Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Pregnant with Baby Moon Cat

Dear Baby Moon,

Where shall I start? Haha...

MaMa found out that I was pregnant after a beautiful family holiday in Sydney as we were spending Christmas and New Years there. During the trip, MaMa made some goals that I wanna start in 2018.

First being healthy, to start my personal training with Uncle JinKhai
Secondly is to focus on my Moon & Wild swimwear business
Thirdly is to travel more, plan more camping trips by the beach, try skiing and go to music festivals
Fourthly is to do eye lasik and also maybe invisalign

Well, all of those MaMa had to put on hold when I found out that I've got you. You became MaMa's  number one  priority right away. Everything else can wait.

During the first trimester, MaMa suffered from morning sickness again. It was a painful 3 months but it's more bearable than Mika's. MaMa vomited less, but the nausea was always there. Not only that, MaMa always felt more lethargic. I just wanna lay in bed and sleep. MaMa slept a lot. Mood swing was not too bad, quite calm like Mika's. ( Second pregnancy mood swing was the worst )

Being pregnant with you was very different from Mika's. You like sour, salty and spicy food while Mika loves sweet stuff like ice cream, chocolate and laici. MaMa always loved chocolate but during the first three months, I stayed away from them which was unusual. Ask anyone, everyone knows that MaMa loves chocolate. With you, MaMa's belly is lower while Mika's was higher. We still haven't found out your gender yet as of today because you were so shy during the last scan. MaMa also felt like my backache was worst this time round, there's minor pain below the belly at times because you are growing bigger and bigger everyday! And if I ever sat on the floor, it will be very hard for MaMa to get up! Mika would always help me by trying to pull MaMa up. He is really excited to meet you! He kept on asking me when are you coming out and he will talk to you and blow raspberries kisses on my tummy just to see if you'd move. MaMa also felt like I am more easily tired this round, like for example when MaMa is cleaning the house ( only doing the light stuff like picking up Mika's toys, laundry, tidying up the place ) MaMa would have to rest for 20 mins, then later only continue doing it. But Mika has been helping around, so it's all good. He's really into doing the dishes nowadays.

As for PaPa, he's really excited too as he really wanted you! He's been busy with work and working real hard to provide us a better life. He also spends quality time with us and will take MaMa on dates if there's a sudden craving. Once, MaMa was really craving for potato chips and PaPa actually bought a really huge tin for MaMa! It tasted so good at 5 am and you and I were both enjoying it while everyone was asleep. Yeah, MaMa had insomnia and would wake up about 3-4 am or 5-7am but MaMa always managed to sleep back after turning on NETFLIX to rewatch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We can't wait to meet you and we wonder how'd you'll look like!

Meanwhile, you just chill in MaMa's belly yeah!

See you in September!


Monday, 9 April 2018

How I Met Your Father

  • This post is dedicated to Mika and Moon Cat

Your father and I met in 2007 at Laundry Bar, The Curve Damansara. It was the first time I laid my eyes on him as I sip my glass of white wine together with Aunty Su and Uncle Andrew.  From a far, he looks really cute with a charming smile. He was actually working there at that time and it happened to be the most happening place back then. It was always packed and getting a table is quite hard.

I was a little tipsy and I just told Aunty Su that, “ Hey, that guy over there is quite cute “ But I didn’t mean anything. I was just merely telling her my opinion. The next thing you know, she just raised and waived her hands to call him over. I don’t remember what she said, but all I remembered that I was blushing. Your father just stood there and welcomed us to Laundry Bar and told us his name. Marcus.

I was extremely shocked and feeling shy so we didn’t talk much after that. Just exchanging names and small talk.

Mommy was in Laundry Bar almost every weekend and your father was always busy working but he will come and talk to me every time I am there with my girlfriends. He even bought us some drinks and food too. I remembered my favourite dish was their seafood marinara paired with a glass of white wine.

Do you know that your father’s nick name was DJ Bak But Teh? He sometimes will spin the closing song which is always “ With Or Without You by U2 “ Once he even danced with mommy on the dance floor while playing this song. 

 Your father did asked me out once to Chinoz at KLCC but I was too lazy to drive from Sunway, so I kindly rejected him once. Little did I know, he would actually offered to drive me there. I knew this much later on. 

