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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015

For the year 2015, it's all about family to me. 

Hello everyone! How was your new years? Mine was a pretty simple one, I hosted a small gathering at my place for some wine, dine and games. It was the best decision as I am too old for clubs and places with lots of people because I wanted Mika to be by my side to wish him his first New Years.

I never really thought of a resolution just yet but I did thought of something...

Maybe this year I will fully focus on Mika and also my bikini line which I started with Nana. 
If I want to change or quit something, well... perhaps.... hmmmmmm, I can't really think of any. 

( After 1 minute  )

Perhaps quit procrastinating haha... I think I said this every year. The only one person whom I know who doesn't procrastinate is my dad! 
( Hello  Father ) ( Yeah, he reads my blog and now that he has Facebook, he will whatsapp me every time I update my status haha ) 

So yeah, perhaps 2015 is the year I should be more rajin ( hardworking ) and stop procrastinating like my dad. 

If I were to follow one of my mom's.....well... it would be  loving  :) More loving :) 
Marcus, you so lucky lah, I promise not to get angry at you so much and be more patience like my mom ok? 

Ok done, resolution for 2015 :)

1. Follow dad's example :
Stop procrastinating and get things done ( for my work line )

2. Follow mom's example :
Forgiving and loving plus be more patience ( for my family )

Speaking of family, here's our family portrait which was a gift from Brie during my baby shower :)
Free Family Photography by International Photographer, David Yeow!

 Which one do you like best ? :)

I hope Mika's cute smile did cheer you all up on a Monday 

Happy New Year from Marcus, Michelle, Mika and Malibu :)

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mika Full Moon


I can't believe it's been a month plus already since I gave birth to Mika! Some say it's so fast but honestly, I THINK it's a bit slow for me because I was counting down the days! LOL!

Motherhood is hard. 

It is a 24/7 job.

Go hug your mother now.

As you all know, motherhood started pretty hard for me because of my stomach muscle tore during labour and it's slowly getting better. I can now walk and sleep in my favourite position and I can carry Mika easily whenever he cries. So, now at night I nurse him by myself.

I am still fully breastfeeding Mika every 2 or 3 hours. On a good day, Mika will let me sleep for 4 hours, but sometimes I wake up every hour to nurse him. So basically I got not much sleep during at night and yes my eye bags are pretty bad! 

My mother in law will help me when I last nurse him at 7 am and she will take over and let me sleep till 11 am or 12 noon. She will bottle feed Mika with the breast milk which I pump. I am currently using Medela Swing, if anyone wanna know and I love it. So far no problem and no, it doesn't hurt to pump.

So far one of the biggest challenge for me is BURPING. You seriously must know your baby's gesture. Every cry or sound means something. Mika also throw out a lot of milk if I don't burp him properly and yes, we change many outfits in a day for him. So, please prepare more clothes. I am blessed that my milk supply is quite good. It usually overflows and even spray on Mika's face. My bed now is filled with towels and cloths just to clean him from overflowing milk and also to protect my bed sheet and pillows. It can be quite messy and tiring at times. But sometimes funny when you see the milk "pancut keluar " showering Mika's face or the bed, thanks to eating lots of fish that my parents bought. 

Also, Mika's timing couldn't get any better! He usually cries when I am about to eat or poop. NO JOKE! This happened a few times already. I don't have time for myself anymore! 

As for the changes in my body..... oh well, the tummy is still there along with the stretch marks and my boobs are so much bigger which leads to 


Seriously, only Sheena and Nessa knows how I feel as I was trying on my old clothes in front of them. I was like  -_-|||| 


I CANT FIT 50% of my old clothes, I wonder how could I fit into size 0 last time? I just cleaned my wardrobe and hope to shop soon.

That is why I don't have any #OOTD pics at all! I am mostly wearing loose shorts and big tshirt. 
I really miss dressing up and I can't wait to go out and shop! I really miss blogging about fashion and going to fashion events too! I will try to keep this blog content more on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and motherhood ok! 

Please bear with me for a while! I need to go out and see what's new!

We also celebrated Mika's Full Moon recently at La Casa located at Verve Shops Mont Kiara. So now whoever wanna find me can meet me at Verve shops as its the most convenient way for me just to walk down using the private lift from my unit to the shop lots! They've got Podgy & The Banker and also B Lab Cafe. Trust me, there are many things to consider before packing stuff for Mika when we want to take him out. So I rather just meet at Verve Shops and enjoy a cup of Iced Chocolate or Camomile tea.

