Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Baby shower for Baby Moon

Hello Baby Moon, this is a baby shower that I threw for you ( and myself ) with all the girls who are important in my life. At first I told everyone that I wanted a simple one but it turns out to be the most #lebih ones. MaMa planned this when I found out that you were a girl and the first thing that came to my mind was FLORAL theme as I was really into flowers. I've decided the colours of the party should be soft pink, white, grey with a dash of iridescent colour. I would want the place to look like a beautiful garden where memories and laughter could be captured beautifully. Almost everyday I was on Pinterest to get inspired because MaMa don't trust any party planner. I wanted to plan this perfectly as I've pictured in my mind. A flower wall, a dessert table, and a garden with blooming flowers was on my mind and I figured out the best place was Aunty Lina's house which is also her yoga studio since she has a beautiful balcony.

MaMa had some help from my awesome friends to helped decorate the home one day before the baby shower started. We worked really hard and our efforts were paid off! The place looked really beautiful like how MaMa had imagined it. Thank you Aunty Jillian, Lina, Jas and Li Ann for helping me.

Then comes the big day!

WooHooo!!! MaMa was really excited because MaMa had a professional makeup artist, Laine yi yi to help me with my makeup! Not even that, I even wore one of her designs on this very special occasion.

 Dress by P L A I N E 

MaMa is ready to P A R T A Y/ S H O W E R 

 The Queen sat on her Thorne and let the games begun!

 KoKo Sheena was in charged of the games and the first round was stick the sperm into the egg! The girls would have to close their eyes and try to find their way to the egg!

and of course the winner was Aunty Brie, so for her gift, make sure you get her a shot of tequila when you see her in the bar! :D

Next was DIAPER PONGGGG!!!!!!!

 Everyone had 3 chances and many won surprisingly, but little do they know, the winners would have to do something like :

1. Lap dance for MaMa
2. Massage MaMa's hand and shoulder
3. etc etc XXX

But everyone escaped it because we totally forgotten about it!

 Next stop it was photo time, and many many beautiful pictures was captured as MaMa wants this to be remembered forever.

Family is always first. They are the most important people in your life! 

Next, we had a mini photoshoot with Aunty Suanne and Baby Lewis. MaMa bought Aunty Su Anne a customised robe from Aria The Label with the hashtag mother behind it! Look at us posing for the camera! We had so much fun and can't wait for you girls to be bestie just like us!

Next we have a photo session with the girlsssssss, I mean AUNTIESSSSSS 😂

 Ok ok, now for all the girls who attended the shower, bet you've been waiting for this moment huh!

Isn't these photo just dreamy? I wanna thank each one of you who came and celebrated with me and Baby Moon, we are so happy that everyone had fun. It was such a good catch up with all the girls without any husband/boyfriends or kids. Just girls spending quality time and spreading good vibes. Feels like we should do this more often but hey, MaMa can't always get pregnant! LOL! 

Here comes MaMa's pillars. MaMa's childhood group which I've known my entire life.

Aunty Lina, MaMa, Aunty GiGi and KoKo Sheena

Thank you so much for everything. You girls mean the world to me. Thank you Lina for the lovely space and spreading good energy. Thank you Jill for helping me build the wall flower, it was such a beautiful masterpiece. Thank you Sheena for planning those funny games and driving down to KL from Penang just for Baby Moon's shower. She is indeed very very very blessed to have you girls in her life.

 and thank you Mika for everything... for letting MaMa go and decorate Aunty Lina's house without throwing any tantrums and for wanting to help clean the mess of the after party. MaMa is so blessed to have such a good boy like you.....

and thank you Jasiminne for the amazing photos that you've captured on this very special day. Love you babe! Even though I know you were suffering from jet lag, but hey that's what best friends are for! I shall do the same for baby Mc Bride!

and to PaPa whom helped prepare our mini tea time snack which the girls love! PaPa is such a good cook that the girls couldn't leave the makan table! MaMa is indeed blessed. Not forgetting Nai Nai who had to take care of Mika the whole day so that I could prepare this baby shower for you and I.

Special thanks to Laine yi yi for being super helpful throughout the party, I am so happy to have you in my life! Also Li Ann for taking your time to make those cute pom poms even though I know you were busy with your wedding preparation. 

and thank you everyone for the lovely gifts :)

Gave myself this 😂 Love it! 

PSSS : What I really like about this shower is that many of you girls texted me the next morning saying you met so many friendly and nice girls at the shower, and new friendship was born. I was really happy to hear that :) #dramaFREE


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Pregnant with Baby Moon Cat

Dear Baby Moon,

Where shall I start? Haha...

MaMa found out that I was pregnant after a beautiful family holiday in Sydney as we were spending Christmas and New Years there. During the trip, MaMa made some goals that I wanna start in 2018.

First being healthy, to start my personal training with Uncle JinKhai
Secondly is to focus on my Moon & Wild swimwear business
Thirdly is to travel more, plan more camping trips by the beach, try skiing and go to music festivals
Fourthly is to do eye lasik and also maybe invisalign

Well, all of those MaMa had to put on hold when I found out that I've got you. You became MaMa's  number one  priority right away. Everything else can wait.

During the first trimester, MaMa suffered from morning sickness again. It was a painful 3 months but it's more bearable than Mika's. MaMa vomited less, but the nausea was always there. Not only that, MaMa always felt more lethargic. I just wanna lay in bed and sleep. MaMa slept a lot. Mood swing was not too bad, quite calm like Mika's. ( Second pregnancy mood swing was the worst )

Being pregnant with you was very different from Mika's. You like sour, salty and spicy food while Mika loves sweet stuff like ice cream, chocolate and laici. MaMa always loved chocolate but during the first three months, I stayed away from them which was unusual. Ask anyone, everyone knows that MaMa loves chocolate. With you, MaMa's belly is lower while Mika's was higher. We still haven't found out your gender yet as of today because you were so shy during the last scan. MaMa also felt like my backache was worst this time round, there's minor pain below the belly at times because you are growing bigger and bigger everyday! And if I ever sat on the floor, it will be very hard for MaMa to get up! Mika would always help me by trying to pull MaMa up. He is really excited to meet you! He kept on asking me when are you coming out and he will talk to you and blow raspberries kisses on my tummy just to see if you'd move. MaMa also felt like I am more easily tired this round, like for example when MaMa is cleaning the house ( only doing the light stuff like picking up Mika's toys, laundry, tidying up the place ) MaMa would have to rest for 20 mins, then later only continue doing it. But Mika has been helping around, so it's all good. He's really into doing the dishes nowadays.

As for PaPa, he's really excited too as he really wanted you! He's been busy with work and working real hard to provide us a better life. He also spends quality time with us and will take MaMa on dates if there's a sudden craving. Once, MaMa was really craving for potato chips and PaPa actually bought a really huge tin for MaMa! It tasted so good at 5 am and you and I were both enjoying it while everyone was asleep. Yeah, MaMa had insomnia and would wake up about 3-4 am or 5-7am but MaMa always managed to sleep back after turning on NETFLIX to rewatch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We can't wait to meet you and we wonder how'd you'll look like!

Meanwhile, you just chill in MaMa's belly yeah!

See you in September!

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