Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Nightmare at our AirBnB in Barcelona, lost 7000 Euros

Barcelona is a very beautiful city and best of all, it has a beach in the city! It is also not too crowded like London or Paris and weather was perfect during Summer. Gaudi's work is so amazing that it is a must see when you are in Barcelona, it's really beautiful yet trippy. But do be aware, if you are ever visiting Barcelona, please stay at legit hotel and avoid busy places like in the metro because Barcelona is also famous for pick pocketing and snatch thieves. Our group was quite unlucky as we decided to stay in an apartment in Barcelona near the Magic Fountain via AirBnB.

From the pictures, the apartment looked great! Bright and clean, walking distance to MNAC and many more attractions plus all the reviews was GOOD. It was really hard to find a place to settle all 10 of us, so we decided to rent the place.

When we first arrived, I was a bit shocked. The place was old and a bit dusty. We rented two apartments which are facing each other. We split to 5 people in one apartment and just be settled with it... but deep down, Jolyna and I were a bit unhappy with it because the pictures looked different. But we were OK until the night when Jolyna had to go back first to pump her breastmilk, there was no electricity in our unit. When she told me that, I already wanted to find another place to stay because we can't sleep or survived without electricity. The other apartment was perfectly fine, just ours.

As we were walking back, we stumble upon this cute boutique hotel and asked if there is any room left. He gave us a good rate as it was already 12 in the midnight and we just decided to move into this boutique hotel. So we went back and packed our stuff and happily moved in to our new pad while the rest was OK with the first place.

Little did we know, my friend's apartment got robbed on the second last night.

There was no sign forced entry and there is no way someone could climb up to the windows as it is quite high up! In our opinion, it was definitely an INSIDE JOB.

We came to a conclusion that it's either the Host's worker ( the one who opened the door for us ) or could be the maids.

They stole

1. A NEW Classic CHANEL 2.55 Caviar Skin Bag
3. A NEW LOUBOUTIN pair of heels
4. My friends BEATS earphones
5. Cash
6. 2 new bottle of perfumes
7. A pair of CHURCH men shoes

All of that worth 7000 Euros.

One of my other friend bought a new CHANEL Boy Bag for a friend and another LV bag but he was lucky because he locked his luggage. 

No passport was stolen.

What made us even mad is that the host didn't even bother to come. All he did was to text us, he didn't even showed up to the police station!

He promised to come by 1pm, but he didnt showed up and pushed it to 3 pm,
3pm came and still he wasn't there and this time my friend just called and the host promised to be there at 5pm, but still haven't showed up and gave the excuse that he had to go out of town SUDDENLY.


The police are useless, my friend said it's worst than KL police. They promise to come in 10 minutes time but there was no sign of them at all.

My friends just checked out the place without anyone there. NO ONE CAME!


What is also weird is that THE PERSON didn't take my other friend's LAPTOP, iPAD or even a BOSE headphones.

We felt like someone just came in, took my friend's new stuff and just walked away freely and easily.

OH! THEY did forgot something! They left a knife in the toilet... probably to attack my friends if they were home.

But we were blessed that no one got hurt as the couple's wedding is in two weeks time.

Her LOUBOUTIN heels was her wedding shoes, lucky she managed to buy it again on our last day in Paris and also her classic CHANEL bag which both are hard to find. 

We also did contact AirBnB but they couldn't do anything as well. But we've submitted the police report to them and hope they could do something. 

So there you go! Please be aware of this of scam, book a legit hotel instead whenever you are in Barcelona.

I even saw this young girl, aged around 16-18 years old stealing things from a souvenir shop and I even told the owner. But this people are quick, they quickly pass the stuff around and deny everything.

Barcelona is beautiful but also very dangerous.

Please help share this post to create awareness 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Leaving my toddler for the first time and the aftermath

Ola! I am back from my Europe trip :) For those who didn't know, I was in Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona for 2 weeks and I decided to burn Mika's flight ticket last minute. Thankfully I had the help from my parents and my mother in law. Mika was sent to Taiping and it is the first time I am away from my 20 month old son. 

