Sunday, 25 September 2016

Can I have some more Yakult, please?

I always look forward to pick up Mika everytime after this playschool, it's because we have this bond where I promised him a bottle of Yakult before class and later when I picked him up from school, I will surprise him with a bottle of Yakult and he will be so happy and we would walk back together, enjoying our drink. Sometimes, he would even remind me to buy before entering his class and if I forgot, we will have to walk down to Jaya Grocer to get it.

PaPa and Mika during school pick up

Do you know that Yakult was created in 1935 by Dr Minoru Shirota in the hope to cure people from infectious diseases that causes death. He wasn't a business man and his values has been carried by the company until today with over 80 years of history and working towards building a healthy society here in Malaysia and around the world.

Some of you might ask, what are the benefits of Yakult?

1. It helps with bowel movements
2. Helps create a good balance between the good and bad bacteria
3. Helps to reduce toxins in your body
4. Makes your immune system stronger

You also might ask, is Yakult only for kids? The answer is NO. Even adults can drink it and it's really good for digestion. It's actually Marcus' favourite drink! I started buying Yakult because of him. Also, as a health drink, Yakult doesn't have added colouring which is a plus point! It may look small but it is a mighty drink! It contains more than 30 billion live Shirota strain.

Amazing right?
What's even more amazing is they are having a contest where the Grand Prize is a trip to Japan with your family ( 3 families in total) with Yakult Ambassadors, Schawalara and Nona crew from TV3 where they will film your experience which will be aired. First prize would be Ipad Mini 4 and second prize are shopping vouchers. Assortment of Yakult merchandise will be given for every purchase of 100 bottles.  

The Jom ke Jepun contest is starting from 28th August 2016 till 15th October 2016. All you have to do is to purchase minimum 20 bottles of Yakult, download the form from the website and mail the completed form together with Yakult packaging to the organizers.

Watch the YouTube video on how to participate here :

So hurry up! What are you waiting for! Time to get healthy and fly to JAPAN!

Mika wishes you Good Luck!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

before you turn 2

Next month Mika will turn 2. 

Sometimes we can't believe it either. 

The days are real long but the years are short. 

Being a mother is such a tough job, the hardest job ever. 

But you've brought so much joy to our family and friends, watching you grow.

Dear Mika, 

How's it going? :) Mom is quite tired of still waking up middle of the night to breastfeed you and even the masseuse complained that my dark circles are very very bad. Yes, you are now 23 months and still on breastmilk because you love it so much and it calms you down. 

You've grown to be such a fine toddler, but maybe getting a little bit more cheeky. When we sing song like C-O-C-O-N-U-T, you will say O-C-O-C on purpose to make us laugh. When MaMa said "NO MORE MaMa Milk", you will laugh and say NO MORE MOO MOO COW Milk and then we will laugh together. You are seriously so cheeky and MaMa loves you because of that. 

Actually, you are growing quite fast and you understand us pretty well! You can speak and understand what we said in such that MaMa, PaPa and NaiNai have to communicate in Bahasa Melayu or we would have to SPELLED it out when we want to converse privately in front of you. No joke. 

You even know your numbers in English, BM and even Mandarin. You can identify colours, nursery rhymes and a lot more! It's really funny when you recite your nursery rhymes because you can't sing at all, and mostly you were either shouting or trying to sing everything in one breath! Which is very very very amusing. Here are some nursery rhymes which you can recite :

1. Twinkle twinkle Little Star
2. Humpty Dumpty
3. Row Row Row Your Boat
4. London Bridge
5. ABC

You kinda shocked us when you can sing ABC ( probably learn it from school or your favourite YouTube channel ) but whenever we ask are you to sing and put you on center stage, you froze and began to sing ABC D GGGGGG! and then you will laugh at us! but when you are playing alone with your toys, you could sing the whole song! How cheeky of you!