We only became closer once your father got promoted to open a new branch in Sunway Pyramid. Mommy was always there with my friends. Mostly Aunty Su and Aunty Brie. Sometimes mommy will also wait till 3am when your father finishes his work and we will have supper together in Asia cafe, SS15. Just getting to know each other better. 

So one fine night in Republic Bar, I challenged your father to down 3 oysters with lots of cut chillies and Tabasco sauce. I still remembered the look he gave me and he said he would gladly down it if I agree to go on a date with him. Obviously I said YES! Your father downed it like it was nothing! Because he actually love spicy food LOL, I felt like I got conned at that part. But it was all good. We then both set the date and went to this German restaurant in TTDI for dinner, followed by the arcade while waiting for our movie to start and I thought that was it! But NO, we actually continued by going for another makan session followed by a few rounds on foosball which I totally whopped his ass. It was such a fun night out but your father didn’t kiss me that night. I guess he was really shy! 

Then there was a music festival happening in Penang, if not mistaken it was the Rainforest Music Festival where musicians from all over the world came to showcase their country’s music instruments. Aunty Su was organising a trip and I asked your father if he wanted to go. He said sure and brought a friend a long which is Uncle Stanley. Your father almost didn’t make it there as Uncle Stanley didn’t answered his phone when they were supposed to leave from KL to Penang at night. Uncle Stanley finally answered the called after 26 missed calls. I kid you not. 

Penang was really fun as we met up with Aunty Sheena and Uncle David. We even went to the botanic gardens for a walk and stayed in Batu Ferringhi and one night your father and I had a nice walk by the beach till 6 am. It was the first time your father hold my hand. But still no kissing! I guess your father was just really really REALLY SHY!

The next day mommy had to go back to Taping while your father will be driving down to KL. We just talked on the phone for hours, at least 6 to 7 hours for a few days before mommy returns to the city. 

Once I got back, your father immediately asked me to be his girlfriend in Sunway Pyramid because he was working at that time. He took a 10 minute break and walked me away from the bar to asked mommy. There we shared our first kiss together as a couple. 

Three years later, he proposed.

Two years later, we had Mika 

Four years later, we have Moon Cat. Your brother kinda decided your nickname, not us. 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

My D&C experience in Prince Court Medical Center

I remembered the night before my D&C, I couldn't really sleep. I woke up several times to check the time and to see if I bleed or not. I was quite exhausted the next morning as I woke up at 7am. I kissed Mika and started to get ready. I left the house about 8:15 am as my check in time was at 9 am.

The first song I chose for the car ride was This I Believe by Hillsong Worship. It's one of my favourite song and I felt at peace when I listen it. We arrived and checked into PCMC Day Care Center as the doctor said I could leave by 4pm unless there's a complication, then I would have to stay overnight.

I got Marcus and Lina (my sister) to accompany me that day. I was extremely nervous. I looked super pale and my morning sickness was still there. I changed to the hospital clothes and was asked to wear CROCS which I once swear I would never wear them 😅  But I had no choice, LOL. There was a few other patient at that day care center, about 4 of them, sharing the same place. One was snoring very loudly and the rest of them were busy talking to their family and friends. I got Lina by my side as Marcus had to go to work during my D&C. I wanted someone to be there just incase anything happen.

The nurse came in by 9:30am to insert a pill down there * ahem * so that my cervix will dilate. It was quite painful as the nurse kept pushing it in and I was very uncomfortable. But it took less than 20 seconds. Once it's inside, I would have to wait for about 1-2 hours and I can't pee for that period. Immediately after inserting the pill, I felt like pee-ing. I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!! So I tried to distract myself by playing my Spotify and listening to my awesome playlist.

I really don't like the sound and look of medical machines and there was one behind my bed and I remembered that I didn't even want to look at it. But I had no choice, as I just turn my head to check the machine out... and it displayed my safe number, which is 111. Every time I see this number, I will feel safe and at peace. Funny right? But I had many incident with this number 111. Then I knew, everything will be alright.

2 hours flew by and it was my turn to enter the operation theatre. The nurse asked me to remove my glasses and my Cartier Love bracelet but I forgot to bring my key, LOL which I got no choice but they had to wrap my bracelet with some cloth.

My doctor came and greeted me with a warm smile and assured me that everything would be fine and I would be out in 30 mins. Then the nurses started to push me inside the operation theatre. It looked super white,clean and spacious. The scenery was also nice as I could see some greens and trees as the window was huge. The room looked like a space ship. I felt like an alien waiting to be examined by the doctors.

