BEAUTY spread, 18 PAGES!!!!!!!! crazy right?! and you must be thinking, Im so old and what the hell im doing in seventeen magazine! hehe Its gonna be AWESOME coz ill be posing with The KINS glamorous slave BRIGETTE LIBERTY for this photoshoot! Do do catch us in the SEVENTEEN JULY issue! Anyways, heres some of my favourite behind the scenes photoshoot :) I need to get back to work now as Ive got an early morning for the 1st photoshoot! love you guys!



Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Michiekins Fav Pictures of the day

one in colour 

and another one in BW :)

which one do you prefer?

forever 21

Hey everyone! I found this awesome shoe from FOREVER 21 that I really LOVE but unfortunately its sold out! I went to their website and tried to order it online but apparently the shoe is not in their web, so I decided to check out their FB and I even wrote to them, which thankfully they replied but they told me its currently out of stock but they might restock it coz its so popular! 

Taaa dahhh!!! This is the ORANGE MARY JANE that I wanted! Looks like Miu Miu doesn't it? And I love the colour so much!!!! 
 omg to die for!!!!!!!!! i want this ORANGE MARY JANE NOW!!!!

If you think the picture doesn't do justice, watch this video that made me fall in love with the shoe:

 Happy tuesday Fashion Lovers!


Ps: watched Gossip Girl epi 18 yet? :D 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Gossip Girl

Ola everyone!!! Are you guys excited for tomorrow's episode of Gossip Girl? Season 4, Epi 18 titled The Kids Stay in the Picture!

Who will Blair finally choose now that there are 5 episode left to the end of this season?
Heres a video link for you! :)

So who will Blair choose? The prince? the pauper? or the Dark knight? :)

For those of you who dont know where to stream online, this is the link for you guys!


i heart chuck bass :)


Friday, 15 April 2011

style stalker

Last Wednesday I was at the Morgan De toi, Celio* and Thierry Mugler Fashion show with Briekins and the dress code was Jetaime Paris and this is what I wore for the fashion show in Pavilion :)

Michiekins wearing :
 Sheer Zara Spring Summer 2011 Top
Pencil skirt from Forever 21
Nude shoes Charles and Kieth
Bag from The Kins  
Beret from Paris 

For those of you who wants to know what Briekins is wearing, you can ask her on her fanpage:

Please LIKE her fanpage! and go ahead and ask her any questions! :D 

L-R : Cay, Brie cat, Brie's friend, Michiekins 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tiffany&co F1 party

I am such a big fan of Tiffany&Co. and thank you Brigette Liberty  and Adverlets for the invites. The exclusive party was held in the Grand Millenium Hotel, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The decoration was so beautiful as you can see many Tiffany boxes hanging on the trees and bar counters! After many glasses of free flow champagne, the fashion show started with models dresses in a black tube top and long elegant skirt with Tiffany accessories all around. Rings, watches, chains, bracelet, you name it, they got it!

Here are the pictures: 

Brie and Me 
Michiekins wearing Michelle Ooi Pre Fall 2011 Collection
shoes by Charles and Keith
bag by Charles and Keith 

Tiffany engagement ring :D and Ming Jer, the KLCC Tiffany representative 

As you can see, Ive got some acne problems and I dont photoshop it out! coz im currently going under medication which I want to blog about If it works! so stay tune for that post for the BEFORE and AFTER pictures!!!  

 brie, me, john and dennis
 me and rebecca in purple :D

 We heart Tiffany <3

Me and Deborah Henry! Isnt she gorgeous? :) 
one of my fav model for the night :) 
 Joey G, Mc-ing half way

 part of the decoration! if only theres a Tiffany tree, I would purchase it :D

Thank you so much for the goodie bags thats consists of the Tiffany Chocolate and the name card holder
and also booklets about the Tiffany history and catalog 

picture credits to adverlets
Happy Friday people :D

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Style Stalker

A sneak preview of Michelle Ooi Pre Fall Collection 2011
Colour blocking outfit
 Nude shoes from Charles and Keith
Sequins Handbag from Charles and Keith

Collection coming out soon, so stay tuned!
Also coming up, the Tiffany&Co event pictures :) 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sweet Valley Fox

Presenting Sweet Valley Fox Summer 2011, one of Michiekins favourite brand for tshirt

photos by henrick purienne
styling by kim gordon emily faulstich meredith leyerzaph  
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