Koko and I even taught you french but only words like : Maman and je T'aime because those are the most important key words. ( so bias )  Hehehehe... Do you know that Koko helps MaMa to take care of you whenever NaiNai goes to Singapore for long holidays to visit Candice? She likes to shower you and wash your poo poo! and more importantly, she loves you unconditionally and loves you more than she loves MaMa. 

Do you know you love to eat? You are seriously food driven, just like you PaPa, while MaMa is more choosy. You love fruits, porridge, yakult, and whenever MaMa eats chocolate, I have to say it's SPICY because you don't like spicy food. ( Sorry MaMa lied ) 

You also like to simply point at people in the lift or anywhere and ask us " Who's that? " Quite embarrassing sometimes but it's all good as you and MaMa make more friends.

You are also obsesses with construction toys and masak masak toys! Which is why MaMa decided that the theme for your second birthday would be LOVE. COOK. PLAY! MaMa is now preparing for your second party and can't wait to celebrate with you! ( Actually more like can't wait to decorate the venue and scrolling Pinterest everyday for inspiration LOL ) 

During night time, you must listen to your christian songs and read at least 3 books before you go to bed. You love it when MaMa tickle your tiny toes and you will laugh and laugh and ask MaMa to do it again and again until you get tired. Then you will fall asleep while MaMa watches Modern Family beside you. I bet you know their voices in your head since we listen to them talk since you were a poppy seed growing inside MaMa's belly. 

MaMa can't wait till your birthday to celebrate with you! 




Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Here's to the night!

 H  A  P  P  Y     B  I  R  T  H  D  A  Y     S  H  E  E  N  A

happy sweet 16!

This year, we planned a spring theme for the surprise birthday dinner  and it's called 500 minutes of Spring, inspired by the movie 500 days of Summer.

We wanted to play around with colours and we chose with PASTEL PINK and BLUE for the ballons, bright and bold colours for flowers for the theme with a hint of greens to set the mood.

It was really hard to surprise this woman, as she could figured out where were we going but I bet she didn't know that we bought her a Jo Malone perfume judging by her face here!

It was simple yet amazing birthday celebration. We gathered at Lina's about 8ish and not only we are there to makan, but we also did some flower crowns to wear followed by a mini photoshoot by MoosePixels of 

I think we should have a mini photoshoot every year like this, then we can talk about how pretty we were when we are 70 years old and prove to our grandkids that granny was hot back in 2016. LOL

My dear kesayangan, 

Words can't describe how lucky I am to have you in my life. You don't judge me and you love me unconditionally.  I am still a wee bit jealous of your love towards Mika but it's alright! LOL :P He is so blessed and lucky to have you in his life. I know you love him as your own. 

Nobody knows you like like we do. We know. That's why our friendship are the strongest and we would protect our group no matter what. 

Thank you for being such a good cousin/friend in our lives. 

We hope that you enjoyed your birthday night as much as we do! It was really fun whenever there's just the four of us.

The laughters, the tears and the lovely memories that we shall cherish forever.

There was never a dull moment with these girls. I practically known them my whole life.

Lina is my sister and Sheena is my cousins while Jillian is my childhood friend which I known since I was about 5 years old. I am the oldest by a year only while they are all the same age. I am the mother of the group and I always look forward to our outings and whatsapp messages. 

Nothing is better than just chilling with the girls at home in our PJs, munching some snack and talk about life and love. 

Oh, guess who's birthday is next? We've already 30% done planning your night :)

the scientist. the valedictorian. the mother. the narcissist

Here's the many more years of awesome friendship.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Just Breathe

Inhale. Exhale.

Now, think about what type of air you just breathed in?

Ever wonder how good the air condition is in your home?

Lucky for me, I can now check it with the help of the Dyson Pure Cool Link.

Growing up in Taiping in the 80s and 90s was one of the best because we had clear, good, non polluted air. Trust me, we don’t even need air cond in our home. It was really cooling and sometimes it can get really cool as we live right down the hill and there’s a stream at the back of my house. The breeze in Taiping is just simply amazing, maybe that’s why Taiping people are somehow rather more relaxed. I really miss living in Taiping as I miss waking up to such cool and clean air. I am very sure Mika would love it too.

