Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nuffnang x Birthday x Breakfast at Tiffany x 1960s Fashion Theme

I've just received my invitation to the Nuffnang Birthday Bash this Saturday at Zouk! First thing I look is for the theme and dress code!

1960 dress code ( bet your imaginations are running wild now )

Theme is Breakfast at Tiffany's since it's gonna start in the morning! They better be serving bagels! If you know what i mean... If you don't, please go and watch the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn.

Today's post is all about the 1960s and some fashion tips to help you get dress for this awesome party! 

Let's kickstart with the 1960's STYLE ICON, here's a list of my favourites!

1. Brigitte Bardot, the sexy bombshell 
french actress, singer, model

2. Audrey Hepburn, the classic beauty
british actress and fashion Icon

3. Edie Sedgwick, the gorgeous heiress
american heiress, socialite, actress, model

4. Jane Birkin, the sexy singer
english actor , singer

( woman named after the Hermes Birkins bag )

Here's some pic of how the ladies in the 1960s dress up!

Some of the key pieces for 1960s are

mini skirt, shift dress, PVC dress, culottes, bell bottom, tie dye, MOD, stiletto heels, colourful, prints, A line dresses, stripes, collars 

Here are some outfits you can see in the modern world inspired by the 1960s :

Or if you wanna follow Audrey's Hepburn outfit for Breakfast at Tiffany, you must have

1. Black dress sleeveless
2. Pearls
3. Sunnies
4. Gloves
5. Mini tiara
6. Ginger Cat ( optional )
7. Earrings 

Hope all of these pictures inspires you to dress up this Saturday! Looking forward to see you all at Zouk in the morning for the Nuffnang Birthday Party!




Thursday, 12 March 2015

My life now

Our lives had changed ever since October 21 2014, I think my life changed the most as I am a mom now, daddy still continue with his work and only plays with baby when he's back and will pass to mommy when baby cries, haha..  ( not funny, for me ) Don't get me wrong, Marcus helps out a lot, but I guess the award goes to my mother in law who helped out the most! Thank you :) 

So, here how's my life has changed:

9:00 pm : Rock and Breastfeed Mika to bed

9:30 pm : Do anything I want, usually watching series, go out with friends ( seldom )

2:00 am : Feed Mika / Sleep

5:00 am : Feed Mika / Change diaper, Check Fb, Instagram then Sleep

7:00 am : Feed Mika then pass Mika to Mom in Law to take care : Shower/ Playtime then I go back to sleep

11:00 am : Wake up and Feed Mika / Mika Nap time

12:00 noon : Lunch while Mika is asleep

12:30 noon : WORK ( blogging, update instagram, dayre ( although dayre I mostly update what I am doing it on the spot :) and YES I AM BACK ON DAYRE! Follow me there : I am trying to blog there EVERYDAY

2:00 pm : Play with Mika / Feed Mika

3:00 pm : Mika short nap time / Get back to work

3:30 pm : Jaga/ Play/ Breastfeed Mika

6:00 pm : Clean Mika and prepare for bedtime

7:00 pm : Dinner


So, yeah! that's basically my life now :) Everyday with Mika and it is harder for me to blog as he needs so much of my attention, sometimes I will just let him play with his toys for 15 mins ( like now ) while I hurry blog or finish my chores. I am trying my best to blog ONCE a week and DAILY on DAYRE. Yes you read it right, DAILY in dayre! Follow me there!

Sometimes we walk around the garden when it's not too hot too :) Mika loves going out! He is such a curious boy! Here's a mini impromptu photoshoot we did with Jasiminne at the gardens.

On me :

My UNIQLO WIRELESS TURQUOISE BRA! Since I can't wear bra with wire anymore as it will block my milk flow, I only wear wireless bra as its so comfortable, or a sports bra. I highly recommend the UNIQLO ones.