I already prepped him that MaMa and PaPa will be going for a long holiday and was really worried if he could cope without me especially, because I was still breastfeeding him. I introduced formula to him about 3-4 months before the trip and it was hell until right before I left. He slowly begun to accept it.

Then came the day, June 22, 2016 when my dad drove all the way from Taiping to fetch Mika and go home straight. I hugged him, kissed him and breastfed him one last time. I even teared.

We landed in Paris after 17 hours, after transiting in Abu Dhabi for a couple of hours. First thing in the morning we did was to FaceTime my son. 

Dad : He didn't even ask for you




Even during FT, he didn't really layan me because he was busy with his new toys.


Ok. Never mind. We will try tomorrow. 

Tomorrow came.

Same thing.

Nothing changed. 

So, I guess either I prepped him well or he doesn't care or he was mad.

Until now, I still don't know the answer.

He was very happy back in Taiping! He could do things that he couldn't do in KL.

1. Ride on a motorbike ( Thank you Uncle Omar )
2. Sit on a boat 
3. Dad took Mika to his latest housing development and sat on a roller.

When they sent me pictures, I was like WOOOOOAHHHHHHHHH!! No way Mika would wanna come back to KL. Taiping was so much more FUN!

Since I was still breastfeeding, I just decided to bring my pump and see how it goes. Either I stop it or just continue pumping to keep the milk supply going.

On the second day, I stopped pumping as it was getting very uncomfortable as I could feel lumps. Only Mika can cure me. That's what I thought.

I then went to the nearest grocery store and got myself a CABBAGE worth 3.50 Euros which completely saved my life. No medication. 

I just put the cabbage leaves for 15 mins for at least 3 days and VOILA~ it worked! I can now enjoy my holiday without worrying about my breast being engorged. Happy as a clam!

Now I could really enjoy my trip. We also FaceTime less, maybe 3 times per week as I was also set to have my own personal time and just catching up with my sleeps. Feels good to sleep 12 hours straight! 

It was great till the last two nights in Barcelona where my friend's apartment got robbed and they lost almost 7000 Euros. ( Story on next post ) That really brings down the whole gang.

It was pretty hectic in the airport as well, I had to run to my boarding gate as we were late and can you imagine me hugging my Celine bag ( super heavy ), running from gate 50 to 40 ( about 150m ) because I seriously don't want to miss my flight back to Malaysia. I miss my son.

We arrived home around 1 am, I took Mika who was asleep to my room and we all dozed off till around 4am where he suddenly woke up and started crying. He was in total shocked. He kept crying non stop because he couldn't see our faces in the dark. I had to calm him down and he kept crying and asking for my mother in law. 

He did changed a little bit the next morning, a bit cold. I even took him for a walk in the garden which is his favourite but he kept crying and asking for my MIL.

I was like wtf happened. Did I made a big mistake by leaving Mika? He is not like this normally.

I was very upset as he became more manja, he didn't even want to sit on the car seat and worst still he doesn't want his mama  -_-

Then I just tried to breastfeed him again, ( there's not much milk left, just enough for one feeding ) after that, he became closer to me again.

 It is seriously the power of the breast, I kid you not!

I was happy again. Phew~ then it just got better and better. Guess he needed time to adjust. 

Now I no longer breastfeed and he sleeps almost throughout the night already. 

Then my dad msg me : The family is going to London and Iceland for holiday in 2 weeks time, you wanna go?

I was like -_-|||| I seriously wanted to go but I had to sacrifice this trip because of Mika. You owe me one, son! ( actually you owe me a lot! just kidding ) 

Stay tuned for more stories :)


Monday, 20 June 2016

Hello Zwitsal

One of the very best smell in this whole world is the smell of fresh babies after a joyous bath.

Just imagine this: luke warm water, bubbles, rubber duckie and Zwitsal. 

What is Zwitsal you might ask?
 Zwitsal products are natural ingredients in a bottle that gives your little one gentle nourishment. It is originated from The Netherlands and is a leading brand in Europe for the past 100 years and they just recently launched in Malaysia!