Then they said there are going to start with G.A and asked me to breathe. I breathe for about 5 seconds but I didn't fall asleep. Then I started to panic! Like why am I not sleeping? Then while breathing and trying to make myself sleep, I smelled a different kind of gas. After counting to 3, I was knocked out. I remembered gently closing my eyes and saying a prayer.

Suddenly, all I could heard was OOI CHENG PIN, wake up! and the surgery was over! I was happy to be alive! YAY! Lucky everything went smoothly and I woke up HAPPY. Yes, HAPPY that my morning sickness is finally gone. I took a picture of me smiling and send it to my family and close friends. I looked so much better. I looked more alive and not that pale anymore. I was also served chilled apple juice which I didn't drink as it was cold with tuna sandwich which was yummy. I was just glad that everything is over and I could finally moved on.

Then the nurse came in and asked if I wanna see what the doctor had took out. I asked Marcus and Martin but they both asked me better not too see it. But I managed to get a glimpsed of it. It kinda look like a small lump only. Then about 4pm, I was discharged with the medical bill of RM 5K. They set an appointment to come back after a month just for check up.

I was happy to be home. Did like a mini confinement for 3 days and everything went back to normal. I started picking up tennis again and told myself to try new things. Since then, I've tried rock climbing, which I never ever thought in a million years I would do it as I am very afraid of heights! I also went hiking ( first time hiking ) and recently just signed up for a 5KM marathon ( Jas will be like WTF ). All my close friends were like... WTF happened to Michie? LOL! But they love the new Michie and I love the new Michie also. #YOLO

So this story has a happy ending. I am still young and I am just gonna do what I want! Life is too short to be upset! Also, many of you asked if I want a second child? I think not right now as I want to concentrate on myself and Mika first. Maybe in the future? I don't know? I'll see what God had plan for me * wink * and I am very open to this topic as many people texted me and told me their experience too! A lot of women goes through this, you will be surprised! So, we are definitely not alone. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who texted me your words of encouragement! Major love :)

Picture of me hiking with Tjer, Mae and Mart 

Managed to climb 3 storey high at Camp5

Have a good day everyone!

More pictures and videos in Instagram @michiekins


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hello and Goodbye baby

It's a girl, I knew it. But our connection wasn't strong. I could feel it as I always trusted my motherly instinct...

On June 13th, I found out that I was pregnant with our second child. I was a bit shocked as we didn't plan this but was happy yet afraid when I saw " Pregnant, 3+ " I was about 6 weeks at that time. The signs came in much earlier compared to Mika. I could feel it by the 4th week, nausea started kicking in but very very mildly. I remembered I was playing tennis at night when I just suddenly felt like vomiting but it went away quickly. This happened a few times but I just ignored it. 

After I missed my period, I knew I was pregnant. I went and bought the stick together with Mika and even FaceTime Sheena to teman me to do the test. I was very nervous. I peed on it and left it there for 3 mins. I couldn't even look the stick, so I let Sheena to do it!

Straight away from the phone I could hear her screaming : 


Wow, that was fast! She didn't even want to surprise me. I was very happy but afraid as well. 

Was I even ready for a second child? Mika just started school and I had my freedom back.

I told Mika that I was pregnant and that he's gonna be a kor kor

This was his reaction :

I asked him to smile happily but he gave me this look. But of course, later he was happy after I slowly explained it to him. He was happy but I wasn't too sure if he fully understands it. Since that day, he kept kissing my belly and he will talk to our little baby. He would sing and tell stories too!

How Marcus found out was different..

He was out entertaining some clients that night. I hid the stick near me as I wanted to surprise him when he got back. But I was already so tired that I fall asleep by 9pm ( I'm making a baby yo, mama need some rest ) I remembered clearly that I woke up all of a sudden because I heard and felt someone was like going through my things and making quite loud noises.

It was Marcus searching for the stick at 12 am, DRUNK! 

He kept asking me " Where is it? "   "WHERE IS IT? "

I was like where what? ( half asleep )

He smiled and said : So, are you pregnant? 

I was like, how'd you know?

I saw the receipt! I saw the receipt! You bought the pregnancy test right?

