Monday, 2 March 2015

You can buy designer handbags, but you can't buy class

or maybe now you can.... 

Marcus : Am I holding the teacup right, darling?
Michie : I don't think so? 

I was just reading this article from about social etiquette and how it has become a STATUS SYMBOL, so goodbye designer bags, goodbye fancy watches and jewellery, it's now all about how you behave! 

The article was about how China people behave, and I have encounter one situation, besides them talking very loudly all the time. Marcus and I was in Paris, back when he proposed in 2011. We were walking along Champ Elysees and was heading to the huge Louis Vuitton store as I was helping my mom to find a bag that she wanted. As we were nearing the store, one China couple approached us. They basically wanted us to help them a few LV bags and gave us a bunch of Euros and when we asked why don't you buy it yourself? They replied : Oh, we bought a lot already and there was a quota on our passport. Marcus and I was puzzled but we just say replied Ok, we can try to help since we are going there anyways. They handed us a piece of paper where they wrote a few serial numbers of the bags they wanted to get and just walked away.

This was my second time in LV, CE Paris. We went inside and I normally don't ask for assistance till I  look through all the display bags and will politely wait till the salesperson are free from other customers because as you know, LV CE is always full of people and mainly, China people. Sometimes, it can look like pasar malam where people will just shout and being rude with the salesperson or just them talking loudly. So, came my turn and I was describing this bag that my mom wanted and I also showed them the paper, which the China people gave me. The french salesperson looked at me deeply and said this :

I'll help you get the bag which you describe, but I am not selling you the bags which is listed in the paper.

She continued and asked if these bags are requested by some China tourist, right?

I replied YES ( I didn't want to lie )

She then said that they were so rude and has been shouting in the store and that they were kicked out. They tried to enter a few times later but was kicked out again and now they try to ask passerby to help buy some bags from there. 

I was shocked. So, in the end we gave the China people back their money and just explained to them the situation. 

You see,  good manners plays an important role, if not, you can't even get a designer bag even if you have the money. 

Anyways, back to the title, MANNERS are the new STATUS SYMBOL. In China, there are now classes that teaches you how to behave well to help improve your business, especially for the nouveau riche,  or to prepare you for holidays overseas so that you won't embarrass yourself or simply if you wanna host a high class dinner or party.

They will teach you about how to raise your children, proper table manners and how to pronounce luxury brands so that you won't embarrass yourself, reported by Virginie Mangin from BBC.

For me, YES, social etiquette is really important, and I even have a class on it at during The One Academy college days. I don't know if they still have it but I remembered that class thought me about pairing wines. Red wine goes with red meat while White wine goes with white meat. 

There many to learn, including things like which fork to use for which food? There would be like 3 forks if not mistaken and spoons and all are for different type of food. How to sit, how low can you bend, how not to break the wine glass if you are about to make a speech. 

This also reminds me about the Beauty and the Beast Dining scene where the beast was eating inappropriately in front of Belle or, the movie Princess Diaries. 

I also can't stand people who dress head to toe in LV or Gucci monogram. I remembered I was in Maldives, waiting to board my seaplane where in front of me, stood a China family who dresses in LV monograms head to toe. No joke, especially the father. LV Cap,  Ralph Lauren BIG HORSE T shirt and back to LV belt and then LV shoes. So fancy! Too fancy! Should tone down abit and play mix and match, too much monograms hurts my eyes.

It is great that China now has this kind of class, to help educate people about manners. It's now not about how many properties you have, or what car you drive, it's all about manners and how you behave during meetings, especially in overseas. But of course, not all China people are like that :) 

If you are nice, people will be nice to you too. If not, you can beat them up. Just JOKING! ( where are your manners, Michiekins? )


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

You know Chinese New Year is around the corner when shopping malls begun to play the Tong Tong Chiang songs! All of a sudden, malls were filled with people shopping for the festive season. Not forgetting, many sao gong chao dinner, company dinner and family x friends dinner with the famous CNY Yee Sang dish. When it comes to Yee Sang, the first thing that came to my mind was Mika, my son. Why? It's because my parents were wishing for a grandchild during last CNY Yee Sang and they got their wish right! Mika was conceived during the CNY :)