They've got 2 products type :

1. Classic

** Natural moisturising with Canola Flower extract **

I love it’s hypoallergenic-tested which means it’s suitable for sensitive skin and has Tear-free formula which is a plus when it comes to shampooing Mika’s hair because he will cry if the shampoo isn’t tear-free. It is also enriched with Canola Oil to soften the scalp which prevents it from dryness and irritation.

Tested Hypoallergenic which is suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. It also contains natural moisturising ingredients like Jojoba Oil which is long believed to nourish and keep the baby’s skin healthy and smooth. Do you know Canola Oil is also a natural moisturiser?

I love love love pouring the powder on Mika’s bum bum and body as it smells and feels really refreshing! It’s tested hypoallergenic which is suitable for baby’s sensitive skin and is gentle to a newborn baby as it contains natural moisturising from the extract of the Canola flower.

It is pH balanced, mild and alcohol free, hypoallergenic tested which is suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. It contains Aloe Vera and Canola Oil which are natural moisturizers to protect baby’s skin from dryness and mild irritation.It has this mild formula with mild surfactant which is formulated for babies so it’s safe and suitable to clean diaper areas, hands or even the mouth for after feeding and other needs.

2. Natural

** Natural ingredients which are highly recognised by mothers **

It is hypoallergenic tested and has Tear-Free formula. It contains celery, candlenut and aloe vera which has been known to promote black and thick hair growth. Yes, Mika really need this as he doesn’t have much hair to begin with.

2in1 Bath
I love how easy i could just use one product instead of two when it comes to this. It is hypoallergenic tested and is pH balanced formula,suitable for babies skin and hair. It contains Aloe Vera and Pro Vit B5 which cleanses, softens and nourishes the baby’s hair and skin. It is also Tear-Free.

Milk & Honey Bath
It is rich with ingredients such as milk protein, honey, Vitamin E and B5 to maintain the health of the baby’s skin to keep it soft and fresh. It does not cause dry skin as it’s mild formulated.

Baby Oil
Hypoallergenic-tested, which is suitable for babies sensitive skin and it’s great for massaging babies and can be used to cleanse your baby’s skin. It contains Aloe Vera, a natural moisturizer and Vitamin E which nourishes the skin.

Baby Skin Protector
This is their STAR PRODUCT which contains Citronella, which is a natural mosquito repellent and it also has Chamomile extract to relieve itching. It is also safe for sensitive skin.

Since the number of Dengue cases has increased, we must always protect our baby. Like they said, better prevention than cure.

What I like about the Natural products are :

It is Hypoallergenic tested, which means even babies with sensitive skin are safe to use, pH balanced and safe for sensitive skin as you know new born babies are very delicate and this is the perfect nourishment for them as it’s natural and very nourishing for their skin and Mika loves it too! as we enjoy his bath time with the Zwitsal products and rubber duckie.

Not forgetting, it's like a spa treatment for the little ones.

Let's start with a healthy massage, fun bath, fresh touch and lastly skin nourishing to complete.

To me personally, shampoo & body bath that smells like childhood. It brought back memories like I've smelled it before. It has this calm, relaxing and cuddly smell and it's addictive. I'm smelling Mika's head non stop. He wouldn't let me put lotion or powder on him as he wants to do it on his own. But I also a little naughty as I wanted to give him a massage, so we will ' debate ' on who gets to do what.

Kids nowadays... -_-

He usually wants the lotion and I have to put some on his palm so that he can rub and massage his legs while I puts powder on him as it smells so good and keeps him fresh!

We really enjoy our bonding session over Zwitsal and I love their classic signature yellow colour bottle. So timeless. 

You may find out more about Zwitsal here :

Facebook: Zwitsal Babycare


Monday, 6 June 2016

10 Things Not To Say To A New Mom

1. You look tired

OH HELL NO, ( *takes  out hoop earrings ) NEVER NEVER NEVER say that to a new mom, she is adjusting herself and taking care of her baby who wakes up every 3 hours! Instead, you can say this : Go and take a nap while I help you take care of the baby. 

2. Your child is too thin/too fat

We as mom, do our very best in feeding our child. Mothers will NEVER STARVE their children. My doctor told me it's normal for their weight to go UP and DOWN as they will eventually catch up. Besides, if you don't have any children, please don't say such comment, it does hurt the mom as it indicates that we don't really take care of our children.

