Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Batch 004- This is SHANTI

Shanti by Christine

Shanti = Peace

Based in Bali, Christine's background as a yogini and in the healing arts of sound and crystal therapy to promote peace has inspired her in the creation of Shanti.

Each collection combines semi-precious gemstones with natural copper. Natural copper increases self-esteem and self-awareness, and helps establish emotional boundaries. Stones are chosen for their healing properties such as amethyst (peace & protection) , peridot (abundance) and rose quartz (promotes love & healing)

Because we care for Mother Earth, a tree will be planted for every piece sold.Each piece is handmade with love and by owning one, may you find Shanti in you.
And for those who knows me, knows that im an art teacher for underprivileged kid at StART Society under NAGA DDB,Check out their website at  as 20% of your purchase will be given to the kids at StART Society for a charity cause.

StART Society is an academy dedicated to serve children of lesser privileged. In essence, we use ART ( music, drama, speech, writing, design etc.) for the betterment of these children.



  1. Hey Michie, you and your friends are doing great job at this. Keep it up. And congrats on becoming noted art teacher. I always believe in art as therepeutic especially for children. I did some work before this too but now back to uni so have to take a break from teaching. I'm glad that you are doing what your doing and being good at it. Well done, sister! All the best and don't teach the kids anything naughty hehe :p Love.

    ps: your collections are lovely. i've been promoting them to my friends. lovely jubbly :)

    -suraya jermadi


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