We rented the whole space for dinner at La Casa and I am glad everyone love the food! The place is super cozy and I love the rustic feel to it. Thank you everyone who came. At first, I wanted to do a small party but at the end we invited about 100 people to celebrate with us. We were so busy that day till we didn't really take any pictures at all with my camera. Everyone was on time and we were busy entertaining families, relatives and good friends all around. I wished I took some pic but luckily Moose Pixel from Jillianundercover.com came to the rescue and send me some awesome pictures! Hope you like them!

 Happy Full Moon Mika :)

My eldest brother, Cavin

Jillian from Jillianundercover.com

 Sheena and Baby Asher, both too cute 

 Mika and my long hand 

 The beautiful friends ( L-R ) Sheena, Jillian, Nessa and Michie

All of my good friends 

 Sheena and my niece Pinky 

 Mika wants milk from Aunty Brie Brie

Pinky and her temporary tattoo from Poppylab.com

My niece Claryssa with her awesome new temporary tattoo 

Aww so much love

Cavin joins the gang and put on some temp tatts as well!

Susu modelling for Poppylab.com

MIL and Mika :)
( Mother in Law )

JK and Ching, both single... Can PM me if you are interested haha

Povy and Nana 

Princess is now fatter LOL and she gets angry when we told her that! :P She must be very happy with WL :P

 Serving Chandon for the night
Royal Salute for the older people, Haig Club for the gentlemen, Chandon for the ladies and beer for everyone 

No, I didn't drink at all :) 

Nessa, Nana and hello Mr.Goh who came late!

Haig Club ( We bought it to support David Beckham ) 

Thank you Moose Pixel from Jillianundercover.com for the photos

Thank you Grandma and Granpa for my first Gold :)

Thank you again everyone who came to celebrate with us!

Monday, 3 November 2014

My breastfeeding story

Breastfeeding / Breastfeed = BF

Some of you might be scared by this word or even shiver cause as you know,
breastfeeding isn't easy.

All you need is a good latch, enough sleep, cabbage and fish in your fridge, patience, enough  rest and always have a glass of water /red dates drink / milo by your side when you are BF.

The first milk is called colostrum and that's the most important for your newborn during the first 3 days. During my stay in Prince Court ( 3 days ) the nurses encourages and teaches us how to BF your baby and they will not give up till your baby is latched on properly.

Mika is considering doing really well and BF wasn't a problem till we got home.

On the fourth or fifth day, my breasts got engorged. Meaning no more colostrum, hello milk!

I didn't had enough sleep and I could felt like my breast was hard as stone. I forgot what I've read so far about BF via online and suddenly I was BF-ing Mika from 1 am till 5 am and there was no milk. Note that I was also sleepy at that time and couldn't really concentrate.

I turned to panic mode and begun to cry, dahlah I not enough sleep and now NO MILK? 
It was like a dry well and I didn't know till I was curious why isn't Mika sleepy? Why he keep on latching and latching but he still wasn't full? 

It was till I try to get some milk out and notice it was dry. 

Then I went online to check and found out the cabbage actually helps during engorgement.

THANK GOD I had cabbage inside my fridge and quickly I put two leaves on my breasts and it cups perfectly, like little mermaid.. and next thing you know, milk started flowing in.

So now you know, days before you EDD ( Estimate Due Date ) please buy some cabbage and put in your fridge. 

I was so happy and Mika slept well after he was full. 

On the side note, do not cover your nipple with cabbage, so make a hole in the middle! After putting it on for about 5-10 mins, clean it a wet cloth.

The other thing I learn was every new mother needs her rest and sleep in order to produce moremilk. This is really really important, so when the baby is sleeping, you try to sleep too. Confirm got milk! 

Fish is another source which helps to produce more milk! I have fish everyday and I can't leave the dinning table without finishing it. 

When you are breastfeeding, you get dehydrated fast... so remember to always have a tumbler or a glass of water right beside you. You don't wanna wake up in the middle of the night coughing while leads to waking the baby up!

I could say now that things are getting better, I have enough sleep and Mika and I will automatically wakeup during night time feedings. I feed normally every 2-3 hours and I will also pump out some milk just incase if I want to sleep from 7 am till 11 am, then my mother in law or Marcus will feed the baby via bottle cause mommmaaaa need some rest! 

The milk did spill once or twice and I was like : NOOOOOOOOO!!! It's LIQUID GOLD! It's too precious for me to lose some :( But of course I didn't cry over spill milk, I am now more careful when handling breast milk now. They are seriously precious.