3. Are you pregnant?

NEVER NEVER NEVER ask any woman if she's pregnant. Enough said.

4. Why you give your children the Ipad?

This deserve a whole blog post :) Coming soon... 

5. Do you do anything else besides being a mom?

Oh let me see :

1. House manager

2. Maid
3. Cook
4. Driver
5. Teacher
6. Professional screamer
7. Professional toy-picker
8. Event Planner
9. Professional Baby Kisser and Hugger
10. I even work on HOLIDAYS 


NEVER look down at Stay At Home Mothers, instead ask them : How does she do it :)

6. Are you still breastfeeding?

I guess most mothers are sick of this question. They don't want to be reminded that one of their boobs is bigger than the other one. LOL  #truestory 

7. Did you wanted a girl or a boy?

I think this question is pretty sensitive. Mothers will always opt for healthy baby as that's more important. 

8. When was the last time you showered?

-__- You want someone to punch you in the boob? I have to admit that it's harder to shower when I am alone with Mika as I can't leave him alone even though he is sleeping. WHY? Once I went to the shower while Mika was sleeping and half way thru washing my hair, he woke up -_- ! Not a good scene. I had to quickly get out and breastfeed him in my towel, semi dry. Not cool bro.

9. Why are you still wearing your PJs at 4pm?

I am looking at you SU ANNE MARSHA CLARK 

My bestie asked me via SnapChat when she saw one of my snaps and I SNAPPED back LOL, but she was just joking :) LOVE YOU B!

10. This one is for the husband : Here, the baby wants MILK

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY all husband will pass back the baby once it starts crying and straight away say : Baby wants MILK. 

I am sure there are many more! Any mothers out there wanna share? 

*If you see my hair brushed and had bra on by noon time, you know it's been a good morning*


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Roger Vivier X Mandarin Oriental Afternoon Tea

Last Sunday we had our first ever afternoon high tea at Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental. I was psyched when I learned that they have a fashion afternoon tea by Roger Vivier.

The stand is RM 108, served with your choice of tea. I've got a sweet tooth, and this pastries were delectable yet fashionable. A perfect combination.

If you don't know, almost everyday I eat chocolate or something sweet after meals. It's like an addiction, lol or else the meal or my day would feel incomplete.

 The place was pretty quiet when we were there although it was almost full house, I guess people would tend to think that during afternoon tea in a 5 star hotel, everything must be more quiet and proper? Or just maybe... it was the Piano music that makes everyone more quiet? But we didn't really care as we laughed so many times as it was really a great catch up session.

Chocolate shoe, anyone?

All good things must come to an end, so this #RVXMOtea is only available from 9th May till 30th June, from 230 PM to 6PM. Hope they would have more collaborations like this soon with other brands/designers!

 Love this picture of us. Older sisters at the back, holding our younger sisters. We all practically grew up together as we are cousins. I remember us forming  'Gang Basikal' and we could cycle around our taman and just play together. Later on, we upgraded to motor rides, which was just for a short while then to cars. We used to read SailorMoon and Dik Cerdas together while growing up, having sleep overs at each other houses and I was always the first one who fall asleep. We would perform Spice Girls songs to our mothers and aunties, dance and draw pictures of the beautiful Laura, inspired by the song 'Tell Laura I Love her' and pass it to our neighbours. Not only that, we all also used to pretend that crayons were our lipstick ( damn dangerous, come to think of it ) and we would just share and talk about anything. 

Thank you for making my life perfect. Mika is so blessed to have awesome aunties to grow with.

It was indeed an afternoon filled with laughter and love.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Modern Parenthood

Home is not a place, it's a feeling

and it is one of the best feeling, you feel safe and warm  when you are home. To make it better, a clean home is a must, especially even more so when Mika came into our lives. My husband and I always wants the best for him. I mean, which family doesn't want the best for their children, right?

I recently converted to be a KAO user. So here’s my journey with the KAO family!