My favourite WILDFOX Dress, bought from! Huge fan of them! This is my second piece of this American brand :) Can't find it in Malaysia :( Got it at a discounted rate 48GBP, it was initially 75GBP

And NO, I kinda stopped wearing heels since Mika was born due to my stomach muscle tore during delivery. This is for illustration purposes only :p

If i were to reflect back my life before Mika, it would be:

1. Sleeping by 2/3 am

2. I am mostly out for events or chilling with my friends weekdays and weekends

3. I travel a lot but now I can't :( It's one of the most thing I missed so far :( I don't know when can I travel

4. I can do anything I want as I have all the freedom and nothing to worry

5. I eat late, normally around 2/3 and deals with constipation haha, but it is so much better now as my MIL stays with me and she cooks everyday for us.

6. I can put makeup peacefully hahahhahaha, now I have to get ready like 3/4 hours before the event and I normally do it when Mika's asleep, if not I can't even touch my face. Normally I will breastfeed Mika every time before I go out to work, that would be the finishing touches of me getting ready hehe.

SO yeah! Now you know being a MOM is not easy! it's a 24/7 job! So, don't ever yell or disrespect your mom! Or else I will twist your ears!


Monday, 2 March 2015

You can buy designer handbags, but you can't buy class

or maybe now you can.... 

Marcus : Am I holding the teacup right, darling?
Michie : I don't think so? 

I was just reading this article from about social etiquette and how it has become a STATUS SYMBOL, so goodbye designer bags, goodbye fancy watches and jewellery, it's now all about how you behave! 

The article was about how China people behave, and I have encounter one situation, besides them talking very loudly all the time. Marcus and I was in Paris, back when he proposed in 2011. We were walking along Champ Elysees and was heading to the huge Louis Vuitton store as I was helping my mom to find a bag that she wanted. As we were nearing the store, one China couple approached us. They basically wanted us to help them a few LV bags and gave us a bunch of Euros and when we asked why don't you buy it yourself? They replied : Oh, we bought a lot already and there was a quota on our passport. Marcus and I was puzzled but we just say replied Ok, we can try to help since we are going there anyways. They handed us a piece of paper where they wrote a few serial numbers of the bags they wanted to get and just walked away.

This was my second time in LV, CE Paris. We went inside and I normally don't ask for assistance till I  look through all the display bags and will politely wait till the salesperson are free from other customers because as you know, LV CE is always full of people and mainly, China people. Sometimes, it can look like pasar malam where people will just shout and being rude with the salesperson or just them talking loudly. So, came my turn and I was describing this bag that my mom wanted and I also showed them the paper, which the China people gave me. The french salesperson looked at me deeply and said this :

I'll help you get the bag which you describe, but I am not selling you the bags which is listed in the paper.

She continued and asked if these bags are requested by some China tourist, right?

I replied YES ( I didn't want to lie )

She then said that they were so rude and has been shouting in the store and that they were kicked out. They tried to enter a few times later but was kicked out again and now they try to ask passerby to help buy some bags from there. 

I was shocked. So, in the end we gave the China people back their money and just explained to them the situation. 

You see,  good manners plays an important role, if not, you can't even get a designer bag even if you have the money. 

Anyways, back to the title, MANNERS are the new STATUS SYMBOL. In China, there are now classes that teaches you how to behave well to help improve your business, especially for the nouveau riche,  or to prepare you for holidays overseas so that you won't embarrass yourself or simply if you wanna host a high class dinner or party.

They will teach you about how to raise your children, proper table manners and how to pronounce luxury brands so that you won't embarrass yourself, reported by Virginie Mangin from BBC.

For me, YES, social etiquette is really important, and I even have a class on it at during The One Academy college days. I don't know if they still have it but I remembered that class thought me about pairing wines. Red wine goes with red meat while White wine goes with white meat. 

There many to learn, including things like which fork to use for which food? There would be like 3 forks if not mistaken and spoons and all are for different type of food. How to sit, how low can you bend, how not to break the wine glass if you are about to make a speech. 

This also reminds me about the Beauty and the Beast Dining scene where the beast was eating inappropriately in front of Belle or, the movie Princess Diaries. 