I mean, KL is a beautiful city, but of course it has it’s downside as well, like our seasonal haze which cause children and adults to fall sick. I was very lucky indeed to be introduced to the Dyson Pure Cool Link and try out their Intelligent Purifying Fan. We can now not worry about the haze as it automatically removes 99.95% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns.

You might ask, how small is 0.1 microns?

Answer : They are 1000 times smaller than a human hair.

Bet you are touching your hair now right? Lol, cause I know I did

For the Dyson Pure Cool Link, the filter is made of two things

  1. 360° Glass HEPA filter - removes 99.95% of harmful particles
  2. Active Carbon Filter - captures odours and harmful toxins like benzene

Not only does it look stylish by adding this premium look to my home, but it also helps purify my home where Mika and I spend most of our time together.  This machine has benefits to kids who are more sensitive to ultra fine particles. We often shut the windows because of certain air conditions outside, but you must also think…

Do you know that air pollution inside your home can be up to 5 times worse than outside? And we spend 90% of our time indoors! Pollutions can be from pet hair, chemicals from cleaning products, cooking with gas, chemicals from deodorant and many more.

Do you know that modern buildings are built sealed? Which traps ultrafine and harmful indoor air pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye? Maybe you should suggest to your boss on getting one for the office too.

This is why Dyson engineers have combined their expertise in fluid dynamics and filtration systems with software to develop the new Dyson Pure Cool Link.

What really amazed me is that they also developed this new smart app

You can download the Dyson app on your mobile or tablet and it automatically monitors, reacts and removes- then reports to your Dyson Link app.

I installed mine yesterday and now I can control and monitor the air quality of my home with my phone. This also means I can turn on my Dyson Pure Cool Link anywhere and anytime


We can now track our air quality for our homes, how awesome is that?

This will come in handy especially when I am away travelling with my family for some time, I could just 
turn it on  several times to keep the air clean in my house and we can all enjoy clean air when we return 
from our holidays!


Bye bye stuffy home, hello clean air!

What’s more?

It’s really double happiness for me! I get a fan and a purifier in one! No need to buy an extra fan or big & bulky purifiers.

Another amazing feature is the Night-time mode. It will continue to monitor and respond to your air quality while you are asleep with using only the quietest settings. And as the LED display dims, I am sure you will have an uninterrupted sleep.

But as for me, the best feature is that it’s blade-less. This can save me from heart attacks whenever Mika tries to put his fingers inside the fan and risk cutting his fingers.

Our children’s safety is the most important thing to us and with the Dyson Pure Cool Link, I am sure we are far from having any unwanted accidents.

The only let down is that we can’t play the ‘ making fan noises ‘ where in the 90s, my siblings and I would sit in front of the fan and start making weird noises and laughed about it.

BUT, I have a solution for this…

For the millennial kids, they can now scare their friends by putting their hands in the air multiplier hole and pretend to get cuts or what so ever!

Because I DID THE SAME THING! I bought a Dyson air multiplier 4 years ago when I first moved into my new home and boy, I did scare a few people. It was certainly a great conversation starter.

As for maintenance, it’s super easy! The filters are to be replaced swiftly and hygienically after a year of using it for 12 hours a day. Other than that, all you need to do is just wipe it with a cloth. It is also certified asthma and allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Limited.

My family are really into Dyson products, especially my older brother Cavin, who thinks that James Dyson is such a brilliant engineer. We’ve got the air multiplier and also their vacuum cleaner which looks like a machine gun to us.