Hahahaha I hid the stick but I carelessly left the receipt where we normally put our home keys.
What's even shocking that drunk Marcus could notice the receipt!

I just smiled and said  YES, we are :)

He was really happy as he wanted another one. He just stoned with a smile and started talking about how I should take care of my health, asking me to eat healthy food and start taking my prenatal vitamins.
He also made the doctor's appointment the very next day to confirm everything.

I told my parents during father's day dinner as they were traveling when I found out. We broke the news after dinner when I handed my dad his gift and I wrote whom are the gifts from and ended it with Baby M.

He knew right away I was pregnant! He was really really happy as it was also his birthday! 

Everyone was excited for Baby M.

We went back to the same doctor at Prince Court for our first checkup. I was very nervous as the doctor started to do the ultrasound. She said : Oh, definitely pregnant, the sac is already there! but there was no baby nor heartbeat. Doctor advised that maybe because it was too early and asked us to come back in two weeks time. I was ok at that time because the doctor never showed her nervous face and I thought yeah, maybe it's still early. 

Morning sickness was real bad after that. I was always on my bed and had no energy at all. Thank God my MIL helped me throughout everything, or else taking care of Mika would be much worst. I just wanted to sleep most of the time. This pregnancy was very different from Mika's. I was very into savoury dishes and I hated chocolate and ice cream. Weird right? Cos for people who knows me, I can't survive without chocolate. I even looked more hagged and pale. Not like Mika, everyone said I was glowing. I could feel my face sagging! LOL! and I had no mood at all.

I did the M O O N  &  W I L D photoshoot while I was almost 2 months pregnant. Yes, thats my new swimwear line which I am launching soon! More deets coming, I promise! I remembered I was suffering from morning sickness and that I asked Jillian to take over as art director. Most of the time I wanted to vomit but I had to work. I modelled in my new line because they said it's good to have your own face in your line, because you believe in it and want to be a part of it. Trust me, many times I wanted to choose another model but they asked me not too as they all will help me with the shoot. I have such great girlfriends :) 

I hardly even go out. I could barely eat and I've lost weight again. I just couldn't wait for my second checkup to confirm our baby. 

I remembered vividly the day I went to Prince Court alone that morning as Marcus had to finish some work and that he would meet me there. Normally we would have to wait about an hour or less to see the doctor but this time, it was only a 15 mins wait and Marcus still haven't arrived. 

I went in alone but was ready to see if there's a heartbeat. Doctor scanned it but couldn't find any. Then she opt for a vagina scan, just to double confirm. But nothing was there. I was pregnant, but with an empty sac. I was diagnosed with missed miscarriage where I still have all the pregnancy symptoms but with no baby. She then asked me to proceed with D&C which means

"Dilation (or dilatation) and curettage (D&C) refers to the dilation (widening/opening) of the cervix and surgical removal of part of the lining of the uterus and/or contents of the uterus by scraping and scooping (curettage)."

She gave me a week to process it and to give her an answer as I couldn't even talk after that.

I was very numb when I walked outside. I couldn't believe it. I just sat at one corner and stoned.

I called Sheena first to tell her the news as I didn't know how to tell Marcus.

She comforted me. Thanks LOVE!

When I called Marcus, he said his heart just dropped... and that he was reaching soon to the hospital to take me home.

He couldn't believe it.

I guess no one could?

But it's ok, I am feeling better now and I am working hard on my new baby :

M O O N  &  W I LD 

Luxury swimwear for the contemporary & chic women and chic

Do remember to follow MW on Instagram @moonandwildmy for more updates on when it's releasing! Will do another post on this, I promise to be more active again, to START EVERYTHING FRESH again :) 

Also, I will blog about my D& C experience in Prince Court soon. 

So do stay tuned! 

Happy Friday Loves



Current song on repeat : ILYSB by LANY


Sunday, 8 January 2017

hello 2017, sorry I've been MIA

Hello Hello Hello! Happy New Year!

😂 I know I am a few days late but I do have a valid reason.

No, I am not pregnant if that's what you guys been thinking, sorry to disappoint you. The reason of my absence since November is not because I was vomiting beside my toilet bowl ( morning sickness ) it's because I've been busy with my family.

