Friday, 20 August 2010

Style Stalker 001

This is one of my fav section from my blog that Ive just created, where you can stalk people who loves fashion and who are fashionista! Here's the first awesome twosome :)

Michiekins wearing:
top: F21
shorts: Zara
Stockings: Portobello Market,UK
Shoes: ( i actually changed shoes with Sukins when we were drunk, so this is actually hers!from an online boutique:yuniqueparadise)
handbag: The KINS (MICHIEKINS)
Michiekins tagline for this outfit: simple chic for a Thursday night out

Sukins wearing:
top: Sg.Wang
shorts: Online
accessories: Bali
handbag: The KINS (SUKINS)
Sukins tagline for this outfit: cheap-chic pay less but still look fashionable

MORE StyleStalker(SS) to come!!!
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