Monday, 20 December 2010

michiekins heart jeffrey campbell

i want to add these shoes for my Christmas wishlist! if only they are available in Malaysia! 
Hey everyone! happy MONDAY! suffering from the blues? i hope you this post will brighten u up!
have you girls ever heard bout JEFFREY CAMPBELL A SHOE DESIGNER from the states? Hes freaking amazing i tell you and the shoes are not that expensive compared to blahnik and louboutin!

Now introducing JC's PINK COLLECTION for SS11
She's cute, she's crazy, she's grunchy, she's a JC girl and she's totally PINK ROCK 
( thats is so totally michiekins! ) 

  michiekins want/need the PINK COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!
:( how? 


  1. Yes! I'm only 16 but I want a pair too :) Saw some look alike's & I might be getting them,especially the Lita's

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