This would be Mika's first CNY and I cant wait for it! I wanted to show Mika the tradition about Yee Sang and was fortunate to show him in IPPUDO, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) last week as we 'lou' together. For those who doesnt know IPPUDO, it is famous for its RAMEN, founded in HAKATA, which is Japan's RAMEN capital and they have over 80 restaurants in Japan and 40 overseas outlet. Malaysia is so lucky to have 3 IPPUDO restaurants in Pavilion, Gardens and BSC. Something interesting about IPPUDO is that every outlet has their own specialties. I especially love the interior of the outlet in BSC – a touch of Japanese fine dining infused with Western bar set up that compliments the classic Japanese and Western inspired cuisine. You will have to visit all 3 to find out what they offer.

I was fortunate enough to try out IPPUDO’s first launching of its very own Yee Sang.

Fresh salmon with fresh ingredients infused with deep friend ramen and tempura crispies to enhance the crunchieness and not forgetting the fresh and unique honey and lemon sauce to gel them all together.The sauce was light and not too sweet. I don’t know about you but this is a great idea to use honey and lemon sauce instead of the usual plum sauce! My sister even said it was the best Yee Sang she ever tasted because of its freshness, unlike the conventional ones you get from the box. 

 My date for the day, Mika and my sister Lina

This year I wish for good health and success, be careful of what you wish for as it might come true :) Take mine as a testimonial :P

After our first Yee Sang, it was time for the Chef's Winter Specials!

Isn't it pretty! I love how the chef made the circle out of a ramen!


We also tasted their famous ramen :

It was indeed a good dinner for all of us! I will definitly be back for more IPPUDO Yee Sang! Highly recommended!

The best part for mothers is that you will receive an exclusive IPPUDO ang pow packet with every Yee Sang order or every RM100 spent in a single receipt.

For more information, please visit

And what is New Year without going on a round of shopping, right? However, with Mika around, I can hardly go out so I shop online ALOT! All of my Chinese New Year clothes were bought online as I dont have much time to shop as I am a stay at home mom. So, I would normally shop online and I always can't wait for my packages to arrive!

For all the mothers out there who are too busy to prepare for CNY, you can shop online at SEN HENG for your new electronics and household appliances!

New TV? New Kitchen Appliances? New PHONE? New Vaccum Cleaner? New Iron?

You can now find and buy online here :

And the best part?

It's on SALE until February 28th with 100 % Authentic Products, Free Store Pick Up, 0% Up to 24 months instalment and nationwide after sales service!

If you ask me what should I get?

Dyson Vacuum to help you keep the house clean

Nikon DSLR to capture every family special moment, especially family members you only get to meet once a year

Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner because as you know everytime during CNY, it would be super hot! And it’s always great to keep your guests comfortable and cooled too!

So here's the link for you all to shop :

You are most welcome and Happy SHOPPING!!!!


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy Birthday Me

So, here's a picture of me with my birthday suit, covered with Sarong while breastfeeding my baby Mika. This picture was taken by David Yeow when Mika was only 2 months and he now currently hitting 4 months soon. 

If I could describe Mika, it would be HAPPY :) I am still breastfeeding him and he growing fast! He still wakes up a few times at night and I am getting used to it. Breastfeeding is tough but it is getting easier. I can't believe that time has passed so fast! He already wants to walk and can now grab stuff. Luckily in time to grab any pow this Chinese New Year, hehe.... 

He is quite an easy baby so far, he never really throw tantrums but his cries are getting louder and louder! Sometimes he doesn't sleep in the afternoon and I will be exhausted by evening. I have been eating so much due to breastfeeding but happy to say my weight is still ok as I lose it fast, from XS to S. My bra size is also up a cup and I can't complaint about them hehe, but I am lucky that my milk flow is good! Sometimes it even spray out so much and it gets to his face like champagne showers! LOL! The key is eating healthily with lotsa FISH and vegetable, avoiding cabbage of course :) Durian ice creams from Inside Scoop does wonders as well. I love it when every morning when he wakes up and without fail, he will smile at us! HEART MELTS! 

