Thursday, 9 December 2010

Michiekins WISHLIST :D

Christmas is just around the corner and I cant wait * serioussly * cant wait for it. There would be turkey on the table this 24th in Taiping :) with mom's homemade recipe :) and those who wants to come over, please please please scroll down so that you'll know what presents to get for me this Christmas :D * mukatembok*

Firstly: Michiekins rate 100 STARS************** is the SONY NEX 3 IN PINK!!! now available in MALAYSIA!! :D YAY!! but the down part is that it only sells in dual lens as i only want the pancake lens!

2.To meet the entire cast of GOSSIP GIRL :D
perhaps only CHUCK BASS! lol

3. Something Chanel :)

4. michiekins latest obsession : YSL XD

5. Tree photo frame :D weeeee

Happy Shopping ladies!
The KINS Christmas SALE will be up soonish!  



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