November was crazy for me. Mika was sick every week, I kid you not and he was on 3 antibiotic course and when your kid is sick, it is very indeed very tiring taking care of him. A sick child is no joke. You constantly worry and kept on figuring why is he sick for 4 weeks in a row. Why didn't the fever subside? Trust me, it was horrible to be worry sick. From ear, lungs infections to viral fever... it was very hard. Then December came and we took Mika to Singapore for Christmas and we had a wonderful time there celebrating Christmas with the Ng family. The company and food was good but the worship to God was great! It was truly a special weekend.

Then it was off to Busan right after to celebrate NYE with Marcus' friends. So, we were busy travelling from 23rd December till 2nd January. 

Then I got sick.


On New Years Eve.....


I was alone in my hotel room in Busan and slept through it so that the next day I could walk around Busan to explore. My girls even FaceTime me the next day ( 1st January ) as we promised to talk about our New Years Resolution together. Everyone was celebrating in Penang, except for me as I was in Busan and they even called me a traitor as we normally celebrate the New Years together 😂

The talk was good as we share our resolutions and what resolutions we have for each other and also group resolutions. Now we just need to keep everyone in check. 

Make sure you have a few too, and share it with your friends or family. It's always good to keep short and long term goals. 

Mika also started schooling already and he is getting better! He doesn't really cry anymore and is more independent which is GREAT. Normally he will show his sad face or he will start crying but I am just glad that TODAY is the first day where he is OK to go in class without any noise. After sending him to school, I popped by Jaya Grocer to do some grocery shopping, came home and clean the house a little and find time to blog and I've done all of this by 11 am. 

Feels good to be back on my feet without feeling sickly.

I was fully recovered 3 days ago and now I am ready for 2017! 

You might guess what was my first resolution?

To be a stronger and healthy mom so that I can take care of Mika and the family.

What's yours?


Sunday, 20 November 2016

The 5 love languages

My girlfriends and I enjoy talking about love, relationships, boys, men, work, our passion, sex, etc. So the other day, this topic came up about the 5 love languages and we all did the profile test ( link below ) and I honestly think it's a great way to get to know your partner better on how both of you want to receive love as everyone is different.

Marcus and I did the test. I did it first and instantly after answering a few questions, I could roughly figured out what Marcus' answer would be and I WAS RIGHT. ( Most men hates it when a women says this and vice versa )

I also didn't realised until I finished it. I mean, the answer was there all along, how come I didn't see it? I should have known better.


Sometimes we take things for granted. We don't realised what's been happening. Sometimes we just argue or get upset and just keep it to ourselves while psycho-ing ourselves saying that it's OK, this is normal, all men are like that. Then we brush it off with a bottle  glass of wine with our girlfriends. 

In our current situation, we are really attached with social media. It has become our newspaper. A newspaper which could be refresh automatically and more news will be delivered. We buried ourselves in that lives. Be honest, you can go hours on social media right? I know I can. Sometimes I can even get angry at us for doing it. 

Both Marcus and I will zone out once Mika is asleep. We just wanted to rest and DO NOTHING and the phone sounds like a good companion at that time. Honestly, it is also a great way to relax for me by scrolling my newsfeed. I get to catch up with the current news and also learn some new beauty tricks, etc. But perhaps maybe we should cut it down and talk to each other more as communication is actually EVERYTHING.


We started talking about how we would love to receive love from one another.

The 5 languages of love are :

We compared our results and we get to know each other better.

My profile was Physical Touch while his was Acts of Service

I never knew that it was that important for him when it comes  love. I didn't know that the way he will feel LOVE from me is by doing things for him. I got it wrong. I was pushing towards quality time, gifts and touch before we did this test.

For him, ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS.

He then told me that he feels love when I clean up the house, taking care of Mika, helping him take water/food from the kitchen when we are in the room because he's too lazy to get out of bed and we always fight who is nearer to the door etc 😂  

All this simple things I didn't know it was love for him. If I knew, I wouldn't have to pretend to have a broken foot whenever he ask for water, or to shift to the other side of the bed which is further from the kitchen. 

So, that's why I think it's really important to know and to discuss your profiles with your partner.

Hope this works for your relationship!

Enjoy love, celebrate love!

Answer the questions as honest as possible and good luck!

Ps : And yeah, Marcus has touching my face more often that I wasn't used to it. But it feels nice to get  surprised hugs or stolen kisses once in a while. 