These are my 5 reasons why you should get the Dyson Pure Cool Link :

  1. Helps purifies the air and works as fan
  2. Bladeless, which means no accident can occur
  3. Looks stylish in my home
  4. Dyson app, where I can monitor the air condition
  5. Super easy to maintain

Oh, not forgetting the magnetic remote control, now we don’t have to spend time looking for it

And more importantly,

You can now breathe peacefully……

To find out more about the product, please click here : DYSON PURE COOL LINK


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How I Wean Off My Toddler

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I wean off Mika, so here's my story :)

Once he reached his one year old birthday, I told myself and gave myself a pat at the back.

I've done a great job breastfeeding Mika.

Now it's time for me to relax and let formula takes it course. 

Well, that was what I thought. 

Just switch to formula. Easy. Then he would sleep throughout the night ( STTN )

Then came his first birthday, threw him a party and the next day I told myself, MERDEKA MICH! 


He rejects bottle and formula kau kau the very next day, he only tried less than 1 oz and straight away throws the bottle away and hunts for the breast.

At that time, I was shocked! I was NOOOOOOOOOOO there goes my life. But don't get me wrong, all mothers knows that BREASTFEEDING is a LOVE  HATE thing. I honestly feel the same. 

LOVE that you are feeding your hungry child and the bonding is really great

HATE because you are just too tired as sometimes your baby will take such a long time 

So, I seriously thought I was doomed! 

But the key is to be PATIENCE. Sorry, there is no shortcut in motherhood.

It took me about 6 months to successfully wean him off the boobs.

I had to take him to Korea as he rejects bottle in October, but I told myself that I deserve a nice holiday in Europe, so I willl try my best as I have 6 months to go.

So everyday, not giving up... I will make formula for him to try.

Tested a few brands, wasted a lot of money ( IT IS SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE ) time and effort.

I did not gave up. 

I will always cheer and clap my hands loudly whenever he drinks 1 oz or more. 

I would always encourage him and my family did help me also as they knew it was really hard!

From 1 oz, it went to 3 oz then he will ask for the nipple again. But good progress.

Then my friend Qin introduced me this method which I think works like MAGIC

She told me to apply lemon on my nipple. Mika will surely rejects it.

I was really excited to try it

I walked to Jaya Grocer, got 2 lemons, cut one lemon to half, rub it on my nipple and went to find Mika. 

I created this story :

Hey Mika, MaMa nipple pain pain, ouch ouch! You want to see?

He came close...

Smell it and

YUCKKKKK he said CHAO CHAO ( smelly! SMELLLLYY!!! ) 


It was a success! 

He really hated the smell and insisted he drinks formula. 

PS : Please remember to tell your husband or whoever staying with you that theres a lemon in the fridge which you use to rub your nipple and strictly not to be consumed. 

So that was part one of the story. But you have to be hardworking and fast whenever he ask for the nipple again, run to the fridge and hide rubbing the lemon so that he doesn't know.

From there it slowly increased from 1 oz to at least 5-6 oz.

Then I went to Europe and Mika was already fully on formula.


Ok, now comes part 2.

What happened next?

Now ( Mika is turning 2 soon! need to plan his birthday party ) he is on Formula and MaMa Milk.

Yes, I know... Told you it's a LOVE HATE thing... 

My breastmilk actually came back because Mika kept sucking it even tough it was already nothing left. I let him do it out of comfort and to bond our relationship back since I left him for 2 weeks. 

To my surprise, after 2-4 days of sucking, it actually came back.

He will suck in the morning for a while, then go out for his breakfast which consists of eggs, oats and fruits, followed by lunch then later in the late noon, 4oz for his nap time and suck for less than 5 mins to fall asleep, dinner,  then 8-9 oz of formula to sleep till next morning. But NO, sometimes he still wakes up in the middle of the night. 

So, there you go! That's how I wean Mika off. But now I seriously want him to STTN, any suggestions that works? Would really appreciate some tips! 

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

What's in my diaper bag part 2

I finally found a diaper bag which I love! 
Yeah, so for almost two years I was just using the Zara tote bag which was quite dangerous knowing someone could just steal my wallet and phone  -_- but I do alternate it will our PAPA bag which belongs to Marcus, but now I am a proud owner of a Storksak bag which I gotten from on SALE!