Morning :

If you didn’t know, Mika actually loves helping me with house chores. He likes to put all the dirty clothes inside the washing machine. I didn’t help him at all, he does it all by himself.

I will only help him pour the ATTACK detergent and start the washing machine. I love the smell of the detergent and I even use it to wash Mika’s clothes too. It powerful yet gentle.

Afternoon :

If you don’t know KAO, it's from Japan and Merries is Japan No.1 diaper brand. This is my first time using Merries diapers actually. My first impression was  that it's super soft compared to others.

Here’s Mika brushing his teeth, wearing MERRIES diapers.

First ( fluke ) experiment :

I was testing the absorbency of this diaper. I started off from 6:30 pm ( right after this evening shower ) and completely forgotten to change his diaper until the next morning at 8 am! Most shocking part, it didn't leak at all and he didn't get any diaper rash!

I am really impressed.

I am a converter now ! GIVE ME MERRIES !

Also, another important part is that it keeps Mika feeling dry so that Mika can sleep well at night. That's very important to me. I will continue this journey and will update you all about it.

Second experiment :

The softness of Merries diapers is just amazing. Soft like Mika's bum bum. It is so gentle with Mika's skin. No red tight marks at the side as it's really soft and it didn't hurt Mika's skin.

Third ( fluke ) experiment :

My sister Lina was handling Mika while I was busy doing something, so she took him to the pool without taking out his diaper. Guess what? The cotton didn't even come out or torn! One diaper I've tried before this actually torn apart as it was too heavy and all the cotton just came out, like a smash diaper. I had to pick up and clean the whole mess beside the pool area.

So, in conclusion :

GOOD ABSORBENT and it's SUPER SOFT and gentle on Mika’s skin.

Mika testing the softness and how stretchable the side of the diapers can be.

Do you like it?


You gotta try it yourself and you'll be amazed!

If any of my friends wanna try it, come and find me, i’ll give you some samples.

Besides keeping Mika’s bum bum clean, the house must also be clean!

I've got a few new good friends who will help me with this. GOODBYE germs and HELLO sparkling clean home! Of course one of the best feeling is coming home to a clean house. I think even your husband will be back early from work just to stay in the clean home.

Clean floor, clean and smell good toilets, grease free kitchen and nice smelling laundry.


Thank you Magiclean products for making my life easier! Even now my husband can help as it's easier to clean.

One thing about my home is that there is a lot of hair on the floor! ( Mostly my hair LOL ) and the old school brooms like cannot sweep properly as the hair and dust will just fly away and when I wanted a quick clean, I am so lazy to take out the big vacuum cleaner, so I just use the Magiclean Wiper. They have both Dry Sheet and Wet Sheet.

Evening :

Mika loves the wiper so much that he wants to clean the house by himself.

Such a good boy, helping MaMa to clean.

 Even better when PaPa helps around. Marcus said the wiper is really easy and convenient to use, it definitely saves time and strength.

PS from wife to husband : Perhaps you can now help us clean the house more?

I like how innovative the design is, ultra slim head that reaches at narrow spaces!

Once I took it away, this was Mika’s expression. PRICELESS! LOL

This is the outcome from cleaning, so dirty! YUCK!

 KAO will be introducing a guidebook titled ‘The Secret to My Modern Parenthood', which contains 12 chapters covering topics and home care tips from Japan about understanding babies, knowing the importance of fatherhood, family budgeting, environmental hygiene, methods to cleaning household items to testimonial from doctors to parents and experts as well.

You can find all about it here at : http://www.kao.com/my/my-modern-parenthood/

KAO is also having a home makeover contest titled


You can stand a chance to win a home makeover & KAO products worth up to RM30,000. To join, purchase RM38 worth of Magiclean /Attack products and minimum 1 packet of Merries diapers. Contest runs from 2 May to 31 July 2016.

Thank you so much KAO for making every mother’s life easier. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Now we know why Japanese don’t hire maids.

MaMa Michie


Monday, 16 May 2016

Rawa Island resort // Pulau Rawa

Hey everyone! I am back and well rested after my holiday in Pulau Rawa, Johor. I am actually very excited to blog about my experience here, since there was no review about Rawa Island Resort at all.