I also can't stand people who dress head to toe in LV or Gucci monogram. I remembered I was in Maldives, waiting to board my seaplane where in front of me, stood a China family who dresses in LV monograms head to toe. No joke, especially the father. LV Cap,  Ralph Lauren BIG HORSE T shirt and back to LV belt and then LV shoes. So fancy! Too fancy! Should tone down abit and play mix and match, too much monograms hurts my eyes.

It is great that China now has this kind of class, to help educate people about manners. It's now not about how many properties you have, or what car you drive, it's all about manners and how you behave during meetings, especially in overseas. But of course, not all China people are like that :) 

If you are nice, people will be nice to you too. If not, you can beat them up. Just JOKING! ( where are your manners, Michiekins? )


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

You know Chinese New Year is around the corner when shopping malls begun to play the Tong Tong Chiang songs! All of a sudden, malls were filled with people shopping for the festive season. Not forgetting, many sao gong chao dinner, company dinner and family x friends dinner with the famous CNY Yee Sang dish. When it comes to Yee Sang, the first thing that came to my mind was Mika, my son. Why? It's because my parents were wishing for a grandchild during last CNY Yee Sang and they got their wish right! Mika was conceived during the CNY :)

This would be Mika's first CNY and I cant wait for it! I wanted to show Mika the tradition about Yee Sang and was fortunate to show him in IPPUDO, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) last week as we 'lou' together. For those who doesnt know IPPUDO, it is famous for its RAMEN, founded in HAKATA, which is Japan's RAMEN capital and they have over 80 restaurants in Japan and 40 overseas outlet. Malaysia is so lucky to have 3 IPPUDO restaurants in Pavilion, Gardens and BSC. Something interesting about IPPUDO is that every outlet has their own specialties. I especially love the interior of the outlet in BSC – a touch of Japanese fine dining infused with Western bar set up that compliments the classic Japanese and Western inspired cuisine. You will have to visit all 3 to find out what they offer.

I was fortunate enough to try out IPPUDO’s first launching of its very own Yee Sang.

Fresh salmon with fresh ingredients infused with deep friend ramen and tempura crispies to enhance the crunchieness and not forgetting the fresh and unique honey and lemon sauce to gel them all together.The sauce was light and not too sweet. I don’t know about you but this is a great idea to use honey and lemon sauce instead of the usual plum sauce! My sister even said it was the best Yee Sang she ever tasted because of its freshness, unlike the conventional ones you get from the box. 

 My date for the day, Mika and my sister Lina

This year I wish for good health and success, be careful of what you wish for as it might come true :) Take mine as a testimonial :P

After our first Yee Sang, it was time for the Chef's Winter Specials!

Isn't it pretty! I love how the chef made the circle out of a ramen!


We also tasted their famous ramen :

It was indeed a good dinner for all of us! I will definitly be back for more IPPUDO Yee Sang! Highly recommended!

The best part for mothers is that you will receive an exclusive IPPUDO ang pow packet with every Yee Sang order or every RM100 spent in a single receipt.

For more information, please visit

And what is New Year without going on a round of shopping, right? However, with Mika around, I can hardly go out so I shop online ALOT! All of my Chinese New Year clothes were bought online as I dont have much time to shop as I am a stay at home mom. So, I would normally shop online and I always can't wait for my packages to arrive!

For all the mothers out there who are too busy to prepare for CNY, you can shop online at SEN HENG for your new electronics and household appliances!

New TV? New Kitchen Appliances? New PHONE? New Vaccum Cleaner? New Iron?

You can now find and buy online here :

And the best part?

It's on SALE until February 28th with 100 % Authentic Products, Free Store Pick Up, 0% Up to 24 months instalment and nationwide after sales service!

If you ask me what should I get?

Dyson Vacuum to help you keep the house clean

Nikon DSLR to capture every family special moment, especially family members you only get to meet once a year

Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner because as you know everytime during CNY, it would be super hot! And it’s always great to keep your guests comfortable and cooled too!

So here's the link for you all to shop :

You are most welcome and Happy SHOPPING!!!!

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