Pss : Maybe some of my friends will start hugging me more randomly or hold my hands once they read this post 😂😂  i'll be waiting hahahahah

Cheers and Happy Monday,


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hey Mika, You are TWO Handsome!

Hey Mika! 

Let's go back to the year 2016

You are now two years old! How time flies. When I looked back at your one year old party, you looked very very different with no hair but your smile never changed and it's the one thing I looked forward most. Ok, let MaMa refresh your mind about your second birthday party. 

The theme was Love. Cook. Play, more of a cooking theme, since you love playing cooking with the IKEA kitchen a lot. Perhaps you got it from PaPa and Grandma. MaMa was very sick that day due to food poisoning and had no strength at all. But luckily, MaMa have a supportive family and very very very good friends.

Grandma was the chef of the day as she cooks for everyone at the party
Grandpa was busy being a MacGyver helping up with the decoration set ups
Your uncles and aunties were there helping the family to set up your party

and not forgetting Aunty Su Anne and Aunty Amy who came earlier to help MaMa to set up the place. I couldn't have done it without them. Basically, I just told Aunty SuSu what to do then I went to sleep because I was feeling very sick. Later when I was awake, the party decoration was already half done. 

Come check it out!

We rented the Hyper Kitchen, Hyper Dine and 2 Hyper Chill for your birthday this time.

We even had a PLAY ROOM for you to play with your friends.

All decorations are done and designed by Aunty Su Anne, who ever needs help with deco for parties, remember to look for her! She also couldn't have done it without the help of her husband, Uncle Ian when it comes to printing it! As usual, Uncle Ian never sent me the bill, until today......
 So, Mika.... remember to buy them some beers when your older. 😆

This is an OWL vege platter designed by PaPa for everyone who wants to eat healthy! Isn't it cute? 

This is Richard, mom wants you to remember him in case he moved back to Russia. He is one of your very first friend from Verve Suites. Not forgetting Ayaan also who couldn't make it to your party because he was in Langkawi celebrating his birthday.

'There you are' is one of your favourite lines.

Uncle Chris and Baby Jo-Alyn

 Grandpa and Mika

MaMa and Mika

 Aunty Su Anne and Mika
( please don't ajak her go clubbing when you turn 16 )

Man of the hour

Oh! Did you know that Aunty Jillian gave you an exclusive gift? It's a customised temporary tattoo for your party! How cool right?  Thank you for sponsoring Mika! For those of you who wants to customised your own tattoos for your party, kindly email : for more information. 

Thank you dear family and close friends who made it for the party! Mika is so blessed to have all of you in his life. 

Love your baby smile here, Mika!

Overall the party was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed the meal and your friends had a blast in the play room. Oh, do you love your cake? It is baked by Aunty Jess again! Isn't she super talented?

All above photographs are taken by The Wedding Barn, do check their page out

Then, Uncle Dique took over as the photographer here as Uncle Duncan had to leave : 

This is Asher and Uncle Jason, one of your first friends as well! We used to go to their house in DPC to play together, with that meaning.... you guys still play by yourself while the mothers chit chat hahahhaha 😂 ! Aunty Ren and Richard joins in too! 

This is Kirk getting his tattoos done. I remember half way when Aunty Jill was applying the customised tattoo on him, Aunty Su Anne just showed him that she has the same tattoo and Kirk just look at her and said ' Are you kidding me? ' 

We all burst into laughter. It was so funny! You were there too, but probably don't know what we were laughing about.

That night, Zach was the ladies man! I kid you not. At first he was really shy and always hide behind his mama, Aunty Cheri. Later he loosen up and he talked a lot with all the aunties in the play room. He was really charming and funny. He was cheeky as well, for wanting to stick the tattoos on MaMa so many times. Some I managed to escaped, but with the help of your naughty aunties, Zach somehow managed to stick 3 or more on MaMa. Overall, I had 5 on me. 

Then it's time for the cake cutting ceremony! Sometimes I can't believe you are two already. 😭

Also, thank you Ko Ko Sheena for helping mom with the gift bags for your friends! She is so creative when it comes to this. 

Zach with Aunty VE and Vicca

Ko Ko Sheena and Baby Amber

So, Mika... do you remember now? Hope you had a wonderful time and till next time, just keep smiling! 😊

Happy Birthday to my precious son who never fails to make me laugh. You have brought so much love and laughter into our lives. May the good Lord bless you.

Ma Ma

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