Speaking about liquid GOLD, have you all heard about Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) ?
You can now start planning for your child's future with 1 gram through Maybank Gold Savings Account. Gold Investment is an alternative investment that can be done conveniently and securely from 1 gram with MGIA. Children under 18 years of age are able to open an account with parents or legal guardians as a trustee.

Why MGIA you may ask?

1. It potentially has better returns and its a great opportunity for a greater capital gain from the appreciation in gold price.

2. Gold provides a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

3. Provides a good hedge against inflation, thus better security

4. Better protection, Investments in Maybank Gold Investment Account are fully backed by physical gold deposited in Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP S.A)

5. You can buy and sell via Maybank2u! Isn't this convenient? Because most parents will be either busy working or busy taking care of your baby at home! Besides that, purchases can be also done with Maybankard Visa / Mastercard Debit and Credit Card at selected Maybank branches.

It just takes 1 gram to start planning for your child’s future through Maybank Gold Savings Account

For more information, check out this website: 

To read the Disclaimer before investing. Disclaimer: The returns on Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) are subject to gold price fluctuations. Customers are advised to read and understand the product before making any investment. This product is not insured by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM).

Being a first time mom has really changed me. All my attention is now to my baby and how to raise and take care of him properly. NO mom is perfect. Do all you can is the best! Breastfeeding is indeed challenging, but don't worry, with some tips, you will find it quite enjoyable during breastfeeding and it's a great way to bond with your baby.

I will BF Mika each boobs till he latch out ( normally 15 mins each boob ), burp him, then check his diapers before sleep time. It's very important that you check all those before sleeping or he might wake up earlier and you'll have to wake up again to see why is he crying.

It's also interesting how my milk will just flow when Mika is awake! It's like an alarm clock :) Mika and my boobs are somehow connected!

Look Ma~ I can pose! 
and No, I am not struggling when Aunty Jasikins is holding me!

Thanks Jas for the beautiful flowers!

Till the next post! Momma Michie and Baby Mika signing off!


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Labor Pain

Are you ready to read this post ? 

I am very sure most girls who haven't experience this will find it
quite a journey...

Know that my first option was to deliver my baby via natural birth without any Epidural

Ok, here it goes! On my 39th week appointment, my doctor told me that my baby is
 huge for my size and she was worried my baby's weight might increase some more as
it did quite drastically for the last week and since I love to eat sweet stuff. Yes, I admit, I've been eating 
a lot of Skippy x Nutella with bread and Durian Ice Cream during the final 2 weeks.

My doctor suggested if I wanna induce labor
 (  is a procedure used to stimulate uterine contractions during pregnancy before labor begins on its own. Successful labor induction leads to a vaginal birth.
In my own terms, bagi perut sakit dan baby akan keluar. 
They will have to insert a tablet thru your vagina to begin labor.

I told her to give me two days to think about it and during that two days, I was cutting down on my sugar but I was still very hungry.
 I tend to get moody or will stressed out if I don't eat something sweet.
 I was very frustrated and I told Marcus that I might give Induction a go 
because I was afraid if I keep on eating, the baby will grow bigger which might lead
 to emergency caesarian and I don't really want to go thru surgery. 
I wanted to experience natural birth.

So, we called the doctor and set an appointment where I then checked in on Monday night
and will probably give birth on Tuesday morning. But when they were preparing,
the nurse found out that I was already 3/4 cm dilated and she said, OMG, we don't have to proceed with this procedure. 

I was so so so so so so HAPPY when she said that, meaning I don't have to go thru
induction where I get to save money and because all along I wanted it to be natural.

That night I was excited, I kept asking Marcus that how come I don't feel the pain yet? It was 
already 10 pm when the nurse told me that I was 3/4cm dilated. She then asked me to sleep and that she will check 
on me thru out the night. Nothing happened, no pain till 5:30 am then she came in and injected  some liquid ( I don't know what's it called ) into the place where the "sun don't shine" and not even 5 minutes, I rushed to the toilet to let everything out. Best feeling in the world hahah. 

Then they shift us to the labor room by 6:30 am where they started to put drips on me and then it is when my contraction pain begun. Marcus was beside me the whole time. The pain was still quite bearable the first 2 hours till about 8:30 am, the doctor then came in to visit me and my water broke, from then on the contraction pain became much more stronger. It was starting to be so painful that I asked the nurse for pain relief options 

1. Epidural
2. Laughing Gas
3. Pethidine

I opted for Pethidine because they said it will make me sleepy and it's just a normal injection at my buttock and it won't hurt compared to Epidural. The nurse said it will make me sleepy and not concentrate on the pain so much so that I can rest and then save energy to push later. 