Pulau Rawa is about 4 hours and 30 mins drive away from Kuala Lumpur which might be a good place to go during the short holidays. We actually started our journey on Thursday after breakfast to Johor, since this group is quite the foodie group, we actually stopped by Seremban for some awesome crabs first, then only we continue our drive to Mersing. 

We stayed one night in Mersing because the speed boat hours are either 9am or 12noon. There will be no other boats going in Pulau Rawa later on. So, we decided to take a chill drive down and stay in Mersing for a night. Mersing is actually a very small town but they do have KFC, Guardian and 7 Eleven all close by. They even have baby shops beside Guardian which is convenient for mothers if incase you forgot to bring anything. 

The next day was adventure time! Off we go to Pulau Rawa which takes only about 20 mins by speedboat and Mika's face was priceless. I know that he is scared but he still can smile. 

Hello Paradise :)

                                             SUN. SEA. BEACH.                                            


There are only two place to live in and it's divided from this jetty, which everyone can use the slide. 

1. Alang's Rawa, a cheaper place but looks very cosy actually. No air cond and hot water. Very simple food served. ( My sister was staying there, that's how I know about it )

2. Rawa Island Resort, very expensive and the room is OK only for the price that we paid. I was honestly expecting a 5 star hotel as we paid RM 1500 per night for a water front view.
There was no toiletries at all expect for a few bar of soap, but there is air cond and hot water. Food are served in buffet style and the choices are not too bad. On Saturday it's their BBQ night.

Please note that the prices they offer are inclusive of boat ride to and from jetty, accomadation and food only.

They do have a bar there as well. One tower of beer is roughly RM 150. Corkage is RM 90.

The view is so stunning. Crystal clear water, powder soft sand, friendly fishes and amazing clear skies.

Our room at Rawa Island Resort

After checking in, then its off to the beach!

I brought the UNICORN and FLAMINGO float there and a lot of kids asked me if they could use it and honestly, I seriously could made money from it as so many kids want to ride on it!

You can go hiking, snorkelling, diving and even play on the water slide which only opens during high tide in Pulau Rawa. There is also trampoline and volley ball net outside while indoor you have the kids corner, library, TV area, piano, foosball & pool table.

Rawa Island Resort is definitely more baby friendly than Alang's Rawa as you can see all the kids over this side, mostly Europeans with their baby strollers. I think I spotted about 4-5 strollers as it's quite stroller friendly.

Every morning, we would feed the fish from our water front room and we saw coral shark, school of fishes and blue spotted sting ray. Mika really enjoyed this moment with us. 

  Mika and his friend, Man Hin

Yup, we are evil parents. LOL

After looking at all the rooms, hillside, beach front, water front and the villas which has 3 rooms, I personally think that having a room at the beach front would be ideal for me next time when I come again because I like how we could just walk straight to the beach. The other rooms were quite a bit of a walk from the main entrance.

The water front room could get a little noisy at night till early morning because of the tide. the waves keep on knocking on the rocks and sometimes it can get pretty loud and once even woke me up as it sounded pretty scary. 

 Mommy time off

Family picture :)

Selfie with a pimple

Do you like my island makeup?

Since I look so tired, I decided to add a little of orangey brown colour for my eye shadow to make my eyes pop! and it worked!

What I have on my face :

1. IOPE Air Cushion
2. Nars Bronzer
3. Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani eye shadow palatte 
4. Lip Marker from 3CE

5. Tarte eyebrow clay

Manicure and Pedicure done by Lash and Polish from 176 Avenue :) Super love the nail art island beach tropical theme :) Perfect for summer and also to entertain my son :P 

Mika was wearing Merries diapers the whole time and I must say this is one of the best diaper I've tried so far! It doesn't leak even if it' soaked cos Mika eventually ran to the water, it didn't torn apart. I don't know bout you, but once Marcus accidentally forgot to take this particular brand of diaper when he took Mika to the swimming pool, the diaper seriously torn apart with all the cotton coming off. I was shocked when that happened. Lucky with Merries, it did not happened.

Till next time Pulau Rawa, we will definitely be back :) 
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