Mika can already turn over and can lift his head quite high. Not to mention his legs are really strong!

Oh, it's 11:50 am now, ten more minutes till I'm 29! 

All I want for my birthday is happiness and a Mima Moon. Yes, everything is all about my baby now!  
My mom got me a Cartier Love Bracelet and Marcus got me Tom Ford sunnies. Thank you so much, I am indeed so bless :) 

I actually always wanted to try the Moet Ice but unfortunately MHD don't bring it over as it suits the cold weather more because of the different temperature in our country. So, I had to buy it online from and sent it over to Jasiminne's apartment in London. 

Speaking of Moet, I was recently invited to the Moet Rose Imperial event where they were bidding art works done by celebrities and designers. Since now Lina has quit her job in Singpore and staying with me, I am taking her to most of the events. I am so happy that she's finally home for good. 

Nana, Lina, Michelle and Sheena 

I have been shopping online a lot ever since Mika was born as I am a full time mom and got no time to go shopping. One of my favourite buys is the NAILSINC Victoria Beckham Nail Polish, I actually ordered in online but unfortunately they don't ship nail polishes out of the UK. So, I had to send it to Jasiminne's London apartment, again. Thank you for the P.O Box Jasi! Love you!

I really like the colours and how smooth and easy to apply as the brush is a bit thicker and fuller. Not to mention the packaging is to die for! Bonus points cos its designed by Victoria Beckham, my favourite fashion icon.

I am wearing Bamboo White

I also bought some outfit from which I will share soon on a fashion post, I miss writing about fashion. Promise I'll blog soon again. 

I am gonna enjoy my weekend getting fat with my love ones! Till then, be good! Cheers! 

Ps : Btw, do you love my new layout? Special thanks to Jasiminne of Posh, Broke and Bored for redesigning my website! LOVE IT! 


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015

For the year 2015, it's all about family to me. 

Hello everyone! How was your new years? Mine was a pretty simple one, I hosted a small gathering at my place for some wine, dine and games. It was the best decision as I am too old for clubs and places with lots of people because I wanted Mika to be by my side to wish him his first New Years.

I never really thought of a resolution just yet but I did thought of something...

Maybe this year I will fully focus on Mika and also my bikini line which I started with Nana. 
If I want to change or quit something, well... perhaps.... hmmmmmm, I can't really think of any. 

( After 1 minute  )

Perhaps quit procrastinating haha... I think I said this every year. The only one person whom I know who doesn't procrastinate is my dad! 
( Hello  Father ) ( Yeah, he reads my blog and now that he has Facebook, he will whatsapp me every time I update my status haha ) 

So yeah, perhaps 2015 is the year I should be more rajin ( hardworking ) and stop procrastinating like my dad. 

If I were to follow one of my mom's.....well... it would be  loving  :) More loving :) 
Marcus, you so lucky lah, I promise not to get angry at you so much and be more patience like my mom ok? 

Ok done, resolution for 2015 :)

1. Follow dad's example :
Stop procrastinating and get things done ( for my work line )

2. Follow mom's example :
Forgiving and loving plus be more patience ( for my family )

Speaking of family, here's our family portrait which was a gift from Brie during my baby shower :)
Free Family Photography by International Photographer, David Yeow!

 Which one do you like best ? :)

I hope Mika's cute smile did cheer you all up on a Monday 

Happy New Year from Marcus, Michelle, Mika and Malibu :)


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mika Full Moon


I can't believe it's been a month plus already since I gave birth to Mika! Some say it's so fast but honestly, I THINK it's a bit slow for me because I was counting down the days! LOL!

Motherhood is hard. 

It is a 24/7 job.

Go hug your mother now.

As you all know, motherhood started pretty hard for me because of my stomach muscle tore during labour and it's slowly getting better. I can now walk and sleep in my favourite position and I can carry Mika easily whenever he cries. So, now at night I nurse him by myself.