I was so sleepy that I don't remember much till the contraction was super super painful.
That was the worst pain in my life. The pain was there every half an hour and gradually got closer and closer till pain every 2 minutes if I am not mistaken, and I remember Marcus was beside me, I was squishing his sweater which he wore and sometimes his hand. It gotten so painful that the nurses provided me with laughing gas as well. Marcus was in charge in feeding me the gas whenever my contraction pain came. 

Bearing the pain for about 3-4hours, I was then already 8cm dilated. The nurse told me that I can start preparing myself to push. The gas did helped a little, did not really stop the pain but it kinda took me of my mind. It was quite addictive because I felt better after inhaling it. But I think I over used it cause I was super drowsy by the time I was supposed to push. I was even smiling and telling Marcus : Are we going diving? Remember Pom Pom Island? I miss diving. I said that when I was quite unconscious. I could barely open my eyes. 

I couldn't really concentrate and keep making mistakes when the doctor ask me to push. I forgot the breathing techniques and Marcus was trying to keep me awake when there was no contraction pain. He was so supportive and he witness everything. EVERYTHING, as there was no covers.

What I remember was pushing about 2 times and the baby is out. But Marcus told me I pushed 4 rounds, 3 times per round. Honestly, I didn't even know that the baby was out as I don't really remember the last few parts of the labor. I was shocked when the doctor placed the baby on my chest, I remember telling them :

Oh, my baby is out already???

I was semi awake then. But I remembered the look at Marcus' face when he saw his first son. I will never forget that look.

The doctor then told us that my placenta didn't came out and it was a rare case and she was trying to take it out and even mentioned that I might need to go to surgery right away if she cannot take it out manually, but she managed it and told me that my placenta is huge because the baby is huge. Thank God I don't have to go thru surgery. She then sew me back ( yes, she actually cut me open and stitch it back, but don't worry ladies, due to contraction we don't really feel it )After that, I slept for about a good one and the half hours in the labour room while they clean my baby. 

Later I was pushed to our junior suite, we wanted a bigger room because we have a huge family and a lot of our friends were coming to visit. Once I reached there, my family greeted us with a huge smile and congratulated us. 

Thank you Lina for making my room look beautiful :)

Thank you Jillian for the flowers

Our Junior Suite view

Thank you for the balloons Jolyna! Thank you Keith and family, Zeb/Kylye , Lina, Stan and Lynn for the lovely gifts!

I wasn't discharged the very next day because I needed extra rest and monitoring. I kinda knew something was wrong with me as I couldn't walk during the first day and the second day.

The nurses in Prince Court were TOP NOTCH! They were so so so supportive and caring! I give them 5 stars for their service! I was so blessed to have helpful nurses around me. They are so encouraging and told me that I am a brave and strong mommy and they salute me for not taking Epidural at all as they were shocked by my size and my baby's size. Hehe...

The doctor came in the next day to examine why I can't walk, and told me that my stomach muscle had separated because the baby was big for my size. I was devastated. I was sent to physiotherapy right away. I remembered I cried  after the session when Marcus pushed me out and I saw my parents.  I was so depressed at that time, for not being able to walk and the doctor said that it will take about 6 weeks to heal.

With me being not able to walk, my mom had to stay back to take care of me. She and Sheena helped me during my toilet trips to clean up myself. I wasn't mobile. 

The worst part was that I couldn't  carry my baby and be the mother who is alert and always on top when the baby cries. I had to rely on my family whenever my baby cries. I can't play with him, carry him when he cries immediately, changed his diapers or bath him. 

I was mostly bed ridden. I felt like I wasn't a mother just yet. 

That is also why I said no to guests coming to visit at my house at the time being. 

Sorry yeah! Let me recover first! 

Our families has been very supportive and it was my dad who asked me to face my fears and try to walk forward. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I discovered that I could walk backwards and side ways with stockings! So basically I was moon walking for 2-3 days haha, but very slowly lah of course! 

So after a week, I am glad to say that I am now able to walk forward slowly. I can now carry my baby and walk to the other room to change his diapers. YAY! My stomach still hurts whenever I walk, but it's bearable. God will heal me. 

Thank you to my lovely husband for being so supportive during the delivery room, cleaning the house and waking up middle of the night whenever our baby cries. I love you so much! 

and introducing.....

Baby Mika :)

Mika ; Gift from God
  1. The name Mika is a baby boy name. Hebrew Meaning: The name Mika is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mika is: Gift from God.
    PS: Next blogpost is about BREASTFEEDING which is super challenging! Cried a few times and can't wait to share my experience! 

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