I bought the Storksak Ashley in blue because I think it looks very classy and boyish. There is also one in coral colour, but since my first born in a boy, then BLUE it is. 

Oh Mika! I wonder what you found in the bag?

Your water bottle of course! 

Ps : I stopped using plastic bottle after reading Michelle Lim's book about parenting and followed her to buy glass bottles from LifeFactory.

So, let's see how spacious is this bag?

What's inside my diaper bag this round?

1. Merries diapers
2. A set of clothes
3. Water bottle
4. Books to entertain Mika
5. Toys to entertain Mika
6. Dry cloth to wipe him
7. Wet wipes 
8. MaMa's wallet, phone & lipstick

Not only the bag looks good, but it is also very nice to carry as the strap is wider, so my shoulder is not that painful whenever I am carrying it. I mean all mothers should know that a diaper bag can get really heavy at times! Especially when you are going out the whole day, I will add in Mika's porridge, his cutleries, extra clothes and diapers and now not forgetting his MILK, because I am also feeding him formula and also breastfeeding him at the same time. Those were seriously heavy.

What other fancy stuff do you keep in your diaper bag?


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Zeb and Kylye

 Finally the day has come! Zebbers has finally gotten married. 

It was a Godly and beautiful ceremony and reception with 75 tables at the Setia City Convention Centre last Sunday. It was full of laughter and tears of joy and I've never seen Zeb cries, being his friend for more than 7-8 years? 

I first met Zeb when I knew Marcus back in those Laundry Bar days. Zeb is Marcus' best friend and they have known each other for 30 years and have been great brothers ever since. This kind of friendship is hard to find nowadays. I remember when I first met Zeb even before Marcus and I started dating. He is such a cool guy to be around. He is wise, intelligent, a natural born leader and a man of his words. 

Hmmm, why I feel like I am writing a wedding speech for you now? 

Hehe... any ways, I just want to wish you and Kylye all the best in your new chapter together. I know she will surely take good care of you with her good heart, cute smile and amazing cooking skills. Thank you Kylye for making Zeb truly happy. 

 Forgot to add this : Zeb is also very handsome... or else later I kena marah

My squad and I had a lot of fun that night! Catching up all together, dancing and Snapchattinggg!
If only Lina and Jas were there, it would be picture perfect for me.

Yup, that's me carrying a Mika's milk bottle

The bride and groom grand entrance

Marcus and Stanley giving their AWESOME speech

Oh wait, did they said something wrong? 

Mika also had his first taste of Whiskey in this wedding.... He dipped his fork into a whisky glass and started licking it and his reaction was priceless 

The couple gave a short and lovely speech, thanking everyone

Woah, where did this came from? Cuci Mata

Michiekins, Sheena Chan, Jillykins and Sukins 

Joseph, VE, Panda Bear, Cat Man, Kevin and Loris.

Friends of Zeb and Kylye

Jolyna, Vicca and VE

Martin, my new tennis kaki
YUP, I recently started playing tennis again! 

Mika and his Mama & Ah peak

Mika and I

Yeah, I know.... so many pictures of us right? We certainly had a difficult time picking the best 

The photographer who captured all this beautiful Black and White photos, thank you Mussadique of

Errrr... the good fellows?

Doesn't Jess look lovely here? OK lah Keith, you also very handsome!


 Boyz || Men

Lady Boss

The Best Man

 I shall end this post with a picture of a car they used to picked the bride and the entourage 

 Yup, the flew from PJ to KLANG

Thank you Zeb and Kylye for the lovely wedding, hope you had fun as much as we do and YEAHHHH!!! Let's see some babies in the few coming months? Hopefully Mika will have a friend soon! Or if you ever get a daughter, we can set them up like what Marcus said that how you both met is like an arranged marriage. 


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