I am still fully breastfeeding Mika every 2 or 3 hours. On a good day, Mika will let me sleep for 4 hours, but sometimes I wake up every hour to nurse him. So basically I got not much sleep during at night and yes my eye bags are pretty bad! 

My mother in law will help me when I last nurse him at 7 am and she will take over and let me sleep till 11 am or 12 noon. She will bottle feed Mika with the breast milk which I pump. I am currently using Medela Swing, if anyone wanna know and I love it. So far no problem and no, it doesn't hurt to pump.

So far one of the biggest challenge for me is BURPING. You seriously must know your baby's gesture. Every cry or sound means something. Mika also throw out a lot of milk if I don't burp him properly and yes, we change many outfits in a day for him. So, please prepare more clothes. I am blessed that my milk supply is quite good. It usually overflows and even spray on Mika's face. My bed now is filled with towels and cloths just to clean him from overflowing milk and also to protect my bed sheet and pillows. It can be quite messy and tiring at times. But sometimes funny when you see the milk "pancut keluar " showering Mika's face or the bed, thanks to eating lots of fish that my parents bought. 

Also, Mika's timing couldn't get any better! He usually cries when I am about to eat or poop. NO JOKE! This happened a few times already. I don't have time for myself anymore! 

As for the changes in my body..... oh well, the tummy is still there along with the stretch marks and my boobs are so much bigger which leads to 


Seriously, only Sheena and Nessa knows how I feel as I was trying on my old clothes in front of them. I was like  -_-|||| 


I CANT FIT 50% of my old clothes, I wonder how could I fit into size 0 last time? I just cleaned my wardrobe and hope to shop soon.

That is why I don't have any #OOTD pics at all! I am mostly wearing loose shorts and big tshirt. 
I really miss dressing up and I can't wait to go out and shop! I really miss blogging about fashion and going to fashion events too! I will try to keep this blog content more on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and motherhood ok! 

Please bear with me for a while! I need to go out and see what's new!

We also celebrated Mika's Full Moon recently at La Casa located at Verve Shops Mont Kiara. So now whoever wanna find me can meet me at Verve shops as its the most convenient way for me just to walk down using the private lift from my unit to the shop lots! They've got Podgy & The Banker and also B Lab Cafe. Trust me, there are many things to consider before packing stuff for Mika when we want to take him out. So I rather just meet at Verve Shops and enjoy a cup of Iced Chocolate or Camomile tea.

We rented the whole space for dinner at La Casa and I am glad everyone love the food! The place is super cozy and I love the rustic feel to it. Thank you everyone who came. At first, I wanted to do a small party but at the end we invited about 100 people to celebrate with us. We were so busy that day till we didn't really take any pictures at all with my camera. Everyone was on time and we were busy entertaining families, relatives and good friends all around. I wished I took some pic but luckily Moose Pixel from came to the rescue and send me some awesome pictures! Hope you like them!

 Happy Full Moon Mika :)

My eldest brother, Cavin

Jillian from

 Sheena and Baby Asher, both too cute 

 Mika and my long hand 

 The beautiful friends ( L-R ) Sheena, Jillian, Nessa and Michie

All of my good friends 

 Sheena and my niece Pinky 

 Mika wants milk from Aunty Brie Brie

Pinky and her temporary tattoo from

My niece Claryssa with her awesome new temporary tattoo 

Aww so much love

Cavin joins the gang and put on some temp tatts as well!

Susu modelling for

MIL and Mika :)
( Mother in Law )

JK and Ching, both single... Can PM me if you are interested haha

Povy and Nana 

Princess is now fatter LOL and she gets angry when we told her that! :P She must be very happy with WL :P

 Serving Chandon for the night
Royal Salute for the older people, Haig Club for the gentlemen, Chandon for the ladies and beer for everyone 

No, I didn't drink at all :) 

Nessa, Nana and hello Mr.Goh who came late!

Haig Club ( We bought it to support David Beckham ) 

Thank you Moose Pixel from for the photos

Thank you Grandma and Granpa for my first Gold :)

Thank you again everyone who came to celebrate with us!

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