Thursday, 30 December 2010

the Kins

KINS ( kins )

1. A person's relatives collectively; kindred
2. A class or groups of with similar characteristics
3. One's relative; Family, Kinfolks  

This is what the Kins is all about :)

L-R : Sheenakins,Linakins and Michiekins in Penang  


Dear Fashionistas!

Im sorry that Ive been not replying to all your emails coz im on holidays till the 3rd and pos laju only opens on the 3rd ( Monday ) but for those who really wants the item fast, you can visit my boutique at bandar sunway! its near Sunway College! I promise that ill reply to everyone soon, and to check my stocks which are still available, till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

ps: Im going back to KL tmrw, so anyone who wishes to visit the shop, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail and we'll arrange a meet :)

Michiekins holidaying-in Penang :)
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